Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Corruption That is ACORN

How much piled up evidence will it take for the Lamestream Media to finally report on the pimp and prostitute corruption sting that exposed ACORN for the extremely corrupt organization that it is? How many tapes? Two? Three? How about the fourth one that will be revealed on the Glenn Beck T.V. Program tonight?

According to what Glenn recently stated on his radio program, politicians (including a CA Congressperson) will be named in the new video. There is even a comment about a murder cover-up! Plus, ACORN is organizing for health care - Obama's version of course. ACORN is a non-partisan organization? That is as much a lie as Obama saying that his version of the health care bill 'would not cover illegal immigrants.' Joe Wilson was correct. Obama - YOU LIE!

In case you have not been following the investigative reporting that is basically only being covered by Fox News, Glenn Beck, and the blogs, here are links to educate yourself:

Big Government.com

Read all of the posts there. You will get quite an education about ACORN's gross corruption! The Media of Mass Deception has chosen to not only be biased in its reporting - but they are so obviously COMPLICIT in it because they will NOT DO THEIR JOB AND EXPOSE THE CORRUPTION THAT IS ACORN!

Do you ever wonder why? No need to wonder. The reason is just as obvious. The Lamestream media KNOWS that ACORN's corruption rises all the way to the top - which includes ObamaFRAUD himself and all of his cronies in this bogus administration.

Recall the voter registration fraud that was going on during the election? Take a look at what Op Toons reports:

Obama Signs Tens of Thousands of Questionable Pardons Submitted by Community Group ACORN

Did you know that this was done? The date on the blog post is September 11th. So...on the anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks on our country - Obama pardons the wrongdoing of ACORN members?? What is wrong with THAT PICTURE!!

It sounds like some kind of joke! Here's the post (additional links listed at bottom of post at link above):

Washington, D.C.--President Obama signed tens of thousands of questionable pardons submitted by the community activist group known as ACORN, which admitted to submitting 450,000 false voter registration forms during the 2008 federal elections.

ACORN has been under investigation in 15 states. The pardons absolved from wrongdoing all 400,000 of ACORN’s members in more than 850 neighborhood chapters.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said “The President trusts ACORN,” and noted Obama trained “future leaders” for the organization during his community organizing days in Illinois.

However, some officials at the Office of the Pardon Attorney raised suspicions about the validity of the many pardon applications that were filed.

“Lots of them were written in red crayon, and signed with names like Bert and Ernie,” said one source. “They dumped thousands of these things on us right before the deadline.”

Several hundred of the pardon applications Obama signed simply said “Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?”

Hat Tips:

Big Government.com

Optoons Blogspot



Nice Deb: Thank You James and Hannah!

We owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to these two very brave, patriotic young people who desired to show America the terrible corruption that is ACORN.

Please keep them in your prayers. Pray for protection of these two young investigative reporters who did the kind of reporting that the Media of Mass Deception now refuses to do - EXPOSE THE TRUTH!!

Keep all of the whistleblowers that are exposing ACORN - especially the two young people mentioned above; Glenn Beck, his staff and his family, Andrew Breitbart and all of the writers and contributors to the Big Government.com website and blog.


Read more at Glenn Beck.com

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MurrayA said...

Hi Christine,
I watched the Glenn Beck expose, which comes through at 7am Wed our time, and while I was was shocked, I was not at all surprised. ACORN is a criminal organisation, receiving funding, support, and patronage by an administration which is inexorably revealing itself as a criminal administration. I cannot believe that all this criminal activity which O'Keefe and Giles have exposed does not sheet hime to Obama huimself. Keep on the trail, and it will become clear.
Remember, Obama is a Chicago politician from the Chicago machine, which has been corrupt and criminal since the days of Al Capone. They just don't engage in drive-by shootings any more - or do they?
Luke 12:2-3