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It's About Indoctrination

As Campaign for Children and Families president and spokesman, Randy Thomasson is a familiar and straight-forward voice for moral values on radio, TV and in print media, doing more than 500 interviews annually.

Watch CCF's TV Debate on SB 1437

On May 4, 2006, top-rated Sacramento TV news station KCRA channel 3 invited CCF President Randy Thomasson to debate homosexual activist Geoffrey Kors, head of the group called "Equality California."

Randy exposed how SB 1437 would sexually indoctrinate California schoolchildren.


Dear Friends,

Want to know what will happen in our CA public schools if SB 1437 becomes law?

There is no need to speculate and/or imagine the consequences of this terrible bill. Click here: Just take a good look at what parents in Massachusetts have to deal with because "gay" marriage was imposed upon the public by a radical left-wing nutjob of a judge.

Just to give you an idea of how completely outrageous this bill really is, here is a quote from a proponent of SB 1437.

Aejaie Sellers, executive director of the Billy DeFrank LGBT Center in Santa Clara told the San Jose Mercury News that she thinks SB 1437 – requiring gay and lesbian history lessons for students – is fantastic idea.

"Gays throughout history should be recognized, Who knows that the author of 'America the Beautiful,' Katharine Lee Bates, was gay?"

What will happen in history class if SB 1437 becomes law? Our children will be told that many historical figures allegedly had sex with persons of the same sex and that this is okay, regardless of what your parents or religious beliefs tell you.

And, what if it’s not conclusively proven that a certain historical figure was a practicing homosexual – will this be inferred? Will our school children be told, based on scanty information, that U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was homosexual?

“Not only has U.S. history been watered down and disregarded in our public schools, but now the precious little classroom time that is actually devoted to U.S. history will be spent teaching children that this or that historical figure slept with someone of the same sex and that is okay,” said Karen England of Capitol Resource Institute. “The author of SB 1437, Senator Kuehl, has declared that she wants ‘open discussions’ about homosexuality in the classroom,” said England. “It is time for parents and taxpayers across California to stand up and denounce the hijacking of our public schools by extreme political activists.” “Our children deserve to be educated. The indoctrination needs to stop now!”

Click on the "Email Lobbying System" for an easy way to send emails to Senators and Gov. Arnold -

Thank you to everyone who has used CCF’s Email Lobbying System to urge Governor Schwarzenegger to veto SB 1437 and its companion bill, AB 606, with a copy of your email message being delivered to virtually every state legislator. Several thousands of you have sent email messages, and your values are definitely being heard in Sacramento.

Here are some additional action items – beyond calling your state senator – that will make a huge difference:

1) Pass out our flyer/bulletin insert to members in your community, your neighbors, and your family members. Take them to church, to your bible studies, to your children’s soccer games, etc. Encourage your friends and acquaintances to contact their state senator and ask him/her to oppose SB 1437.

(2) Ask your children’s school teachers to contact your state senator to oppose SB 1437.3) Ask your family-friendly school board members to contact your state senator to oppose SB 1437.4)

If you have already called your state senator, consider also sending him or her a fax, stating that:

“We strongly oppose SB 1437. Our textbooks should not be rewritten to cater to a controversial agenda. Our schools should educate our children, not indoctrinate them against our religious convictions and what our family believes. Please vote NO on SB 1437.
Your Name”

5) If you have already called your state senator, consider contacting the “swing senators” listed below.

Denise Ducheny 916 651-4040 Fax 916 327- 3522
Dean Florez 916 651-4016 Fax 916 327- 5989
Mike Machado 916 651-4005 Fax 916 323-2304
Jack Scott 916 651-4021 Fax 916 324- 7543
Nell Soto 916 651-4032 Fax 916 445- 0128
Ed Vincent 916 651-4025 Fax 916 445- 3712

Remember, it’s an election year! If our lawmakers hear from a large group of their constituents, the chances are very good that we can defeat SB 1437. The state of California is the largest buyer of textbooks in the nation.Undoubtedly, if SB 1437 passes, there will be huge repercussions for the entire nation!

Thank you for helping us save our schools!

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