Sunday, September 05, 2010

Must Read!

And be sure to read all of the links within the post! Northeast Intelligence Network: The document that should stop the Islamic “Victory Mosque”


Among the golden nuggets of evidence produced during the trial of the United States vs. The Holy Land Foundation et al is a document that should end any ambiguity concerning the true intent of Feisal ABDUL-RAUF in his quest to construct an Islamic center at Park Place. In fact, it should be cause to reexamine all Islamic centers and mosques that fall within a certain criteria. Cataloged as “Exhibit 003-0085” by the U.S. federal government, a document translated from Arabic to English titled An Explanatory Memorandum, On the General Strategic Goal for the Group In North America details the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

Feisal ABDUL RAUF is indeed an adherent and promoter of the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals and objectives. Any doubt to his Muslim Brotherhood connections can be quelled by the excellent and timely report by Alyssa A. Lappen, which is required reading for factual insight into ABDUL RAUF’s link to the Muslim brotherhood.

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Northeast Intelligence Network
Investigating threats to our homeland


stevex09 said...

Hey Christine!
I sure hope you're doing okay this weekend.
Just to let you know, I provided a couple links to your blog and this post in particular. I had posted access to the Northeast Intelligence Network article a while back, but I'm not sure how much traffic it received. I was delighted to see you have it here today, so I made your site available if that's okay with you.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Steve,

I'm doing well, thanks. I always appreciate any links that you provide here. Thought this particular one was a must read for every American so I hope it goes viral! I also hope that one or more conservative talk radio hosts pick it up. The MSM is pretending that all is "fine and dandy" - as young Forrest Gump used to say - with the building of this mosque at Ground Zero! Nothing could be further from the truth!

On Friday, had 255 visitors here. The average is usually 100-150. Someone posted a link to a previous blog post about the Fight 93 "memorial" that is to be shaped in the form of an Islamic crescent and pointed towards Mecca!! Plus, they want to open that one up on 9/11/11. Coincidence? I don't think so. WAKE UP AMERICA! AND SMELL THE AWFUL ODOR OF SHARIA LAW! It's coming unless we SPEAK UP AGAINST IT!

Steve, I just can't believe that some people could be so naive to think that these people creating and opening Islamic mosques and "memorials" could be anything but sinister, evil, coercive, taqiyya-minded traitors to our beloved United State of America!

stevex09 said...

I'm with you 100% Christine. I don't get it either. It's like we're being sold out. It's common knowledge ... well for those that do any research at all, that Muslims build mosques over the sites of their victories. It's plain and simple. I'm so disgusted with the liberals and those that are so willfully ignorant.
The Jews of WW2 wouldn't believe what was happening and we have 6 million murdered because of it.
I noticed you commented back on Don's website. I haven't had the chance to get over there again but I may in the next day or so. It seems that he feels Glenn Beck is a serious threat to Christians, and I just can't see it. I dunno. Maybe to some, but I don't see Beck proselytizing.
I get the feeling that Don feels all Christians should be like him, and if that's the case, (and I could be dead wrong) he should stop to reaize we're all "wired" differently. The prophets and apostles and really all the righteous people mentioned in the Bible all retained their own personalities which is evidenced through their writing style.