Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big News Breaking On ACORN Corruption!!!

The best thing that you can do AT THIS MOMENT (10:29 a.m. PT) is listen to Glenn Beck's Radio Show right now!! The second best thing you can do is watch his T.V. show at 2:00 p.m. PT (or 5:00 p.m. ET).

Also see Aaron Klein's report at World Net Daily: OBAMA WATCH CENTRAL
Communist sympathizer introduced top adviser?
Valerie Jarrett's family worked closely with Obama mentor Frank Marshall Davis

The audio (from a video that will be shown on Beck's show today) reveals a prostitution ring being run by ACORN!! The portions of the audio that was just played on Beck's radio show is absolutely ILLEGAL AND DESPICABLE!!! Thirteen girls (ages from 13 yrs.!) being brought over from El Salvador for the purpose of prostitution through an ACORN front here in the United States? DISGUSTING!!! WHAT'S WORSE - THE LADY WHO WAS TALKING WITH THE UNDERCOVER AGENTS IN THE AUDIO DIDN'T EVEN CARE ONE BIT FOR THE UNDERAGED YOUNG GIRLS WHO WERE GOING TO BE USED AS PROSTITUTES!!

A videotape shows much more. But that portion absolutely stunned me!!

Go listen now! It's playing again!


Nice Deb has more information, VIDEO CLIPS, and links to more articles about this!!!


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MurrayA said...

I have just watched Glenn Beck's revelations concerning ACORN. It is truly shocking, esp. when the organisation is funded by the Federal Govt.
I have three observations:
1. We should explore the solid link (which I have long believed) between the political left and outright criminality. Here I am not referring to abortion, which you and I know is criminality, but what is agreed by all to be criminal activity. The Left has often strutted the moral stage over the evils of child sex trading, but here is a recognised far-left outfit which aids and abets such trading.
2. It should be clear now that Obama in both funding ACORN, and allying himself with that organisation, is surrounding himself with the criminal element. He is a criminal himself, and surrounds himself with such scum.
3. The MSM in refusing to touch these revelations, in defiance of Beck's challenge, are silently allowing these activities to proceed. "Silence is complicity", and they are accessories after the fact in multiple felonies.