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Glenn Beck Exposes Benghazi Lies and Cover-Up!

Glenn Beck on The Blaze T.V. exposes the Benghazi-gate lies and cover-up!!!

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The massive stores of U.S. supplied weapons and Qaddafi's weapons captured by Al Qaeda seems to be where Stevens' new role as Ambassador came into play, and perhaps explains the need for two warehouse in Benghazi. One of the great problems in dealing with militant Islamists is that they lack cohesion. There are so many different hostile groups and various tribes involved that they fight among themselves as quickly as they will fight a designated enemy.

With the NWO's agenda met of bringing Libya under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood, it was now imperative to create a semblance of peace there and divert the U.S. provided weapons, Qaddafi's captured weapons, and Islamic personnel to the next theater of war, Syria. That was where the new Ambassador was to come in. Unfortunately for him those unruly tribesmen seemed to have plans of their own.

There is a great lie taking place and most everyone by now are aware that the absurd anti Muslim video had nothing whatsoever to do with the Benghazi assault. Few, however, are aware that Benghazi had far more to do with providing various factions of militant Islam with weapons and little, if anything. to do with honest diplomatic efforts. Evidence, however, is emerging that Agent Stevens was at least partially successful in his mission to divert some arms from Libya, to Syria, via Turkey.

In this revealing Fox News video featuring Bret Baier and Catherine Herridge we find links to a mysterious ship that was used to transfer 400 tons of cargo containing SAM7 shoulder fired anti aircraft missiles(MANPADS), and RPGs. Qaddafi had approximately 20,000 of these MANPADS, each capable of knocking any aircraft out of the sky. They are claimed to be missing.

The great mystery of why the Ambassador was denied the protection he requested on multiple occasions is further complicated by the fact that there were so many other CIA operatives there. Reinforcements arrive on a chartered flight from Tripoli and later American personnel are evacuated on two aircraft. Excerpt from the previous link:

In the night, a team of reinforcements from the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli arrives on a chartered aircraft at the Benghazi airport and reaches the security compound.

Around 4 a.m.

The compound's building is hit by mortar fire. The roof is hit and two security personnel are killed. One agent involved in the attack from the beginning is severely wounded. The men decide to evacuate the city entirely. They spend the next hours securing the annex and moving a large convoy of vehicles to the airport. They evacuate on two flights.

These vast caches of weapons are traveling both by sea and overland. Many are spreading throughout Africa spreading terror to unarmed people. Others will make it to Syria where still more death will be enacted. Still more will be aimed at our friends in Israel. Then we face the ultimate irony and as the Marxist Jeremiah Wright so rightly said about chickens coming home to roost, those weapons will be aimed at us as Islam spreads its hatred to our shores.

Perhaps I am getting to old for this "New America". I think back to my youth, my time in the U.S, Military, to what I learned from reading history a recall a giant among nations that went boldly into harm's way opposing the great evils of the world.

That evil existed in Egypt under Mubarak there is no doubt. He was overthrown simply by the political might of this nation, and replaced by a still greater evil. That Qaddafi was a merciless dictator, few would deny, and he has been replaced by far worse. Now we are involved in still another overthrow of a great evil in the form of Assad's Syria, and once again we endeavor to replace another tyrant with Islam and the hellish terms of Sharia it brings.

Oh, my beloved America, what has happened to you?

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