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A Question That Bothered Me - Solved

I often wondered why Hawaiian officials, and a Republican governor, would do absolutely anything in order to not reveal the truth about Barack Obama's vault-length COLB. What did that state, in particular, have to lose? The answer is PLENTY!

While reading this post at RepubX, the commentary near the end shows us a possible reason why Hawaiian officials have kept up the charade to not release Obama's vault-length COLB.

It will help to read the entire post (which, btw, was linked in my previous post) and view the two documents that the post is discussing.

However, within the post the following paragraphs contain the pertinent information as to why Hawaiian officials would be complicit in the cover-up.

It is lengthly, so I will post a few paragraphs. Go to link above to read entire article.

I cannot agree with everything in the post because there is much speculation, but I found the following section fascinating and believable:

As the trail of life becomes the interstate highway of courtroom trials for our beloved leader, Barack Obama, it is perhaps time to weave the fabric of Barack's Muslim, Kenyan, Indonesian, Hawaiian serape to explain just what he is hiding by hiring his platoon of lawyers. Lets connect the dots, so to speak from the information we already know. This might be what is behind the Berg "sealed" lawsuit.

What is taking place is indeed conspiracy as in the sense of a violation of the RICO Act. This involves the state of Hawaii and Occidental College, if not Columbia of New York and Harvard.

What requires explanation in this is a generation of crime in supplanting the United States for money. It is as simple as that in local government policy being fed huge sums of money at the behest of Ford Foundation incorporating globalist policy into American culture. Barack Obama is simply the tip of this iceberg which he desperately must conceal, along with all these other benefactors - beyond embarrassment, people will go to prison.

The first task in need of explanation is why would Hawaii aid a known illegal of British birth in illegally obtaining a fake birth certificate? The answer is: in 1961 the American public had not yet been herded by Teddy Kennedy and socialists into providing welfare benefits to illegals. Hawaii had a large population of illegals who were slave labor, but were a huge burden to the system in poverty and crime.

The Hawaiian answer, as it was a Democratic state and still is, was to start registering all those foreign kids by the thousands. The purpose being to tap into all those federal hundreds of millions then which would profit the state. All of those poverty programs flowed funds into the pockets of the retailers as the golden goose pipeline. If one makes citizens out of illegals, then Hawaii converts a debt into their asset in obtaining more funds and growing the socialist system which empowers Democratic liberals.

The fact is there are hundreds of thousands of "Barack Obamas" registered in Hawaii. Do you think even a Republican governor sitting on this explosive mess wants any of this coming out? An entire state sold out the United States for filthy lucre, because they were importing Asian slave labor. That does not make a great headline, nor, did they probably ever expect a money train welfare illegal would somehow get himself installed as President which would expose the entire Hawaiian fraud, and you know very well that all of those records would have to be gone through and verified so an Obama repeat would not occur, in all 50 states.

Talk about a nightmare huh? The nightmare would be the removal of Obama under Quo Warrantus which is being attempted now and 49 other states suing Hawaii for the money it would cost to check all of their records over the Hawaiian fraud.

Hawaii has always been a corrupt enclave like Rhode Island. Hawaii was the conduit in the Clinton years to get Chinese communists a stake in the United States Stock Market, to which Hawaii had the first meltdown in this scheme in costing their investors a fortune and ruining their banks. That is why Hawaii is in collusion with Barack Obama. They were involved in massive welfare fraud and do not want this coming out.

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Also read:

Bobby Eberle's article at GOP USA: Obama and The Joker... So Much More than a Poster

Each and every day, more and more people who voted for Obama now admit to regretting their vote. Communism was not the "change" they were looking for - and it certainly is not a "hopeful" type of existence.

Just as Mr. Eberle explains in his essay, hundreds of conservative bloggers tried to warn people that Obama was wearing a mask during the campaign. However, the people in whom Obama associated himself was the key that conservatives used to literally tear the mask off of this man. Too many people just didn't listen. They blindly followed along in the Kool-Aid driven path of a monster Marxist who is now out to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Eberle column excerpt:

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a movie buff. The quotes and scenes from movies so often reflect what is going on in society. One line [from "The Dark Knight" movie] in particular always reminds me of Obama, and it was spoken by Bruce Waynes' butler Alfred in reference to The Joker:

"In their desperation, they turned to a man they didn't fully understand."

The line is telling because I believe it accurately describes the state of the American people going into the 2008 presidential election. They felt beat down. They had not changed their beliefs, but they felt that no one in government was delivering what he or she promised. Then along comes a man who offered hope and change. He said to judge him on the company he keeps, and he paraded forth a series of respectable associates and endorsements. Those people are now nowhere to be seen. His real associates are making their mark, and the American people are seeing that "in their desperation, they turned to a man they didn't fully understand."


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