Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Forgotten Prayer

The Forgotten Prayer

I was sick
I prayed for healing
I was tired
I prayed for rest
I was lonely
I prayed for company
I was restless
I prayed for peace
I was in lack
I prayed for provision
I was in trouble
I prayed for help

And while I received the things I prayed for
I had the sense of missing something
As if I was struggling, striving
Being tossed to and fro

I knew the scriptures
I kept the commandments
Yet somehow it all seemed a struggle
What had once seemed effortless like gliding on ice
Now seemed draining like running in mud

So I prayed
Lord what has changed
He answered, 'you have not because you ask not'

My prayers had changed
It wasn't what I had been praying
It was the prayer I had forgotten
'Lord, guide my footsteps
Teach me to walk in Your Spirit'


So beautifully stated...
Thanks to my friend Rocky for sending this to me via email.

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