Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beck's Show: A Mother's Challenge [Update!]

Glenn Beck: What's So Complicated About Tea Party Protests? [FOX News]
A discussion with ordinary citizens - in particular - moms, about why the TEA Party Protests are happening around the country.

Video Link

I am still searching for video of the rest of the show where the moms shared their concerns regarding many subjects that they object to about the current socialist agenda being pushed upon the American people.

If you watched or recorded the show at 2:00 p.m. (PT) yesterday, you will notice that the show was interrupted by Obama's news conference at the G-8 Summit. (how coincidental)

I decided to record the re-broadcast and was able to view the entire show. I think that Glenn should do an entire week of shows where ordinary Americans can speak their minds and state their objections to what is going on in Washington D.C.!

Glenn mentioned that he had accumulated 40 pages of concerns from moms across the nation! The moms in the audience agreed that the top 3 concerns are:

1. Our children are not being taught the TRUE history of our nation! (They are getting a revised version of it that takes out the fact that our Founders believed in God and that He had a hand in formulating our Constitutional Republic!)

2. Parent's rights are being taken away. (The liberal indoctrination in schools [e.g. pro-homosexual agenda]; and the United Nations claiming rights to your children over and above parent's rights.)

3. Killing our childrens' future. (Particularly with the out-of-control spending that led to a trillion dollar debt, and the horrible socialist/Marxist/Communist agenda being pushed upon an unwilling public while ignoring our Constitution!)

Conservative New Media has hundreds of videos on these topics. The link I just shared is about:

The Children of the Barack Obama Cult
[Last Updated (playlist created) -- 9.26.09] You've seen the disturbing videos, before and after the 2008 campaign: Kids forced to sing praises to Barack Obama. Songs based on religious favorites such as "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and the like. The creation of the Obama Cult is not an accident nor are the repeated instances of children being used as propaganda vessels a coincidence. This playlist will provide examples of this unsettling trend of Obama worship, as well as help to provide some background to what such songs of praise are intended to accomplish. Finally, similar examples of propaganda in other cultures will be included to provide context. In order to successfully resist a cult of personality, one must first understand the scope of the effort being undertaken by the propagandists, the techniques employed and what the desired outcomes are for the propagandists. Only then can a proper, focused response to the propaganda and its purveyors be enacted.

This link lists 94 videos:

Glenn Beck Exposes The Barack Obama Administration
[Last Updated (videos added) -- 9.23.09] There has been one place on television (in addition to the great work done by Sean Hannity on his show) to find the best information on the scandals, seamy connections and (alleged) corruption of Barack Obama and his administration: The Glenn Beck TV program on FOX News Channel. You might think that the now-discredited and unsuccessful boycott attempt of Beck's TV show advertisers was because of something he said. False. The real reason far-left radical organization ColorOfChange (founded by self-proclaimed "Communist" and [former] Obama "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones) has targeted Glenn Beck is because Beck has consistently and thoroughly exposed Team Obama's shady, often shocking, backgrounds and goals. This playlist will provide some of Beck's reports on Obama, Obama's circle and Team Obama's often-paid minions and 'astroturfers' (fake grassroots supporters), such as ACORN, the SEIU union, etc.

Explore the site! You will get a REAL EDUCATION!!


We'll bring you what you need to know in order to be a fully-informed US citizen or an astute observer/reporter of the American political scene.

We will provide you with an actual presentation of the facts on the ground, with much more detail, information and accurate analysis than you will get from an extremely-liberally-biased American mainstream media which is 100% dedicated to protecting Barack Obama rather than reporting the news as it actually occurs.

Hat Tip:

Conservative New Media

Update 9/29/09

Found the tapes (there are 4 of them!) of the women in the audience and their comments!

Youtube videos


Euripides said...

I'm not a big fan of Glenn Beck, but he does speak the frustrations of many, many Americans who are fed up with our statist government and our Messiah-complex president.

Thanks for sharing this, otherwise I'd have never seen it.

Christinewjc said...

You're welcome!

I don't agree with Beck all the time either. I thought his comment about John McCain being "worse" than Obama was indefensible - to say the least! I kinda understood what he meant, but it came out very badly during the Couric interview.

The BEST part of the show was what the women in the audience shared. I still need to find a video of that.

Have you read Mark Levin's book - "Liberty and Tyranny"? It's excellent! I am currently reading it for the second time and I am paying closer attention to the enviro-crazy myths that have been spread over the years and how much damage (and people who have died as a result!!!) these nutroots have done. Are you familiar with the DDT fiasco? Unbelievable what a misinformed, lying "green" crazed writer can do to spread a dangerous rumor without acknowledging the real science behind a chemical pesticide.

Ah...I'm getting off topic!

I just pray that we survive the lunatic leftists in power over the next few years.

Thanks for commenting.

Euripides said...

I'd like to see the clip if you can find it.

Yes, I read Levine's book, hence the reference to statism. I appreciated his approach, even though I can't listen to the guy. (I also cannot stand to listen to Ann Coulter but read her column.) (Hmmmm. Must be my "mode" of learning.) (But I digress.)

Statism is the reason I also didn't agree with W Bush.

The political fallout from DDT sounds a lot like the current climate change mantra. Here in Arizona, the environmentalists keep getting in the way of preventing forest fires (can't cut trees) or developing solar energy (gotta protect those scorpions in the desert).

Christinewjc said...

Ha! While searching through more Glenn Beck videos at Youtube, I found this:

Why Mark Levin Hates Glenn Beck

It is kinda sad to recognize that there is a huge amount of animosity between the conservative pundits that I listen to. Michael Savage (don't agree with him all the time either - but he often makes good sense where others have their blinders on) hates and mocks them all!

I guess that there is a lot of truth to the adage I recently heard: "Getting conservatives together is like trying to herd a bunch of cats!" Ha!

That may have been true in the past (and, especially amongst the most famous ones), but IMO, the TEA Party movement has changed that - especially because of the fact that ordinary Americans now recognize the dire need to step in, speak out, and be heard.

I'm not having much luck finding an existing video of the "moms" audience. I have it on DVR, but have NO idea how to upload it to Youtube. I am tech challenged when it comes to that! I will keep looking. Perhaps Glenn will have it in his newsletter on Monday.

Tamela's Place said...

I truly appreciate Glen Beck and all that he is doing to expose the evils of the Obama administration. I also appreciate the fact that he will not hesitate to even quote some scripture on his show on occasion. May God bless him.

Tamela :)

Anonymous said...

I try to listen to glen, however hes so far right , he's going in circles. You call yourself a patriot, well accept the election. To those who truly believe in GOD, then believe that he allowed Obama in office. And also that the tribulation is coming whether we want it or not. This will never be a Socialist country anyway. The president isn't that powerful , so stop scaring the ignorant!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Tamela!

Well said! Those who can't see the "evils of the Obama Adminstration" truly live with blinders on.

Glenn, and others like him, have been given the ability to discern the signs of the times - and thus are warning people out of complacency. We must keep them in our prayers - for safety and success in exposing the corruption in the current government. It's the worst that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime!

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

In Jesus,

Christinewjc said...


I call myself a Christian first, patriot second. As a patriot, it is my desire and duty to expose and help to eradicate corruption in our nation's government. To stand by and just let it happen without protest is a sin.

Who says that God only "allowed" Obama in office for one purpose? What if He is testing us to expose the corruption that got Obama there in the first place? What if He is influencing millions of people across our great nation to do all we can to prevent the evil policies Obama and his cronies are pitting out there from becoming law? may be thinking how can I presume to know God's will? Might I say the same about you?

God's will for our lives is spelled out plainly in the Bible. That is how I know what my Savior and Lord would want me to do in perilous times like today.

Whose wisdom and knowledge are you following?

You wrote:

"This will never be a Socialist country anyway."

How do you know this for certain? Many socialist policies are already in place. How can you be so sure our nation will remain free as a Constitutional Republic?

You wrote:

"The president isn't that powerful , so stop scaring the ignorant!"

You are most likely right about the first part. If you have spent much time reading at this blog (or, have watched Glenn's show) we all know that Obama is the puppet of some powerful, evil, wealthy men (like Soros) and groups under them.

I disagree that I am "scaring the ignorant." Those who see the dangers inherent in this evil Marxist regime aren't ignorant. They are the wise in this nation.

The mothers who appeared on Glenn's show are everyday Americans who are highly concerned - with good reasons - for the direction our nation is headed. The ignorant ones are still drunk with the Obama Kool-Aid - to their own detriment - I might add.

Christinewjc said...

Euripides -

Hope you see this in time. This show is being re-broadcast today on the Glenn Beck program at 2:00 pm PT (5 pm eastern) and at 11:OO pm PT (2 AM EASTERN).

Hope you can tape it!

Christinewjc said...

Found the tapes (there are 4 of them!) of the women in the audience and their comments!

Youtube videos

Euripides said...

Thanks for finding those. I appreciate your efforts. Now to find time to watch them.....