Thursday, September 24, 2009

Soros Fixed On Destroying America

I hope that more and more bloggers, like Ed Lasky at American Thinker, continue to write well-informed posts about the evil financial crisis perpetrator - George Soros - so that those here in America who are currently ignorant (or just plain oblivious) to that awful man's schemes will wake up and smell the corruption that he and his cronies have wrecked upon our nation.

When Obama supporters like Mike Rucker (who previously used to comment here) continue to drink the Kool-Aid and go on and on about race, the confederate flag, and the ruse of health care while ignoring the Marxist thugocracy and unconstitutional shadow government that Obama's 'hidden' puppeteers are creating; it makes me wonder if a certain portion of the Obama voters will EVER uncover their eyes, ears, and minds and see the reality that exists all around their cyanide-laced (metaphorically speaking) drunken stupor of worship that they still have for this bogus POTUS?

Great comments over there. Here is one of the best:

Posted by: fwi
Sep 24, 12:35 AM

This is so chilling. I have no doubt that Soros is behind all the so called crises in our country. His malice and his money are what motivates this evil imposter in the White House. England was destroyed by this man, and he is doing the same to this country.

The country has never been in more peril, and it is coming from within. When I see a clip of Obama proclaiming he was going to "fundamentally change America" and people are wildly cheering, I don't know who I am angrier at--Obama for being evil and hating America, or the grossly irresponsible people who voted for him.

I believe that Obama is trying to dismantle and discredit the CIA so that it would be ineffective against Soros and other shadowy figures that have put this imposter in the White House.

I am convinced if the facts were known, Obama would be found guilty of treason and Soros and Axelrod would be in jail. THe UN address with all of the slips of the tongue, the strange direction of the comments, the body language was the tipping point for me. The problems with Obama really go far beyond this health care bill.

This is the real Black Swan. THe financial "crisis" was the warm- up, manufactured and engineered by Soros. Follow the money. The evil of Soros is fully fixed on destroying this country. He is using Obama to do his bidding while he stays hidden.

If you want to read more blogposts about Soros' evil ways, go to the links in this comment:

Posted by: Samwise
Sep 23, 10:52 PM

Barbara Jares Wrote:
> Here is another item about Soros. I met a couple
> who moved to US from England to escape the
> socialist government and they said, "Of course you
> know what Soros did in England don't you? "
> Of course the answer is no. They said that Soros
> tried to take down the financial world in England
> but failed...something to do with silver. Please
> look into that, it won't take long and it might be
> very important...for you! Thanks again!
> Barb

For all of his purported hatred of Capitalism, Soros is pretty much the poster boy for the worst kinds of abuses of Capitalism. The man is a vulture. Here are some links explaining exactly what Soros is capable of:

He hid his Jewish identity during WWII, and then profited from the misery of his fellow Jews. He even helped in confiscating their property!


He made a financial killing by intentionally causing "Black Wednesday" in England


He attempted to ruin the economy of Hungary -- his home country!


Here he is gloating about the latest financial crisis in this country (which he no doubt has a hand in)

Previous Posts About Soros at Talk Wisdom

Hat Tip:

American Thinker


satire and theology said...

Hi Christine,

Well it looks like my Mom is one of your Networked Blog Followers as well.


Christinewjc said...

How nice!

My mom doesn't use the computer, but when I visit her and show her my blog she reads it! lol

spud tooley said...

SOROS WAS THE PERPETRATOR OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS?!?!?! now i KNOW you're positively brainwashed.

time magazine had a GREAT list of the top 25 people responsible for it ... i doubt you read it. you can see some of my venting here and here and here and here. i think i gave up before i got to the end of the list - must've run out of blood pressure meds...

did you even SEE the pathetic speech bush gave last fall? good Lord - if you could watch that and think, 'george soros is behind this,' you have lost your mind.

did you even SEE the pathetic news conferences that hank paulson gave time and time again? good Lord - if you could watch that and think, 'george soros is ...' wait - i already said that...

on the world's stage, soros has a very, very minor part. $11 billion net worth out of $60 trillion GDP. please do the math before you, as you are so fond of saying, 'drink the kool-aid' your heroes on talk radio sell at their lie-monade atand.

and look behind the federal reserve if you really want to do some 'investigative reporting'...

hello everyone. glad to see you all. some things just never seem to change, do they?...

mike rucker
fairburn, georgia