Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Tale of Two Brains

Remember this? I posted another version of this video about a year ago. One of the original titles of this video was "Men's Brains - Women's Brains." However, I found this slightly "extended version" (only 5 more min. or so) today.

Watch, listen, and learn...but most of all LAUGH!


Because it's hilarious...and so true!

A Tale of Two Brains


~Deb said...

This video is HILARIOUS! But, I will say one thing: this only proves that there is a gay gene. (ha) Meaning, picture a gay male interior decorator... His thoughts are all over the place.

Now, if you knew my partner, she has the "empty box". She can flick from channel to channel searching for absolutely nuttin'- go fishing and catch absolutely nuttin' and love it.

So technically, I'm not gay.


Anyway, GREAT video! SO TRUE!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Deb,

The "gay gene" has been discredited by the scientific community. BTW, you may not want to promote or push such an idea. People may use the "gay gene" excuse to abort babies in the womb.

Men and women can have feminine and/or masculine tendencies and characteristics. However, it was God's intention - and idea - to "create them male and female."

I don't think that the fishing argument holds water (ha! pun!). It was only used as just one example (probably for comedic effect). But I think you know all of this. You're just being...funny.