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Why Don't We Know the "Real" Obama?

Last night, I accidentally injured the middle finger on my right hand. Slammed a door on it! OUCH - does not quite explain how much it hurt! Anyway, readers will probably be happy to read that my posts will be brief over the next week or so. ;-)

Today, I read a great post over at Nice Deb's blog: The Obama Conundrum: Who Is He… What Is He…

The thing that is most evident about Obama now is the fact that he put on a fake "teleprompter" persona during the campaign. People were asking - even back then - who is this guy? Obvious to the most careful observer, we now know that he was reading "other people's words" that did not fit his true persona or ideology.

Joe Wilson was right! Obama - YOU LIE!

The Obama File author has that same question in the sidebar at his website:

Who is this guy?

What is his secret?

Why won't he release his
bona fides?

This is despite the fact that the author of that blog has more documented evidence about Obama than anyone else out there!

Why is it that we don't know the "real" Obama? I have a theory - just as many others do - that the reason we don't know him is because he is a puppet being dangled by several radical and Marxist puppeteers! Does George "satan's brother" Soros ring a bell? Glenn Beck had Soros at the top of the heap on his chalkboard presentation last evening. Soros is the grand pooh-bah financing all the criminal elements and organizations "advising" Obama.

Obama was the perfect "stooge" to bring about Soros' evil intentions against America. Early on, Soros saw Obama as similar to himself: "wasn’t friendly and was standoffish and arrogant." He was the perfect puppet for this megalomaniac puppet master.

Nice Deb shares:

I recently came upon an interview of Debbie Revor, who once worked for Obama, that sheds some light what “Obama, the man”, Obama, the “community organizer” is like:

Q. What was your impression of Sen. Obama?

A. He wasn’t friendly and was standoffish and arrogant from the start of my job there. My first impression was that I didn’t like him because of this arrogance.

Q. What were his duties with the law firm to the best of your knowledge?

A. Obama was an associate at the firm and had been there about two years. I saw him have meetings with the other attorneys and he helped with hearings and did prep work for trials. Obama probably did other things too, but I wasn’t his personal secretary. These are the things I observed him do or heard his secretary talk about.

Q. You told me the law firm you worked for dealt with civil rights. So would it be safe to say Obama was a champion for the downtrodden and less fortunate? What were your personal impressions of Obama? Did he seem like helping the poor was his primary agenda?

A. I didn’t feel at the time Obama cared about the downtrodden and less fortunate and I still don’t feel that way. I didn’t see any proof of that at all during the 11 months I worked there. I don’t have any knowledge of Obama helping in the community in any way. We as legal secretaries weren’t paid very much there and he could’ve started helping with that – speaking up about the low pay we had. I didn’t see that he cared about our state in life. I also saw him act in ways that were very self-serving, self-focused and ambitious.

Read the entire interview. It is very revealing.

The always succinct Pamela Geller asks, stupid or evil?

I haven't ventured over to read Pam's article yet (will do that next). However, I think that the answer may genuinely be that Obama is a little of one (stupid) and a LOT of the other (evil)!

A terrible thought occurred to me while reading the comments of "kay" under this post over at Investigating Obama.

Go read the post and comments, then return here.

Do you think that these evil, corrupt people (Soros & cohorts) would even hesitate to take Obama out if he fails in completing their agenda? What if one of the eligibility lawsuits succeeds and Obama is exposed as a usurper and fraud? Would the "powers that be" do anything and everything necessary to keep from going to jail? How scary! Just the thought of it makes me shudder.

Maybe you think such thoughts are loony. So be it. But it has happened before. Did you know that the murders of the mayor and Harvey Milk in San Francisco in the 70's was done by a fellow crazed Democrat? And - if one does more research, the reason that Milk was killed was not because of his gay rights advocacy. It had more to do with a clash of political ideologies within the same political party!!

Ah! My finger is throbbing. Time for an ice pack.

Here is a copy of my comment at Nice Deb's blog:

What a great post! I had no doubt in my mind that Obama was both a con artist and evil person the moment that I learned about his radical death-to-unborn babies stance a year and a half ago. That was my very first objection about him and the more I learned, the more concerned I became. Now, what we know is just downright over the top! He hates our American Republic, our Constitution, our military, and especially all the people who disagree with his far-left radical Marxist, anti-Christian, anti-Israel, pro-Muslim agenda. Or, is it "the powers that be" who are dictating to him the real culprits? Probably both.

I am glad to read that even those on the political left are now waking up from their previous Kool-Aid drinking stupor and are seeing Obama for what he truly is. He's a person who is intent on destroying our country in every way that it is humanly possible to do so. He is an enemy of our Republic, a usurper as the bogus POTUS, and worst of all, he is a puppet surrounded and lead by a plethora of corrupt people. Watergate pales in comparison to all the laws that he and his cronies have broken! When are all of his lies and all of the corruption he's involved in going to finally be brought to justice? I don't know - but I hope and pray that it will be soon - while we still have our Republic mostly intact and still have the time to reverse the damage this terrible administration has wrought upon our people.


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