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How Despicable Could Obama Get?

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Originally, I had planned to publish the following post on Monday morning. However, as I prepared it and read every link, viewed each video, and thought about Jesus' words in Matthew 18:6, Luke 17:2 and Mark 9:42, I could not hold my peace on this issue one more day!!

I know this topic isn't pleasant. It's truly awful - in fact. But it is the reality of our times today. As we get closer to THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN THE HISTORY OF OUR NATION - SO MUCH IS AT STAKE!!

Knowing what the candidates believe about LIFE and even more specifically, the lives of unborn and just born children SHOULD BE IMPERATIVE IN YOUR DECISION MAKING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.


Please forward this post to EVERYONE in your email address book. They may not see this current "ad war" via T.V. on this crucial topic, but THEY NEED TO SEE THE REALITY OF THE HORRIBLY EVIL MINDSET OF BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!

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Years ago, I wrote an op-ed piece and submitted it to our local newspaper about the fact that abortion is the murder of unborn children. It was rejected twice. The third time I submitted it, there must have been a different publisher in charge that day because it was finally published. Here is a copy of the article:


Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen, now 25 years old [Note: she is now 31 years old], was aborted but did not die. Her mother was 7 months pregnant when Planned Parenthood in Southern California advised her to have a late-term abortion by having a solution of saline injected into the mother's womb. It burns the baby inside and out and the mother delivers a dead baby within 24 hours.

Gianna remained in such a solution for 18 hours and was delivered alive on April 6, 1977, at an abortion clinic. There were young women in the room who had already been given their injections and were waiting to deliver dead babies. When they saw Gianna, they experienced the horror of murder. Due to lack of oxygen supply during the abortion, Gianna lives with cerebral palsy.

Gianna appeared before Congress in support of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of 2000 and said, "When the freedoms of one group of helpless citizens are infringed upon, such as the unborn, the newborn, and disabled and so-called 'imperfect,' what we do not realize is that our freedoms as a nation and individuals are in great peril. A murderous spirit will stop at nothing until it has devoured a nation."

The Protection Act was passed overwhelmingly, with 370 votes, but 15 congress people voted against it. These 15 people apparently believe that children born as a result of botched abortions should be allowed to suffer pain for three to seven hours and left to die a miserable death for lack of medical care because they were earmarked for termination.

Are some American people so cold-hearted they do not find this abhorrent?

Fox News analyst Bill O'Reilly exposed the identity of the 15 people on his show and was appalled that anyone could vote against such a bill. O'Reilly's guest was Jill Stanek, a nurse who testified before the Senate and said, "Abortion is a cancer that is literally killing America. It is killing our children while it is killing our consciences. It began when we took God out of our decision-making and proclaimed that the little beings growing inside of women were 'products of conception' and not children. Who should be surprised that we keep pushing the envelope so that now we are aborting these products of conception alive?"

Does a woman who seeks an abortion have the right to a dead baby, no matter what? The National Abortion Rights League thinks so. This demonstrates the abortion-rights lobby's infanticide agenda. They called the Infants Protection Act bill an "anti-choice assault." Given their mission, we can see why. If a baby born alive moments after an attempted abortion has a right to life, why did it lack such a right moments before? And a week before that? A month?

More than 27 years ago the pro-life movement predicted that the tragic Roe vs. Wade decision would promote a horrific culture of death and lead to groups that approve of baby killing. We have a Supreme Court majority that voted to allow abortionists to deliver an unborn child's body until only the head remains inside of the mother, puncture the back of the child's skull with scissors, and suck the child's brains out before completing the delivery of a dead baby. Professors like Princeton's Peter Singer and groups like NARAL deny that we are created equal and affirm a frightening concept which makes me shudder: that of a class of human being, including newborn infants, who are in effect non-persons and should be left to die after a botched abortion.

George F. Will said it well when he stated in Newsweek, "The tenet is that it is arbitrary, and morally and philosophically problematic, to say that a baby has no intrinsic dignity, and that its claim to respect for its life is contingent on its physical location or on whether it suits the convenience of anyone else. That tenet should, but does not, trouble (pro-abortion advocates or) the Supreme Court majority."

Christine W.

Saturday, October 28, 2000

North County Times



Salt Poisoned Baby Photo

Video of salt-poisoning procedure (down loadable)

When I wrote that piece, I just never could have EVER imagined that this dear young woman, Gianna Jessen, who survived this awful abortion procedure would BE DESPICABLY ATTACKED by ANYONE - NO LESS A U.S. SENATOR RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT!!!

[Note: See both videos at WND site:

Obama Goes To War With Abortion Survivor]

Also, notice that the ad isn't endorsed by Senator McCain. The party responsible for the content of the ad is Born Alive Yet, Obama's ad slams both Senator McCain and Gianna Jessen!

How ANYONE could be so ruthless and cold - as Barack Hussein Obama has been - towards a woman who survived a botched abortion and requests support for medical treatment for infants born alive is clearly beyond comprehension!!

Obama Goes To War With Abortion Survivor

Barack Obama's Record Against the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act

What type of abortion did Gianna endure and, through the grace of God, survive?

Salt Poisoning a.k.a. "Candy Apple Babies:"Most often used after the first trimester (first three months). The abortionist injects a strong salt solution directly into the amniotic sac (fluid surrounding the baby). The baby breathes and swallows it, is poisoned, struggles, and sometimes convulses. It takes over an hour to kill the baby. The mother delivers the dead baby in a day or two (sometimes alive!). Why "candy apple" babies? The corrosive effect of the salt solution often burns and strips away the outer layer of the baby's skin. This exposes the raw, red, glazed-looking subcutaneous layer of tissue. The baby's head sometimes looks like a candy apple. Some have also likened this method to the effect of napalm on innocent war victims. This technique was originally developed in the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. (source: Abortion and Social Justice, NY: Sheed & Ward, 1972)

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Sosthenes said...

According to, Obama:

Voted against banning partial birth abortion. (Oct 2007)

I have a three and a half year old. I remember then day he was born and he could grasp my finger. I couldn't imagine aborting him because he is alive, special and is a human being.

Sosthenes said...

A lady at our church had a baby girl at 25 weeks and it pulled out its breathing tube at 1.5 pounds because the NICU nurses said that baby girls are fighters where boys will just lie there. Most pregnancies go until 40 weeks.

Abortion is just wrong.