Monday, September 22, 2008

Trust, But Verify

When I heard that Presidential Candidate, Senator John McCain, recommended a bipartisan oversight committee for the 700 billion bailout measure, I was certainly relieved! It is an excellent idea. Just as he said in his town hall meeting speech in Scranton, Pa. this morning, "No one person should have access to such a huge amount of taxpayer money!" I wholeheartedly agree!

Admittedly, I do not know much about Treasury Secretary Paulson; except that he is a former CEO of Goldman. I need to do a search on him. However, just as McCain had mentioned several times since this investment meltdown came to fruition, it is best to "trust, but verify" any person who would be in a position like Paulson inevitably will - with access to so much tax-payer money in the face of this bailout measure.

After doing a quick search, I found this article quite interesting. In truth, I hate to link to it because the author obviously hates Bush, Republicans, and conservatives.

Although the author refers to people like me and Michele Malkin as "right-wing" it appears that he is glad that there is some conservative concern and chatter in opposition to Paulson getting access to so much money. Since one man would be making all of the decisions (at this point)as to what he will do with the money over the next two years, it makes perfect sense to be highly concerned.

All the more reason that John McCain's idea of a bipartisan oversight committee is crucial before the measure gets passed and signed by President Bush.

I still have a sneaking suspicion that George Soros has his grubby, evil and menacing hands somewhere in this mess. Can't prove anything, but my previous post about him (in case you missed it) reveals why I think he has something to do with our current financial crisis.

Not many people wrote comments to that post. Maybe I'm the only one who sees connecting dots between this crisis, the "Obama Unmasked" book, and O'Reilly's warnings about Soros in "Culture Warrior?"


Decided to do a search on "Paulson and Soros connection."

Found a few articles that may give us some insight:

Soros Bets On U.S. Economic Collapse - This was written back in January, 2008! However, the "Paulson" mentioned in the article is "John Paulson."

Then, I found this article:

Paulson Hedge Fund Up 410% Subprime bet pays off for $20 billion hedge fund firm. That is an article from September, 2007. Notice this in the comment section:

Austintatious 380 days ago
Unless Paulson & Co has some connection with Hank Paulson (former Goldman CEO, current Sec of Treasury)...

Wow! Could there be a connection? Does anyone know if these two "Paulson" men are related?

Obviously, this writer doesn't like Paulson's fantasy - which kicks Main Street in the teeth!

Next, I found a link at in which we find two May, 2008 articles where Soros "warns of financial crisis, wealth destruction" and "predicts more economic pain." How nice. Soros laughs at the end of the comment at "Boom" blog!

There are many, many more links I could post. But alas, my blogging time for now has expired.

I will end with a link to a post called, George Soros: The Enemy Within



Update @ 11:36 a.m. PT:

Apparently, Ben Stein finds the bailout quite alarming!

Stop the Wall Street Looting

*Sigh* - What is an average American like me supposed to think about all of this! It's making my mind spin and head hurt!!


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