Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ditsy Chicks Foul the Nest

I saw a broadcast last night that was quite similar to the one described in Pat Boone's article, Ditsy Chicks foul the nest. What an accurate description! They truly are blatantly placing themselves in a position that screams disloyalty and hatred towards America and thus add to the grief of (and place them in more danger due to their stupid rhetoric) our troops, their families and friends. No matter how they try to spin their disgustingly mindless tripe, their outward expressions are totally disgraceful! They should be so ashamed of themselves! But of course someone as shallow as that Natalie Mange can see nothing but her own self-promotion.

As a patriotic American, I am so angry at them...and so embarrassed for our country! Forget Tokyo Rose...these Ditsy Chicks are more like Baghdad Thorns in the sides of our brave men and women of the military.

It's bad enough that they are putting out an anti-war CD, mostly with the purpose in mind to bash President Bush (even they have to admit that much). The worse part is that they did this on Memorial Day Weekend...a time when the minds of all Americans should be focused on thanks and remembrance of those who gave their lives throughout all the wars of history; including the current Iraq war!

Pat Boone called it right when he described what the Ditsy Chicks are really doing:

Why, that would be almost like … well, almost … like Tokyo Rose during World War II! While our brave young men and women were putting their lives on the line to defeat the perpetrators of Pearl Harbor, the worst attack on American soil until 9-11, a young Japanese woman was broadcasting every day where our soldiers would hear her, trying to demoralize and discourage, and hopefully defeat them.

Our Ditsy Chicks are too young to remember Tokyo Rose, but they are her inadvertent descendants.

An Internet acquaintance, Ashton Hardy, reminded me that Tokyo Rose's constant message, drafted for her by psychological warfare experts, always contained three main points:

Your president is lying to you.

The war is illegal and wrong.

You cannot win.

Interesting, isn't it? Oddly familiar, too. Of course, currently the Chicks have our own American media to do the broadcasting, which they do enthusiastically in the guise of "reporting the news." And the reporting, usually very favorable to the Chicklets, goes immediately around the world, translated into many languages for the Muslim world – and in English, to our GIs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Oh, our fine-feathered femmes insist they "support our troops" – while they demoralize them – but that's what Tokyo Rose did, too. She told our soldiers, sailors and Marines she was "on their side," too!

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