Sunday, September 07, 2008

Awesome Site Award Selections

Now that the RNC Convention is over, I can finally get around to selecting some of my favorite bloggers for the "Awesome Site Award."

My first choice is Neil over at Eternity Matters blog.

Neil has developed a great blogging community at Eternity Matters. He has many fellow Christian "regulars" who add insightful comments to Neil's excellent posts. Neil also allows non-Christians, who often challenge his beliefs (unfortunately, they are not always very polite about it - either). However, Neil's knowledge of Scripture and his ability to apply God's Word in the face of the political, social, and intellectual challenges of our day stands out in front of all of his readers. Neil's willingness to answer even the naysayers with "a reason of the hope that is in you" is quite admirable and demonstrates his love in sharing the gospel.

1Pe 3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and [be] ready always to [give] an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

The word "fear" being used here in the Greek is phobos; from a primary phebonai (to be put in fear); alarm, or fright: - be afraid, + exceedingly, fear, terror.

We need to look at the next two verses to understand why that term is used here.

1Pe 3:16 Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.

1Pe 3:17 For [it is] better, if the will of God be so, that ye suffer for well doing, than for evil doing.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we must be prepared to face persecution. It is part of the job description.

Neil's latest post discusses the fact that persecution against Christian believers often runs rampant in other countries. There is a t-shirt available that can be used as a witnessing tool for the Gospel. It is a great conversation starter because it also shares that in 52 countries, it would be illegal to wear such a shirt!

Keep up the GREAT WORK for the Kingdom, Neil! Congratulations and God bless you!


Next, I'd like to recognize Pastor D.L. Foster of Gay Christian Movement Watch. Pastor D.L. is filling a niche that has long been ignored - that being - sharing the truth about the homosexual-behavior-affirming churches that lead people towards fleshly desires and away from genuine salvation through Jesus Christ.

This type of ministry is very difficult. Often, it is criticized relentlessly by both homosexual activists and homosexual advocates within these reprobate theology churches.

This may be considered a minor example, but just take a look at how opponents of any type of ex-gay ministry view them.

Palin’s Church Promoting Conversion of Gays to Heterosexuals.

Notice how they label the church's decision to help people who want to leave unwanted homosexual attraction as the "so-called “pray away the gay” movement." Typical of an AP article, of course.

People who believe that homosexual behavior cannot be overcome are often more quick to point out that "conversion" from heterosexual behavior to homosexual identity is a "good" thing. Why is that?

People who claim to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ (did I leave any initials out?) consistently leave off those who are now ex-homosexuals. Why is that?

I admire Pastor Foster and his mission. I keep him, his family, and his ministry in my prayers. He conducts a much needed kind of ministry that many view with derision and continually attack with verbal and written threats. Why is that?

Why do the "Confused" crowd not welcome ex-gay people into their "camp" where they claim to present love, acceptance, tolerance, equality, and care?

Read GCMWatch and you will find out why.

Thank you for your steadfast faith in Jesus, D.L., and your willingness to share the truth no matter what. I pray that you continue on in your very important ministry. As Jude instructs us:

Jud 1:23 And others save with fear, pulling [them] out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

Congratulations and God bless you!


My next choice for this award is Carlotta's blog called Christocentric. Carlotta and I "met" via our blogs! I admire this woman for being up front and center in exposing the false religion of "Kwanzaa."

Like D.L. and myself, she has often been threatened with death by those fanatics who would rabidly attack her as a person, rather than counter her facts on the topic of Kwanzaa.

She has since branched out in her blog and tackles many of the current moral and ethical topics of our day. She uses biblical truth and wisdom to point out the moral and ethical relativism - that often is the culprit which leads people astray and away from salvation through the Gospel of Christ - which is so prevalent in our post-modern society today.

Congratulations and God bless you Carlotta!


Next, I would like to recognize Stacy Harp of Active Christian Media Here is a woman who stands up for the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and His Word, the Bible - despite receiving much criticism, cursing, and hatred (yes - even death threats!) from the liberal leftist bloggers who attempt to torment her. Believe me, I have read some of the comments that have been posted in her moderation box. Really, REALLY nasty! What is it with people hurling death threats online? Whatever happened to civility??

Anyway, Stacy does a marvelous job keeping us informed of issues that concern Christians on a daily basis. Her topics run the gamut - which makes her blog a very interesting and informative one!

Congratulation Stacy and God bless you!


According to Tamela's blog, I am supposed to select five blogs for this award. The trouble is, I cannot decide between the last two! In fact, I could name probably half a dozen more on this list! Hopefully, as this award is passed on by those that I have selected, several of the awesome blogs that are currently listed on my blog lists will also receive this award. Many, many more are certainly well deserving of it!

Would I be breaking the rules if I claim a "tie" for my final selection?

I will present them in alphabetical order:

Culture Watch by Bill Muehlenberg. I have only recently discovered Bill's blog [with a HT to Duane!]; and as I started reading his articles I found them rich with wonderful Christian truth and content. Recently, I featured a link to his excellent article called Palin and Worldviews.

Bill's "about" page states:

We live in an age where we see evidence of cultural decline, the erosion of values, the decline of civility, the denial of truth and the elevation of unreasoning. Many people are asking, “Where is our culture heading?”

This website is devoted to exploring the major cultural, social and political issues of the day. It offers reflection and commentary drawing upon the wealth of wisdom found in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

It offers reflective and incisive commentary on a wide range of issues, helping to sort through the maze of competing opinions, worldviews, ideologies and value systems. It will discuss critically and soberly where our culture is heading.

Congratulation Bill! God bless you!


Joel Rosenberg's weblog is an excellent source to keep me up to date on critical issues going on in the world - especially on the topic of Israel.

Joel's About page contains an impressive list of books he has written, awards received, and people he has met and interviewed with.

Congratulation Joel and God bless you!

Honorable Mentions:

Every blog on my blogroll!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Christine, I'm honored! You put such passion and biblical truths into all your posts. Are you already nominated, or can we nominate you as well?

I am a big fan of Pastor Foster at GCM Watch and Carlotta at Christocentric. It is so encouraging to have fellow believers like all of you out there.

I need to check out your other nominees, as I'm sure I'll enjoy them as well.

Stacy Harp said...

Hey thanks Christine - how cool to come home today from church and see this :) Your site is way more awesome than mine though, that's why I have it in bloglines AND linked on my site - I Can't miss what YOU say!

And also to hear Barak say "His muslim faith" this morning was priceless.....

Carlotta said...

My Goodness Gracious! What an honor to receive this award from you Christine and the company of bloggers that I am in - Wow!

Thanks so much for the recognition and I'm just glad to be a part of this blogworld for Christ!

spud tooley said...

(heavy, weary sigh)

passed over yet again.

always a bridesmaid but never a bride, as they say.

although maybe henry mencken is more appropros here at TW, that "no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

pardon me while i finish my breakfast of sour grapes...

mike rucker
fairburn, ga, usa

Christinewjc said...

You are most welcome, Neil, Stacy and Carlotta!

Oh and Spudsie Boy...if I thought that you were genuinely serious about being "passed over" again, then I would write something to help comfort you.

However, since I know full well how blogger Teresita and I are regarded at your blog - e.g.:

Mike wrote: “the world has never seen an odder couple than you two, christinewjc and teresita, and i am proud to have provided the forum for you two to find common ground…”

- I doubt that you'd want any kind of "award" from me!

BTW, the blogs chosen are all Christian blog writers. Go check out

Since your guy for president this election just professed his Muslim faith to the world via Stephanopoulos' ABC News show, you wouldn't want to have a "Christian label" placed upon your would you? /sarcasm


gcmwatch said...

Christine, thank you so VERY much I dont deserve all the kind words you have written. Its truly a blessing and a privelege to be able to serve the Lord and his people.

I would like to say that (since receiving the Thinking Blogger Award) I would gracefully decline any other internet awards for the site. I dont want it to appear that I am writing for "honors" or recognition. That is just a personal decision and it is not a reflection on any of my fellow bloggers who do so.

Thank you again for that acknowledgement and my soul is blessed.

Now...if you lived near me I would accept a delicious butter cake with cream cheese frosting...yum-MEE!

Christinewjc said...

You are most welcome - and, I don't agree that you don't deserve all the kind words written! You're terrific writing on a topic that is often shunned and smeared by non-believers (and movement advocates) is proof enough that you are not in it for yourself - but to serve the Lord and his people!

I understand your request and will abide by it in the future.
I am just grateful that in some small way, your soul has been blessed.

We Christians need to stand together when the enemy of our souls continually uses the lost out there in blogland in attempts to put us down and thwart the gospel. are a sweet cake lover too? Ha-ha. I will remember that!