Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How Many Were There - Really?

Even though the following two videos were linked in my previous post, I thought that they deserved a blog post of there own. I found them via THE FIRST AMENDMENT, NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT II: HOW MANY WERE THERE? The blog description says:

The truth about issues and events that affect all of us, but will not usually be seen nor heard in the mainstream news media.

If you go back to this post there are comments there written by two naysayers that claim I am lying about the attendance total at the Washington D.C. TEA Party Rally. With all of the subsequent posts and links of PHOTOS AND VIDEOS THAT DON'T LIE - it should be very obvious that the Media of Mass Deception ARE THE LIARS. If they would lie about an event that has been chronicled AND SHOWN that it was more like 1.2 MILLION AT THE RALLY IN WASHINGTON D.C. - just whom should you believe? The ObamaBORG ROBOTS of deceitful propaganda OR YOUR OWN EYES??

Take a look at the two videos (I also suggest going to the link above to view the charts there) - then you can decide for yourself who the liars are!

Video Link

And here is the video of the protest for pro-ObamaScare Hellcare:

Video Link

I ask visitors here to answer a question.

If the media is lying to you about this event - one that can be documented and proven that the "75,000 estimated total" of attendance at the Washington D.C. TEA Party rally WAS A LIE - what else are they lying about??

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With thanks to sophiaelenareporting for the videos.

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Euripides said...

What else are they lying about? Everything. Washington is so corrupt it's a wonder that the government functions at all.