Friday, December 25, 2009

The True Meaning of Christmas

What an awesome Christmas Eve service at The Rock Church last evening! I just loved singing so many traditional Christmas songs (about Jesus!!) along with the chorus. The message by Pastor Miles McPherson that followed made it one of the best Christmas services I have ever attended!

Later in the day, the video of the entire service should be posted here at the church's message page. I don't want to give anything away, but there was quite a surprise at the beginning of the service message!

Just as I was about to type this next sentence, my son reminded me that Pastor Miles McPherson is on Good Morning America this morning. In fact, he's on right now (7:00 a.m. PT)! I stopped to watch it.

The discussion panel included four people; a priest, two Christian pastors (Pastor Miles and Max Lucado who are also authors), and a female Christian author. What was said was very good, but you could tell that the panel discussion was chopped up in only small segments of what each person said and wanted to share with the T.V. audience! How sad is that?? My son commented about how that show is three hours long and they only gave five minutes to religion?! What a disappointment. My son commented that the same thing happened last year, when Miles appeared on the show at that time. I had forgotten about that.

When the hostess of the show asked the question, "what message do you want to give to people this Christmas?" each person's answer was way to brief to really get out what they truly wanted to share! I know Pastor Miles! I'm sure that he shared much more than they allowed to be broadcast in the brief segment.

Ahhhh!! I didn't mean to be negative on this joyous day of our Christmas celebration - the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior - but I needed to report what just happened.

To me, it is a clear sign of what a low priority faith is to most of the mainstream media. It's the "cut it short - can't get into too much detail because someone might be offended" politically "correct" (more accurately, INCORRECT!) attitude that permeates most of the media today.

What a shame.

So much could have been shared to help those who needed to hear the true meaning of the Christmas season! A billboard near the Rock Church clearly states the truth: "Jesus is the ONLY reason for the season!"

Anyway, I sincerely hope that you will make some time to view the video message when it is up at the link I provided. You can also view Part One of The Promise message from last Sunday, since the Christmas Eve message was Part Two of The Promise message series.

Enjoy your Christmas celebrations with friends and family! Thank God for your loved ones, for they are really what matters most in our earthly lives. And thank God for His love, and the unfathomable gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, without whom we could never be forgiven for our sins and reconciled back unto God.

Have a blessed Christmas Day!

In Christ's service,



Anonymous said...

Thank You for your support in 09,
Merry Christmas.

Christinewjc said...

Sorry folks...the Christmas Eve service isn't posted yet (as of 12/26/09 at 3:54 p.m. PT). Perhaps it will be posted within the next few days.