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Tyrone Woods’ father: Hillary told me they would ‘prosecute’ filmmaker [UPDATE!!!]

Tyrone Woods’ father: Hillary told me they would ‘prosecute’ filmmaker


It didn’t take long for many in the Muslim world to exploit the 9/11/12 attack in Benghazi by doing what the Obama administration did – they pointed to the Innocence of Muslims video. The video was being held up as an example of why it’s wrong to criticize anything Islam. We learned that before the attack, forces were already at work, plotting to call on international bodies as well as national governments to make any speech against or criticism of Islam a crime. At the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi called for restrictions on free speech.

The Obama administration pointed to the video as well. However, as the weeks have passed, a specific motive for doing so has been attributed to the administration. As the thinking goes, Obama and his team were using the video as an excuse so that the lack of security would not be exposed. It makes perfect sense. On October 19th, in a letter to Obama, Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa accused the administration of looking to “normalize” Libya despite an opposite reality on the ground. It’s become widely accepted that Obama, Hillary, et. al. wanted to use the video as a distraction and as an excuse.

This would necessarily mean that Islamists and the administration had adopted the same narrative but for different reasons.

Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, may have called that entire premise into question when he called in to the Lars Larson show on October 24th. In describing his visit with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when the casket of his son and three other Americans arrived in at Andrews Air Force Base three days after their deaths.

Take note of what Charles says he was told by Hillary Clinton, beginning at the 6:15 mark (h/t Gather):
“We’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video.”

I’ll explain why this is potentially so very important, after the clip

Charles Woods, Father of Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods Who Gave His Life in Benghazi by TheLarsLarsonShow

If Hillary told Charles Woods that the filmmaker would be prosecuted, it meant that she was interested in criminalizing criticism of Islam as well. That would be a direct attack on the first amendment, which is something even the Obama administration is not yet willing to be seen as doing. Obama himself, in a PSA for Pakistan in which he appeared with Hillary, wouldn’t go that far publicly, saying there was “no justification for this senseless violence… none”. Again, Hillary accentuated the assertion that the “United States Government had absolutely nothing to do with this video” (I have always been intrigued by how adamantly she has stated that).

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I recall the PUMA movement of 2008.  All of the supporters of Hillary Clinton who HATED Barrack Hussein Obama and claimed that Obama "stole the election" from Hillary.  I they all see Hillary for who she really is???  Do they now, finally, understand that Hillary and Obama are one in the same radical liberal leftist socialist/communist/ Islamist/Sharia Law influenced BAD ACTORS FOR AMERICA????

When all is said and done, history will, one day, eventually reveal how DANGEROUS this TERRIBLE ADMINISTRATION has been to the United States of America!!!!

~ Christine



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steve said...

Hey Christine!
History will be re-written or is being manipulated right this minute. I sincerely believe EVERYTHING report that's adverse to this guy. Hillary should realize what kind of person Barack is as she is equally as corrupt ... trouble is even with all her power and money she's out of her league with team Obama.