Sunday, May 14, 2006

I Am My Mother's Daughter

For Mother's Day, I sent my mom a card and roll-up travel bag with some travel sized goodies inside. She called two days ago and said she loves it! It has a hanger on it so all she needs to do when she gets to a hotel room while traveling is unroll and hang it up! I love convenient.

While my kids were growing up, we often shared the funny things that my mom has done over the years. We called them "Grammy stories." One of the funniest ones has to be the time about 9 years ago when she and I made our usual trek to go shopping at the mall. We walked into Sears and started looking at some clothes on the racks near the entrance to the mall. She wanted to find a particular department, so she looked around for a salesperson to help her. I was busy looking at some clothes on a rack, but then I noticed her approaching a table right near the mall entrance. The table had some brochures on it and there was a "lady" standing behind it. This "lady" was extending her hand forward, gesturing in a welcoming manner. I saw my mom go right up to her and make the same exact gesture with her hand as she asked the "lady," "Can you tell me..." Then, she suddenly straightened up had this weird look on her face and yelled, "Ohhh! She's not real!"

She was talking to a mannequin!! I started to laugh so hard that tears came to my eyes. I couldn't stop laughing! I tried to hang onto the clothing rack and practically knocked it over! It was so funny...the look on her face when she approached the mannequin, the gesture, the shocked look on her face and the yell was just priceless. She told me not to tell anybody. That lasted for about a day...

You know the old saying. Like mother like daughter? That's me...just ask my kids and husband. I could share many embarrassing "Chris" stories too. Like the time I walked out of a neighborhood deli, beeped to unlock my car, heard the beep but couldn't get the door open. Meanwhile, my friend pulled up in her car and was watching me. I was pulling on the handle of the wrong car was two parking spots over! My friend was laughing! She rolled down the window and said, "We have another "Chris" story!"

O.K. Maybe that happens to a lot of people. But I guarantee that the next one probably hasn't ever happened to anyone else. Ahhh! I hate to even share it because it is quite embarrassing... But now everyone will want to know so I'll tell you anyway.

My older dog Heidi had a bad, oozing kind of sore on one of her hind legs. I decided to take her to the vet to get it treated. Heidi is a white, furry, fluffy American Eskimo. Sometimes it's hard to locate a spot on her skin with all that fur! When we got to the vet's office, I put her up on the table. The vet asked me where the sore was located. I started looking for it but could not find it! I was getting nervous and thought I must be looking at the wrong leg. I started searching on the other leg (this time, it was the wrong leg). I kept searching further and further back. Finally, I said, "here it is." The vet said, "Mrs. W. that's her anus." Talk about being embarrassed!! Animal anatomy 101? My husband laughed about that for days! I kept my composure and did finally locate the sore spot on the other leg. When I got to my car, I laughed about it all the way home!

Well...what good is life if you can't laugh at yourself when you do goofy things?

I am my mother's daughter!

Got a good Mother's Day story? Share it here!

Happy Mother's Day!


Susan Smith said...

Happy Mother's Day to my sister on the West Coast. It is a clear day and soon to be a very warm Monday here in Jerusalem.

God bless you, Christine and much love as you continue being the mother God calls you to be. (ss)

Christinewjc said...

Thanks so much Susan! I had a great, relaxing day at home with my husband and children. They all gave me some lovely gifts...candles, books, flowers...but the best was what they wrote in the cards! At dinner time, each offered up a prayer thanking the Lord for our wonderful family. I teared up!

While my daughter was cooking potatoes in the kitchen, she finally saw her Mercury Insurance commercial air here in California! Took a whole year! I missed seeing it because I was in another room. We kept the same channel on the rest of the day.

After dinner, we needed to go out and get some party stuff for her boyfriend (it was his birthday). After his BD celebration, I fell asleep on the couch. Suddenly, just before midnight, the commercial aired again! My daughter woke me up to see it! So cool!

My son played in his last college game on Friday. It certainly was bittersweet... Took some great pics of him on the pitching mound and I plan to have the best one framed. Another milestone in my son's life has passed! I'm gonna miss going to his games and watching him pitch! He might join a men's league in the future so that will be fun. He will be coaching a 13-yr-old baseball team this summer.

Thanks again for your sweet Mother's Day wishes!