Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Experience to Share

My Story
I’m a man of strong faith but a very practical man as well. I’ve always wondered at the fanciful stories I’ve heard of people receiving messages from God and I often wondered if they were authentic or simply embellished feelings of someone seeking a message. That was until last Saturday. As I was driving down the road on Saturday afternoon I suddenly felt a presence around me. I really couldn’t explain it nor have I felt it before but I sensed that Jesus had something to say to me. I got a series of chills and tears began to form. I don’t remember thinking anything as much as I was just sort of listening. Suddenly I noticed this car in front of me that had bumper stickers that conveyed frustration with Obama and his policies and I heard a voice simply say to me that “the work Chris is doing is important.” Nothing more, just that. I know in my heart that it was not my inner voice talking to me but a message from Him. I remember feeling that I was being asked to support my wife in her efforts and to trust in Him. I simply prayed, “I will.” It all happened very quickly but I remember it very distinctly. My wife has asked me to share this story so in support of her I pass it along.

Written by my wonderful husband, Charlie.

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