Friday, September 05, 2008

NOBama's 'Community Organizer' Days

The left is in a tizzy against Palin for obvious reasons. They are all busy with their rabid-spewing putdowns towards her. Why? Because her V.P. candidacy scares them! It has already been a sky-rocketing success!

It appears that the Obama camp and the news pundits have been taken aback by the RNC speeches that pointed out Obama's inexperience. They can sure dish out (undeserved) criticism and mocking of Republicans in general, and Palin in particular - but don't you dare point out why Obama shouldn't ride his presidential bid on the "community organizer" train.

Frankly, if I were Obama - I wouldn't keep bringing up the issue.


I think that the following two articles tell us why:

The Community Obama Organized

Why Obama's 'Community Organizer' Days are a Joke

As you will see after reading those two articles, Obama doesn't really have anything to brag about. In fact, MORE of his ties with corrupt organizations are being exposed!


HT: Big Dog's Weblog

Michele Malkin at GOP USA


Matt W. said...

Don't you know that we're not allowed to think for ourselves and realize what this "community organizer" stuff is all about.

I thought you knew better...

Christinewjc said...


Do you even realize how prophetic your comment is today? Just take a look at my latest post and read the links! - Obama's Marxist Boot Camps!