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Obama's Foolish Statement: "Isolated Extremist??"

Do we even know why Obama waited three days before commenting on the airline terrorist attack? From what he said, it certainly didn't sound like he (or his cohorts) put much thought into his teleprompter statement yesterday. Can you believe that he had the gall to call this latest terrorist an "isolated extremist?" Is this guy just absolutely clueless, incompetent or both?

Last night, I decided to switch over to some other cable stations to see what was being reported about the attempted airline terrorist attack on Christmas Day. At the time I tuned in (9:00 or 10:00 p.m. PT), Keith Olberdummy's show was re-broadcasting his hate filled rhetoric against Sarah Palin and other conservatives. No surprise there. However, Anderson Cooper 360 had a female host subbing in and the show was very informative.

In one segment, three passengers described what they saw and experienced on the plane. I hope that I can find the video.

You can read details about the first couple interviewed at this link.

Apparently, they were seated on the floor right next to the ticket taker and witnessed the young Nigerian man and a "well-dressed" older (50-ish) Indian man speaking about a lack of a passport for the soon-to-be-terrorist attempted-bomber. They heard the entire conversation and watched as they were taken to see a superior at the airport. The next time the couple saw the Nigerian was when he tried to ignite his underwear bomb to blow up the plane.

Next, another woman described her experience on the plane and gave an additional detail that I had not heard before. She claimed that someone stood up and video-taped the capture of the terrorist.

Question. Where is this video? Is the person possibly holding out for the highest bidder?

What is intriguing about this incident is that if all went according to the evil plan, there would have been no eye-witnesses to attest to what really happened because they all would have been dead. Will the Indian, well-dressed man be tracked down?

Another question. Why did the young terrorist spill his guts about everything so willingly to the FBI? Was this a dry-run? A test run?

So many questions that need to be answered. I hope that the eye witness accounts aren't just swept under the rug. This administration has a bad habit of doing just that! How many corrupt and dangerous events have not been followed up on? Plenty! Go and view Glenn Beck program videos and count the unanswered questions!

Must reads:

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Another question. If Sarah Palin had been caught going to the beach after such an incident, do you think that the media would have made excuses for her as they did for Obama?

Answer: I doubt that she would have been spending $4,000 a night at a hotel during such a terrible economic time for the American people! She would have been in Washington doing her job!

Why does Obama always get a pass?

Here's The Obama File's answer:

ObamaMedia Provides Coverage And Excuses

TakingSides.com notes that Obama finally made a public statement about the terrorist attack on Flight 253 that occurred on Christmas Day. It was not remarkable in its content including statements such as "This was a serious reminder of the dangers that we face and the nature of those who threaten our homeland," and "We will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable." What was interesting was the timing of the statement coming three days after the actual event and only after much criticism of Obama's silence on the matter. Perhaps most interesting of all was the way some in the liberal media combined objective news reporting with custom made excuses for Obama's latest misstep.

According to an article in The New York Times, "Mr. Obama’s remarks to reporters were the first public comments he has made since arriving here Thursday and the first since a Nigerian man tried to set off explosives aboard a flight approaching Detroit on Friday" -- completely factual and objectively stated.

Yet several lines later the same article states: "Until now, Mr. Obama had tried to strike a balance between signaling that he is on top of the situation and not drawing more attention to it than it already was generating. Each day since Friday, his staff accompanying him here in his home state put out statements indicating that the president was holding conference calls and requesting action of government agencies. But he declined for three days to address it in public himself, cognizant perhaps of warnings by some terrorism experts against elevating such incidents and by extension their authors."

How do these supposed journalists know that the president was attempting to strike such a balance? Not even the usual "sources requesting anonymity" are cited for this information. And is it a journalist's job to speculate what a world leader might "perhaps" be cognizant of?

As Obama proves time and again that he and his cronies are not up to the challenges they face, the media outlets that worked so hard to help get him elected are twisting their professional ethics beyond recognition in a desperate attempt to defend his missteps, mistakes and miscalculations. They are delivering not just the news but built-in excuses for those who are making that news.

Be sure not to miss The Obama File's post where Obama is quoted as STUPIDLY SAYING that the terrorist was an Isolated Extremist !

Joel Rosenberg's blog asks the important question: A DECADE OF RADICAL ISLAM: Will the West wake up to the threat in time?

If that isn't enough to put a chill up your spine, read this:

Al-Qaeda Press Release

The "Al Falojah" terrorist forum just posted a press release from "Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula," (Yemen and Saudi Arabia), taking responsibility for the terrorist attempt on the Northwest flight to Detroit.

Beginning of the translation by FReeper J Veritas:

The Operation by Brother Moujahed Omar Al Farouq Al Nigiree As A Retaliation Against the American Aggression Against Yemen

By the grace of Allah the brother and Moujahed hero Omar Al Farouq performed a quality act on the board of an American plane, taking off from the city of the Dutch city of Amsterdam to American city of Detroit, during the celebrations of "Christmas" holidays on Friday, December 25, 2009. He overcame all their advanced technological devices and security barriers installed in world airports and he did it with courage, bravery, and no fear of death, relying on Allah, destroying the great myth of U.S. and international intelligence, showing its fragility, forcing its nose in the dirt, making what they spent in the development of security techniques grief to them.

The unity of faith and Islamic brotherhood prompted this young rich man from Nigerian roots, brother Moujahedd Omar Al Farouq to retaliate directly against the oppressive American aggression against the Arabian Peninsula, and by the grace of Allah through direct coordination with the moujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula after the brutal bombing using cluster bombs and cruise missiles launched from U.S. ships territories which occupy the Gulf of Aden against the proud Yemeni tribes in Abeen, Arhabm and finally in Shibuwa, and killing dozens of Muslim women and children and where entire families were killed, and these operations were a Yemeni-US-Saudi coordination as well as coordination with a number of neighboring countries.

The brothers Moujahideen in the manufacturing department were able to manufacture by the grace of Allah an explosive device with advanced technology that has been tested and proven effective and has been able to overcome detectors. Brother Umar was able to reach his target by the grace of Allah, but by Allah will technical error prevented a full explosion but we will continue the way Allah willing until we get what we want, and religion is all for Allah.

We call on every Muslim who are zealots for their religion and dogma to remove the infidels from the Arabian Peninsula, by killing all the crusader working in the embassies and other places, and declare it a total war against each crusader on the island of Muhammad in the land, sea and air.

We call on every soldier working in the crusader armies and puppet governments to repent to Allah and follow the example of the hero Moujahid brother Nidal Hassan, and kill with all available tools every crusader to bring victory to religion of Allah and to keep his word in the land.

Therefore, we say to the American people that because you support your leaders and are standing behind them to kill our women and children then be ready for the worst we came to slaughter you and we prepared for you men love death as you love life, and Allah willing we will bring what you have not seen before, just as you kill you will be killed but tomorrow is very near. Oh Allah strengthen brother Moujahed Omar Al Farouq to be on the side of the truth, and give him serenity and patience and persistence many folds of the suffering that fell upon him , Oh Allah take his worry and agony, and give him an relief soon.

Oh Allah free him and the other Muslim prisoners from East to West, Oh Allah give victory to your moujahideen in every place and defeat the people of polytheism, and a prayer to thank Allah the lord of the universe.

Al Qaeda in The Arabian Peninsula

Saturday 9 Mouhrarem 1431 Hijra (Saturday December 26 2009)

End of the Translation


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