Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pastor Miles on Fox News!

Pastor Miles McPherson of The Rock Church in San Diego appeared on Fox News with Megyn Kelly today! He also gave a brief speech and a prayer at the Republican National Convention this evening!

Here's a link to the video clip from Fox News:

Pastor Miles & Megyn Kelly Video Clip

Update @ 11:20 a.m. PT on 9/3/08

Carlotta of Christocentric has the text of Pastor Miles' speech and prayer at her blog.

Notice that the C-Span transcriber purposely took out Pastor Miles' reference to Jesus Christ at the end of his prayer!!

Part of my comment over there (awaiting moderation) about this:

Is this so awesome or what??!! Pastor Miles did a FABULOUS job both in the Fox interview and during the RNC convention speech!

How “politically correct” the C-Span transcriber was to eliminate any mention of Jesus Christ in Miles’ final words of his prayer! Trouble is, they may want to blot it out of the written text version - but they can’t eliminate it from the ears of all who heard Jesus’ name proclaimed last night!!

Update @ 11:42
Found the video clip of Pastor Miles at the C-Span website. [Note: When you get to the site, type in Miles McPherson in the flash video search text box.]

Video Clip of Pastor Miles McPherson at RNC

Oh my...THE VIDEO CLIP SITE LEFT OUT PASTOR MILES ENTIRE PRAYER!! If you click on the "show transcript" box, you will see that the text ends right before the prayer!!

Wow...how arrogant is that??? C-Span - YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!


Carlotta said...

Lol! We posted around the same time the same thing!

What a story Pastor Miles is becoming!

My blog went crazy with people doing searches on Miles McPherson. I'm still a fairly new blogger and get excited anytime my blog gets a hundred hits a day.

Since the announcement of Miles at the RNC, and since my posting of the anniversary video, my blog jumped to over 250 hits a day!

Analyzing the stats on my blog, I can see that these people doing the searches on Miles, are soaking up a lot of my other posts as well!

Anyway, I'm so happy Miles is getting this much deserved attention because he's giving so much glory to Christ - it's all pointing back to our Lord!

Tamela's Place said...

Awesome! Praise the Lord! I watched the republican national convention last night.. So very refreshing. Kind words, families being uplifted. I sensed an atmosphere of just watching it here in my home of a unified love for our country. And John McCain of course has been an awesome example of someone who loves His country and His fellow man. I liked what Lieberman had to say, "Country matters more than party" God Bless you! Tamela

Carlotta said...

Christine, I saw the video and the text of the speech you gave the link to on my site. And you are right about them leaving out the prayer!

My goodness! If they could cut that out of the video, I know they would but it wouldn't make any sense since so many of us have either TIVO'd or DVR'd it!

Christinewjc said...


We were both looking forward to Miles' appearance at the RNC. How wonderful that he got the chance to share his story on Fox News, too!

Loved what you wrote here:

Anyway, I'm so happy Miles is getting this much deserved attention because he's giving so much glory to Christ - it's all pointing back to our Lord!




I agree that the RNC was SO MUCH MORE REFRESHING than the DNC convention. It's like night and day.

The atmosphere was so contrived and "fake" at the DNC. At least that's how it appeared to me.

The atmosphere at the RNC is GENUINE!

I am looking forward to Sarah Palin's speech tonight. She will graciously respond to all those unnecessary criticms being launched at her family!

God bless!


Carlotta -

We can already see how the MSM would treat Christian news and views if the so-called oxymoronic "Fairness" Doctrine was ever passed in Congress.

I am praying for an overhaul in Congress. We need Republican leadership there, too! We've GOT to get Nancy Pelosi out of the speakership!

Gotta run. Be back later for more updates!

God bless you and your family, Carlotta!