Friday, September 18, 2009

Mr. Sell-Out-in-Chief

Glenn Beck recently mentioned on his radio show today that it looks like Obama sold out our Polish and Czech allies in a deal for GE! Then, I saw this post:

Right Voices: Political Payday Looks Like General Electric, Morgan Stanley and TPG Benefit as Obama Ditches Missile Defence in Case the Democrats Were Wondering


Mr Obama said that latest intelligence suggested that threat of long-range missile attacks from Iran had receded, but the threat of short- or medium-range attacks was a real one.

Obama is so smart, he doesn’t quite grasp how dumb this decision is.

Experts at the world’s top atomic watchdog are in agreement that Tehran has the ability to make a nuclear bomb and is on the way to developing a missile system able to carry an atomic warhead, according to a secret report seen by The Associated Press.The document drafted by senior officials at the International Atomic Energy Agency is the clearest indication yet that the agency’s leaders share Washington’s views on Iran’s weapon-making capabilities.

It appears to be the so-called “secret annex” on Iran’s nuclear program that Washington says is being withheld by the IAEA’s chief.

The document says Iran has “sufficient information” to build a bomb. It says Iran is likely to “overcome problems” on developing a delivery system.

What I would like to know is what the hell convinced Robert Gates to betray them?

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sh007r said...

""What I would like to know is what the hell convinced Robert Gates to betray them?""

Sadly, and it turns my stomach, it must be the paycheck.
Gates sold out for a job and money.
Patriotism is a sacred yet diminishing & endangered 'species' in people.