Sunday, September 28, 2008

Prophecy: Modern Europe...Ancient Rome

This morning, I watched the Turning Point T.V. broadcast of Dr. David Jeremiah on the topic of "Modern Europe...Ancient Rome."

How exciting it is to see biblical prophecy coming to fruition right before our very eyes! This is another example, and brief study, of how ancient prophets in the Bible (in this case, Daniel) prophesied about what the world would be like the closer we get to the Rapture, the rise of the Antichrist, and then Jesus' second coming.

Sunday, September 28, 2008
Series: What In the World Is Going On?
Ten Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Video link of today's broadcast:

Modern Europe...Ancient Rome

If you are a Christian - you should view this video message!

If you are not a Christian - my advice to you is that you MUST view this video message!

Kevin Kaatz - (you are currently studying "the Christian religion," right?); Joe Brummer - (you used to be a believer for 30 years - right?); Mike Rucker - (you consider yourself to adhere more towards "Universalism" - right?); those of a different religion (Umm Yasmin?); all of the lurkers; all of the "Anonymous" people who comment at this blog, all of the non-believers who visit here...are you willing to listen?

Will you watch and listen carefully to the broadcast and share your thoughts afterwards?

P.S. If your time is short (physically, as well as spiritually - if you are not saved by Jesus Christ!), watch the brief introduction (it's important to the entire message) then fast forward past the worship music to view the message.



spud tooley said...

i appreciate your concern, but i resent you saying i am not a Christian; that is not your decision.

david jeremiah is not any different from every other person the past two thousand years who has seen the return of Jesus in whatever tea leaves they are reading.

in our generation alone, we've seen communist russia, communist china, the european union, the tri-lateral commission, mikhail gorbachev, ronald wilson reagan, and - thanks to john mccain's election-panic hysteria - barack obama painted in some form as characters in the book of revelation. as with the creation accounts in genesis, the meanings of the texts are conveniently changed to fit whatever the latest answer blowin' in the wind is.

besides, david jeremiah got all this from tony alamo anyway, another wise seer of the signs. will you be putting a link up to his website soon?...

mike rucker

Joe Brummer said...

Well Christine,
I did try to watch the video but sorry to disappoint you. I was bored. The speaker didn't really grab my attention nor did he say anything I found striking or mind blowing.


Christinewjc said...


Didn't you respond to someone ( I think it was Sosthenes) in another thread that you believed (incorrectly, I might add) that he, along with you, believes in universalism?

I guess you (and, apparently, Joe) don't find the fulfillment of prophecy as an important thing to pay attention to.

Too bad. We could have had an interesting discussion.

Anonymous said...


I remember the post which you might be talking about but it would take me a while to find it.

"i appreciate your concern, but i resent you saying i am not a Christian; that is not your decision."

I had nothing against you when I wrote responses to the blog. I was responding to the topic.

If you wish to revisit the topic, you have to let me know.

After studying the Bible for myself, I found that other pastors were being nice and pulling their punches so not to offend. I won't mention any names but some of their own information led me to the truth of God's word.

I have tried very hard to develop my own systematic study of the Bible. I have tried very hard to study and argue verses which are seemingly or apparently opposite ends on different issues and I've done that until some of the verses started going full circle so that I had some geographic sense of all the verses. I believe that God gave me a lot of revelations and help.

My decision of how I want to live my life is to open my big fat mouth and tell the truth. What I despise are lies told for the sake of being polite.

I don't try to intentionally hurt people but I'm called to be a Christian and unlike the seeker sensitive church, baptism is an outward sign or seal and it is done in public. The seeker friendly church is the church that is willing to take off its wedding ring to entertain other lovers. I liken those Christians to those who would itch your ears for you to pay attention.

As for my decision, I decide to tell the truth but I want you to also realize that I have been thrown off many more message boards than you can imagine for standing for Jesus and it also hurts me when someone compares me or my faith to someone who has a different opinion of the faith or someone who isn't living right. I try not to take that personally and I try to treat people with gentleness and respect but I also try very hard which is at the opposite of gentleness and "gentleness" may not be the right word but you aren't going to be on my conscience and you won't have anything to accuse me of on judgment day if I tell you the truth. Telling me that I have to live with a bad conscience for not telling the truth or having me answer on judgment day for not telling you the truth of having me live as a liar for not telling you the truth is not your decision. I already go through a lot to bring the truth to people as best as I can.

2 Tim. 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

Galatians 1:10 For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

James 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Colossians 2:4 And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing words.

Joe Brummer said...

Now reverse the challenge Christine. Please Google the video for "the Root of All Evil" and watch part 1 and give me your thoughts.

spud tooley said...

Didn't you respond to someone ( I think it was Sosthenes) in another thread that you believed ... in universalism?


We could have had an interesting discussion.

i believe we still can. i just don't think the sky is falling, chicken little.

wait - actually, in america, the sky does seem to be falling, but i don't think it's a fulfillment of prophecy. although i did come across this verse:

22 verily i say unto you, that in the last days, men of little impact but of great gullibility will inherit a kingdom of seven hundred billion dollars worth of sins from rich young rulers, who will sell everything they have and give these pearls of low price to them, and yea, be happy about it.

mike rucker

Christinewjc said...

Why should I, Joe? I thought you said that the video I encouraged you to watch was "too boring"? You wrote, "I did try to watch the video...etc." Doesn't that mean that you gave up and didn't see it all?

Apparently, the part(s) you did watch didn't move you in any way either. That's too bad.

I think that biblical prophecy is absolutely fascinating!

But, of course, if you don't, then we most likely would not have anything to discuss on this topic.

Christinewjc said...


Please read my new post and go to the link to read the entire article.

Then, please tell me that you will no longer drink the radical leftist Kool-Aid; nor continue to believe the hype of the Obama campaign!

Many of the uninformed, ignorant, unknowing American people have been duped - BIG TIME! - into believing that the socialist, Marxist, extreme leftist radicalism involved in Obama's plans for "change" is a good thing.

After reading that post, if you still think you should vote for Obama - then there is no hope (politically speaking) for you.

spud tooley said...


the 'resent' comment was directed at christine's post.

it's funny how you and me are so alike. i too saw some things in my life and in my learning that have led me to my position, and i have a take-no-prisoners attitude in railing against those i think are quite far from who Jesus would be were He here again. you, on your path, have apparently encountered and learned similar things, and now have a take-no-prisoners view in the other direction.

perhaps we can each make use of the other to sharpen our positions... :)

mike rucker

Anonymous said...

"perhaps we can each make use of the other to sharpen our positions... :)"


No thanks. I'm not in this for myself or to help sharpen myself. However, I'm sure you are welcome here to participate.

I am here to help the other Christians on their topics.


Anonymous said...


I think I've seen Dr Jeremiah on our telly here in Australia (we have a Christian channel that is available on our pay TV, as his face looks familiar.)

I did watch the video. I think the difficulty that maybe other commenters haven't expressed well, is that accepting what Dr Jeremiah says is preconditioned upon already believing the Bible to be the infallible word of God. If you don't have that belief already, Dr Jeremiah's interpretation doesn't impact very strongly, particularly because some of the things he asserts aren't factually correct (to give some examples: the map of Rome and current European Union are different, you can't spend the Euro in Northern Africa, and historical Rome never took in the parts of Eastern Europe that are currently included in the EU; he said there was never a world empire between Rome and today, and yet he skipped the entire course of Islamic civilization which was the peak empire for many centuries that ruled the then civilised world, i.e. Europe was in darkness when the streets of Islamic cordoba were lit up etc.).

I find apocolyptic prophecy interpretation a little difficult to accept, mostly because of my Baha'i background (I was born into a Baha'i family before I converted to Islam as an adult). When I was a Baha'i, we used to spend some time When I was a Baha'i, we used to spend some time interpreting Biblical prophecy, including prophecies in Daniel.

To be honest, they make just as much sense as Dr. Jeremiah's interpretations. So on what basis do I accept Dr. Jeremiah's claims as opposed to the Baha'is or indeed as I now do, the Muslims who also believe in an apocolyptic period with the return of Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him.?

It has to be acceptance of the scripture upon which the claims are based, and for me that is the Qur'an, not the Bible.

Joe Brummer said...

Christine writes: "Why should I, Joe? I thought you said that the video I encouraged you to watch was "too boring"? You wrote, "I did try to watch the video...etc." Doesn't that mean that you gave up and didn't see it all?"

Joe replies: I wouldn't want you to do anything for any other reason than you want to. Perhaps you would want to do it to understand my thinking, where I am coming from, etc...

Christinewjc said...


Dr. Jeremiah will include Islam and it's meaning in the prophetic signs in future sermons, so stay tuned.

You wrote:

"It has to be acceptance of the scripture upon which the claims are based, and for me that is the Qur'an, not the Bible."

This post describes the differences between Islam and Christianity, and why I choose the Bible as the true authority and absolute truth.

Jodi Hughes said...

Thank you for mentioning “What in the World Is Going On?” by Dr. Jeremiah on your blog! I work with Thomas Nelson, and we would love to follow your blog and learn what readers think of this exciting book. I also want to let you know that Dr. Jeremiah has just released a new book titled “Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World” which offers practical instruction for living a confident life in a world filled with chaos and crisis. Please contact me if you are interested in receiving a complimentary copy of “Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World” for review on your site.


Jodi Hughes

spud tooley said...

hmmm... seems dr. j thinks the world is ending, yet has decided that the most important thing a preacher can do in light of it is write another book.

a book that, in the end, will only be read by the choir.

oh well, once a charlatan, always a charlatan, i guess...

(hi christine - nice job on tuesday...)

mike rucker
fairburn, ga