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Liberal Media is Greatest Threat to Our Security

During this busy Christmas season, I try to find articles to share here at Talk Wisdom that "tell it like it is" or "give a ray of hope." Sometimes, it is difficult to accomplish both in one post! However, I think that I have found such an article written by Douglas MacKinnon over at Town Hall.com.

A Warning and a Ray of Hope from an Intelligence Operative

I wonder. With each changing administration, do all of the "intelligence operatives" change right along with it? Or is it just their ideology that shifts? In other words, because Obama and his cohorts are far left lunatics, has the intelligence community been overtaken by that same ideology? Or, are they now being suppressed (or bought off just like Congress!) from exposing and gaining prosecution of all of the corrupt individuals (and groups) that have escaped from their former Marxist organizational asylums and are now, most regrettably, in places of influence in our government?

The author doesn't tell us, but perhaps the intelligence operative he interviewed is now retired?

It is frighteningly true that when the Lamestream Media of Mass Deception doesn't do it's proper job, We The People suffer immensely for it!


Recently, I sat down with a friend who has spent almost three decades working as an intelligence operative in the defense of our nation. During the course of our conversation, I asked him what -- based on his vast experience -- was the number one threat facing our nation? Without even pausing to think about it, he forcefully answered, “Our mainstream media.”

More than Al Qaeda, more than homegrown terrorists, more than heavily armed Mexican drug cartels, more than non-existent borders, more than out-of-control and extremely violent domestic gangs, and even more than biological and nuclear terrorism, this dedicated intelligence operative felt that our own liberal media was a greater threat to our safety. Why?

“Simple,” he answered. “They enable all of those things and more. They betray our secrets, assign civil rights to enemy combatants, and push for a multi-cultural nation with no borders. The vast majority of those who work in mainstream media have a visceral hatred of traditional values and all those who espouse those values.

"Many have strong socialist tendencies, are vastly inexperienced when it comes to the actual plight of working Americans or corporate America, or were hired for politically correct reasons.

"Fortunately, their hatred of traditional values and the average American has caught up to them and they are going out of business in droves, but that said, they are still capable of inflicting incredible damage upon our republic.”

The more he spoke about this threat, the more he felt resigned to our fate. “Look at what has just happened,” he continued. “The far-left hates Sarah Palin, so their dishonest lapdogs at Newsweek did everything in their evaporating power to smear her one more time with a demeaning cover.

"Beyond that, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other far-left outlets think nothing of betraying national secrets on the front pages of their papers in the hope of winning the far-left Pulitzer Prize.

"They do this while simultaneously wringing their hands and crying foul when someone hacks into a computer system and exposes as lies, their false and economically crippling religion of global warming.

"In the United States of today, no one on the left is ever held accountable for their sins because their protectors in the far-left media ensure that they are blameless. Worse than all of that is the fact that the far-left controls the content and socialist propaganda fed to our children on a daily basis.

The following sentence grates on my nerves, but there is some truth to it:

"For the most part, they control education across the board, control media across the board, and control entertainment across the board. Conservatives and those who believe in traditional values have inexplicably ceded all those areas to the left.”

I once read an opinion that stated that it took the far left (you know - the really rabid kind like we have with Obama who lied about everything to fool the public and get into office) almost 49 years (if counting from 1960 on) to get into the White House. It was probably in the works over 100 years ago, but since the 60's, their progress has grown exponentially. That same person stated that it might take 100 years to correct this awful direction that the far left is currently taking us. This last year, under the anti-Christian tyranny of Obama and his corrupt cronies, has been "progressivism" (a.k.a. socialism, Marxism, Communism; including pro-Islamo-fascism and the global warming fraud and nonsense into the mix) on steroids!

I pray and hope that it doesn't take 100 years to correct America's free-fall into the abyss because of these leftist crazies and what they are doing to our nation! I want our nation to be normal again!

I fervently pray that all the Dem and RINO seats in Congress that are up for re-election will be voted out! Boot the bums out of office! GOOOH!!! (Get Out Of Our House!) It will take TEA Party activism and voter public awareness to accomplish such a task. This progressive nightmare could turn on a dime in the 2010 election - and then finally head back towards sanity with a Conservative candidate (hopefully Sarah Palin!!) in office in 2012.

I wonder. Could the ObamaSCARE HELLcare bill be repealed by a new Congress? If (God forbid!!) it reaches final passage, the fact remains that it won't be installed until 2013 (or 2014?), so all that would have been done is that taxes would have been collected over the course of the next four or five years. If it's not implemented until then, couldn't it be reversed by the new Congress? I would love an answer to that question!

Mr. MacKinnon writes:

When I asked if there was any hope left for our nation and for those who still believe in traditional values, he slowly nodded his head, and said:

“Some. Barack Obama and his devotion to his far-left ideology has frightened a great many Americans. Especially moderates and independents. It turns out that real-world experience does matter.

“If the Republicans -- as equally corrupt as the Democrats -- can put forth a candidate who honestly puts the needs of our nation before his or her own, they may have a chance. This is not complicated. The vast majority of Americans do believe in God and don’t believe the word ‘Christian’ should be used as a punch-line by the left.

It may take a third party candidate to accomplish this IF the Republicans don't get their conservative roots back and put forth a Ronald Reaganish candidate in 2012. I know what has been done in the past regarding third party candidates. They generally aren't seen as having a chance to win. However, the tide of anger over what is happening in Washington D.C. may bring forth the best scenario for a third party candidate to win. With Conservative Republicans, anti-Obama Democrats,former fawning ObamaBORG Bots who have now turned against him, Moderates from both parties who are highly alarmed at this current bogus POTUS and his radical buddies, and Independents who are horrified over what they voted for in 2008 (the ObamaBORG monstrosity of government takeover) may create the right atmosphere for a sea-change in politics toward the Conservative side, the likes of which have never been seen before in America!

As the author states in his conclusion of the article:

Game on.

Read this comment:

Location: VA
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Date: Dec 22, 2009 - 6:02 AM EST Behind The Curve
Too many Americans think it's safe to believe the lie that government can do what it promises. "Let us be responsible for your retirement", "Let us be responsible for your health care. By the time enough people wake up and see the reality the socialists have crafted for us it will be too late.

Business is going Galt. They are afraid of what government will do next and are sitting on money needed to fund investment. The government pretends the money it is spending is an "investment" when it's really just bribing voters with their own money. They borrow money from our grandchildren to purchase votes today. Anyone willing to participate in that transaction is a traitor to America.

Jefferson is spinning in the grave.


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spud tooley said...

actually, the greatest threat to our national security is talk radio - and how it hypes millions of folks into believing there is a media bias.

here's something i found today - AT CNN.COM.

obviously, he has something to say to both you and me, christine. please don't read only the parts that fit the particular prism through which you view the world.

but the bigger point is that there IS no bias, never WAS a bias.

here's a good quote for you:

“I admit it – the liberal media were never that powerful, and the whole thing [liberal media bias] was often used as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures.”

who said that?

bill kristol, founder and editor, ‘The Weekly Standard’. ‘The Weekly Standard’, for Christmas' sake! not cnn, not time. ‘The Weekly Standard’!

take your rodney dangerfield shirt off, christine. your views get as much respect as anyone's. you're being duped, and conned, and used by a well-oiled, self-serving arm of ... of ...

... the media.

(real life sometimes provides irony of the most entertaining sort, no?)

mike r.

Christinewjc said...


When I first read just the title of the article that I presented here, my initial reaction was, "no way! Al Qaida (sp?) and Islamic terrorism is the greatest threat to America!" However, the more I thought about it the more I realized that the leftist media (which is 90% of the T.V., newspapers, news magazines, and political views out there) can, and is being used as a tool for the various threats to America.

During the Bush years, it was used to berate, hate, and accuse our troops in harms way (recall Obama's "air raiding villages and killing civilians" comment??). It was being used to create a false image of President Bush. It was being used to blame the Republicans for the financial meltdown, when in actuality, more Dems (like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Pelosi, Reid etc.) were ultimately responsible. Bush and the Republicans tried to fix the Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac housing issue years before the tsunami of foreclosures occurred.

I probably don't need to go into much more detail - although there is a lot to share. Suffice it to say that a false image of the Bush years (negative in all respects) was pushed by the liberal media.

Now, we have the oppositie effect. The media cannot seem to admit the horrible mistake it made in not vetting Obama and supporting him without knowing much about him. They will prop him up as some kind of hero no matter how much terrible damage he is doing to our nation!

So, don't come here and lecture me about there "not being media bias." That is like claiming that the Harry Reid doesn't believe in unrelenting taxation, bribery through "sweetheart deals," and pushing an agenda upon the public that the majority DO NOT WANT!

Talk radio and Fox News are popular because people are sensing how badly they are (and have been) lied to by the Media of Mass Deception. They are also turning toward blogs on the Internet for the same reason. People want ANSWERS to their questions - not teleprompter rhetoric and lies being spewed by Obama and repeated by the tools in the media.

I don't know when Kristol actually said that quote, but in the past I would have agreed with him. When Obama came along, the leftist bias grew exponentially. It took many of the Kool-Aid drinking voters who trusted Obama at his word (which he has continually broken since the election) to finally realize how badly they had been duped into voting for the monster. The liberal leftists have gone way to far this time. They have been found out for the liars that they all are!! 2010 will be the first big sweep of the crooks, liars, and thieves in Congress. 2012 will clean out the White House stench of America hating Communist-loving (how about the ornament on the White House tree that has Mao on it?), fake global warming lying, Islamo-fascist supporting, anti-military, Muslim loving, anti-Jew and anti-Christian czars and admin hacks; plus the biggest fraud of all - Obama.

spud tooley said...

Kool-Aid drinking
America hating
fake global warming lying
Islamo-fascist supporting
Muslim loving

but, whatever we do, don't get you started, right?...


you crack me up, christine - comments like that last one remind me why i enjoy this blog so much...

mike r.