Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Communist Returns to the Climategate Cuckoos Nest

Why am I not surprised to learn that the former "Green Jobs" czar, Van Jones, who supposedly quit that position months ago, is STILL working for the White House?

Glenn Beck called it right when he stated that Jones might have "resigned," but he would most likely still be working behind the scenes in the ObamaFRAUD White House.

Aaron Klein at WorldNetDaily has the story:

White House still listening to Van Jones 'green' advice
Communist-group founder on team influencing environmental policies

You would think that with Jones' on-tape admission that he is a card-carrying Communist might eliminate him from being allowed to influence this administration's policies any further. But NO!! He's back! UGH!

The Climategate scandal has outed the fallacy of "global warming." Have you noticed that the pundits of such idiocy are now labeling it "climate change."

*SIGH* There is no doubt anymore. The drug-induced, Marxist sympathizing radicals of the '60's are now the inmates who are running the crazy Washington asylum.

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If it's not radical Communists that we have to deal with, it's radical Muslim Islamo-facist thugs.

I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised by the following revelation, either. It just makes me so sick to my stomach...

GateWay Pundit: Black Muslim Group Celebrates “Brother & Martyr” Maurice Clemmons

My question: Since this terribly awful murdering massacre incident was done by a (now dead) black man targeting and killing four white police officers - should this be considered a "hate crime???"

FYI - Just so that everyone knows, I have always been against "hate crimes" laws.

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