Thursday, May 11, 2006

OSU Prof Defends Intimidation of Christian Librarian

Just when you think that they may have finally learned their lesson, another liberal left loonie spouts his mouth off against librarian Scott Savage. Hey! It's very evident that their persecution of this Christian man keeps drawing more attention to Kupelian's "Marketing of Evil" book! Have at 'em, professor Phelps. Yeah right...that university is "a beacon of intellectual freedom" my a ___ er foot! Intellectual indoctrination, jamming, desensitizing and conversion (IJDC)is a much better description for what goes on there...hmmm...sounds just like what I found to be true of Ex-Gay Watch... Pssst!! Could there be a connection? I think so!! Remember. Any time you see someone claim that another is "anti-gay" just realize that is a codeword being used against any person who is no longer under the spell of their IJDC mind-control games!!

P.S. Just what is it with people who have the last name of Phelps anyway?? Sheesh!!



Thursday, May 11, 2006


Prof: 'Marketing of Evil' 'ludicrous,' 'unabashed bigotry'

OSU instructor publicly defends university's intimidation of Christian librarian

Posted: May 11, 200611:17 a.m. Eastern
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What has been called the year's most "shameful" campus persecution case – in which university professors branded a librarian a "sexual harasser" simply for recommending "The Marketing of Evil" – continues to play itself out, as another professor is publicly defending the school's intimidation tactics and condemning the bestselling book while simultaneously claiming the midwest academy to be "a beacon of intellectual freedom."

Scott Savage, head of Reference and Instructional Services at the Bromfield Library on Ohio State University's Mansfield campus, was condemned by a 21-0 faculty vote (with nine abstentions) on March 13 to be formally investigated for "sexual harassment." Several professors, two of them openly homosexual, had become extremely upset over Savage's nomination for a freshman reading program of David Kupelian's acclaimed but controversial book, "The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom." Chapter one exposes the marketing strategies and tactics of the "gay rights" movement.

In a March 9 inter-faculty e-mail, J.F. Buckley, one of the accusing professors, had reacted this way to Savage's recommendation of Kupelian's book this way: "As a gay man I have long ago realized that the world is full of homophobic, hate-mongers who, of course, say that they are not. So I am not shocked, only deeply saddened – and THREATENED – that such mindless folks are on this great campus. ... You have made me fearful and uneasy being a gay man on this campus. I am, in fact, notifying the OSU-M campus, and Ohio State University in general, that I no longer feel safe doing my job. I am being harassed."

Calling the case "shameful," Alliance Defense Fund attorney David French commented on the overwhelming faculty support for the attack on Savage: "It is astonishing that an entire faculty would vote to launch a sexual harassment investigation because a librarian offered book suggestions in a committee whose purpose was to solicit such suggestions."

With the threat of legal action on Savage's behalf by the Alliance Defense Fund, and under national scrutiny thanks to widespread media attention, the university informed Savage on April 18 that the faculty had overstepped their bounds, and dropped the charges.

Yet, even though the university said the charges against Savage were a mistake, OSU-Mansfield Associate History Professor Christopher Phelps now has jumped into the fray, defending the university's actions, claiming the faculty didn't actually attack Savage en masse, and condemning Kupelian's book as "unabashed bigotry."

Referring to "the ludicrousness of 'The Marketing of Evil,'" Phelps writes in Saturday's Columbus Dispatch: "Quite apart from demonstrating its unabashed bigotry … this is a book wholly unsuited to the purpose of introducing undergraduates to the life of the mind. Why would a reference librarian, entrusted with guiding students to the best possible sources, recommend such a screed?"

Phelps continued:
But the news media’s coverage has missed a crucial point: the discrimination reports did not focus on the book suggestion so much as the librarian’s unyielding defense of the book, even after the revelation of its bigotry, his disparagement of faculty expertise and his forwarding of others’ e-mails to an outside organization. The claim that his proposal was tongue-in-cheek is belied by the fact that when he was employed at Lakeland Community College in 2004, he displayed an antigay book prominently, provoking controversy there, as well.

Our faculty seeks a university that is a beacon of intellectual freedom, high scholarly standards and freedom from discrimination based upon sexual orientation. I look forward to the day when we can say with assurance that our library manifests the same principles.

While Savage is a devout and conservative Quaker, Phelps describes himself on his personal homepage on OSU's website as being politically "on the left of the left," and posts a link to his lengthy ode to the socialist magazine "Monthly Review", in which he praises Marxism. The final paragraph of the 43-page article says:

In a sense, with Stalinism discredited and social democracy indistinguishable inpractice from capitalism, we are all – all of us who remain on the left of the left – independent socialists now. … Most activists and thinkers on the American left have accepted the need for considerate, democratic interaction with those from other traditions and perspectives. Since fostering these values was the original purpose of Monthly Review, and since the inequalities and instabilities of capitalism and empire still generate a desperate need for far-reaching social reconstruction, there is every reason to hope that Monthly Review will continue to serve in the coming millennium just as it has for fifty years: as the flagship journal of an American Marxism in solidarity with liberation struggles the world over.
Re-education time

After recently informing Savage the harassment allegations against him were determined to have been unfounded, the official notification letter suggested a new round of diversity and tolerance training was in order.
"What colleges normally do in this situation," explains French, "is to first do what is necessary to defuse the immediate crisis. Then they go into the 're-education process,' where they bring in the experts to discuss how hurtful and painful it is when people discuss Judeo-Christian morality on campus."

The prescribed re-education begins at OSU-Mansfield today.

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Released in August, "The Marketing of Evil" has been widely praised by Dr. Laura, David Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, D. James Kennedy and many others and garnered over 100 five-star reader reviews on

As a direct consequence of being "banned" as "hate literature" and "homophobic tripe" by the OSU faculty, "The Marketing of Evil" has become one of the hottest-selling books in the country, topping's "Current Events" bestseller chart for more than a week.

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Christinewjc said...

Maybe this Episcopal lay group read the Marketing of Evil?

Christinewjc said...

Evidence of more forced acceptance.


Christian business owners "don't have to allow [their] business to be hijacked to promote the ideology of some radical, homosexual agenda," Staver insists. "That's what this lesbian activist is trying to do," he says, "and no business is required to do that."

Mr. Bono would never be forced to duplicate videos promoting obscenity, pornography, or hate speech, Staver adds. And neither, he asserts, should the Christian company owner be forced to copy Vincenz's pro-homosexual videos or to allow his company "to become a vehicle of her ideological agenda."

Staver says it is possible that legal action will be taken against the Arlington Human Rights Commission on Tim Bono's behalf."


I sincerely hope that people coming here to read will sit up and notice what exactly is happening in these situations. It is not discrimination. That is just another codeword utilized (inappropriately in these cases) for the homosexual activists tactics which include desensitizing, intimidation, indoctrination, jamming, and conversion. These are tactics that were commonly used in the most brutal of dictators regimes. Don't let them get away with it here! People, we've got to speak up or our rights of free religious-based speech will constantly be a target for litigation by these abberant gay groups. (please note: I am not lumping all gay people into this category.) I am primarily focusing on gay activist groups whose goals are exactly what is laid out in Kupelian's first chapter of his book. This information is essential to get out into the mainstream public. They need to see how we have been duped into the liberal left mantra promoted by gay activists so that they will then be able to recognize when true discrimination applies or when it is an activist gay group using the DIIJC tactics.

Such legal action against this lesbian activist should be taken. Think about this for a moment. She could have gone to hundreds of other video places to have her stupid video reproduced. She purposefully went to the Christian business owner's place in order to DEMAND that he go against his religious beliefs and principles! When he turned down her request, she could have graciously left the store and found another place to go.

Don't restaurant owners have the choice to "turn down anyone" if they deem it appropriate for their sakes to do so?? Why is this case any different? When someone is refused food service (e.g. drunkeness, disorderly conduct, no shirt or shoes, or for whatever reason), is that business owner a bigot for doing so?

Homosexual activists think they can do what they want against people of Christian faith and get away with it. Quite frankly, I, for one, am totally sick of this! It's time to fight back against their desensitizing, intimidation, indoctrination, jamming, and conversion (DIIJC)tactics. America is not a country run by Marxist rule, and we are not going to let the far left socialists make it one!

Christinewjc said...

Read the entire first chapter of The Marketing of Evil.

Christinewjc said...

Howard Dean on the 700 Club?? Sorry I missed that broadcast! Never thought I'd ever hear about that happening!

Apparently, he managed to anger some gay activists and claimed to have a lot in common with evangelical Christians!! What a bunch of hooey!!

Anna said...

Hi Christine -

Thanks for today's post. It is obvious universities have taken the stance being gay is equivalent to being African-American or some other minority. With that said,
they feel justified to deny any kind of opposition. It does not come under the heading of intellectual discussion, ideas, etc. It is cut and dried. So denying someone's right to suggest a book, which doesn't agree with their position, is considered
enlightened and morally defensible. Scott Savage is being treated like a rascist.

What is even more scary is these people are educating future generations of American
children. They are being brainwashed.


Boo said...

So Christine, when you came on to exgaywatch and attacked everyone, was that because you were "indoctrinated," "jammed," "desensitized," or "converted"?

PS Anna- the university did not attack Mr. Savage. The university slapped down the profs who did. But with that said, a university is a place for serious intellectual discourse, so it's not surprising that Kupelian's hysterical drivel wouldn't find much of a home there. I don't see the question of whether baggy pants are "evil" as adding much of any serious weight to a university experience.

Christinewjc said...

Boo said: "So Christine, when you came on to exgaywatch and attacked everyone, was that because you were "indoctrinated," "jammed," "desensitized," or "converted"?"

Such a strategy is virtually unbeknownst to those who aren't aware of it. One is succeptible to indoctrination, jamming, desensitization, and convertion when a person is not fully aware of both sides of an issue. It is for this precise reason that many people have been fooled and duped into following, supporting and/or participating in the gay agenda. They have been blinded to the truth...especially as it concerns God's Word.

As far as the treatment of Mr. Savage is concerned, the university only backpedaled when the media storm started. I wonder what would have happened to Mr. Savage if such publicity and the ADF didn't come to his rescue.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Anna,

Well said!

You pointed out a perfect example of desensitization and jamming: "So denying someone's right to suggest a book, which doesn't agree with their position, is considered
enlightened and morally defensible."

You identified a perfect example of indoctrination and conversion: " What is even more scary is these people are educating future generations of American
children. They are being brainwashed."

You covered the entire marketing of evil strategy in two sentences! Great job!

Thanks for being a Christian sister who is willing to speak out against such treatment of the future generation in this country. Thanks for being willing to participate in the battle for the hearts, minds, bodies, souls and spirits of our children and grandchildren!


Outspoknpoet said...

Your hatred will destroy this world that you hold so dear. Your right to relgion is just as important as another persons right to be gay or ride a motorcycle. As much as you disagree with it and hate it you should deal with it. But no, you hate everything this country stood for in the beginning. You are all New-Age Nazis. There is only one book I will burn. And I'm sure you read it daily.

Christinewjc said...


New-age Nazi? That's a new one. I'll have to add that insult to the list that has already been hurled at me because of my belief in Jesus Christ and His Word, the Bible.

Did you come here just to blast me (a person you don't even know) with your hate filled blog troll post or are you interested in engaging in a more civil dialogue? Now that you are out of the college cocoon of liberalism, perhaps you might gain a real education.

I see from your profile that you are 23 yrs. old. Being institutionalized and indoctrinated by the rabid liberal-left elitists for most of those years, I can see why you would come out of college in a fit of rage. That Book you want to burn could (in fact, I know it will) lead to the cure for your current mindset of rage.

I'm curious. What grade did you get on your thesis? Did your professor share that you were factually incorrect about the real reason for Matthew Shepard's murder? It was revealed on 20/20 (I think) that the murderers attacked him for his money...not because he was gay.

Did you know that Fred Phelp's group is not considered (by anyone I know) as genuine Christians but are more accurately considered a cult?

There's more...but I have to run out for an hour. I'll be back later.

P.S. Thomas! Is that you? How is your partner's health?