Friday, May 12, 2006

Solomon's Wisdom

Solomon's Wisdom

Meaningless, vanity, a chasing after the wind
Neither wealth, nor knowledge, nor fame
Nothing does a man gain on his own makes life meaningful

The heart of man is wicked and full of madness
Why give your talents over to such
What profit does a man have for all his toil under the sun

Who can be satisfied with food or drink
A hunger and thirst that is never satisfied
What profit does indulgence bring

At the end of the day these things all leave a man empty
Worse yet he becomes wretched
For the good he wants to do he does not
But the evil he hates he keeps on doing

What value is there to this life then
What meaning is there to it
What purpose

These are the things that the wisdom of this world can not answer
Questions that frustrate the intellect of the intellectual
Why? Because there is only one thing that gives us value
And it looks foolish, that thing is love

But love is not a feeling, it is a sacrifice
Love is something we give, not something we trade
How foolish does this look to the world

Truly only one thing can make a man whole
Only one thing can complete a man and bring purpose and meaning
Fear God, follow His instructions
Especially the instruction to love

For in the end it is not what we have gathered that matters
But rather what we have given
Love is the wisdom of God
A wisdom greater even than Solomon's

For God so loved the world that He gave...


I want to create a new blog (similar to God's Creative Call) that offers inductive Bible study topics. There is so much that I want to share about what I have discovered and learned over the past 15 years of Bible study. It will cover the importance of Biblical application in our lives today; especially because of the secular humanistic agenda we are bombarded with on a daily basis within the kind of culture we are living in today. Lately, I have been so pressed for time that it is often difficult to keep up with just my Talkwisdom blog.

I was just rushing around the house trying to get a multitude of things done in a short amount of time so that I could make the 1 hr. 10 min. drive up to Cal. Baptist U. (for the 4th time this week!!) to see my son's college baseball team playoff game. Biola U is in the NAIA Region II championship game today! I was rustling through some letters to the editor that I had written years ago when I was actively writing for our local newspaper's "faith and values" page. I thought that perhaps they would help me come up with a quick topic to post.

After ironing my shirt, I checked my email and my cyber Christian friend Rocky had sent me this email about wisdom! How timely! Thanks so much for demonstrating love through your giving heart today Rocky!

God is so good...
Praise Him!

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