Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why No Room in the Inn?

The title of Dr. Jeremiah's sermon today was "Why No Room in the Inn?" However, the message was absolutely spectacular!! It has to rank as one of the best Christmas messages that I have ever heard!!!

From Dr.
Every year we sing songs about it. We adorn our homes with scenes and reminders of it. We greet strangers with its glad tidings. And even a world ignorant of its basis and its purpose celebrates its remembrance. It is Christmas, the time of year when we rejoice in the earthly coming and birth of Jesus Christ. It is the season when all the world stands still at the celebration of this, the most significant event in human history. But even as believers, how often do we really focus our attention on this remarkable story? If we are truly honest, the answer is not very often. Let us rediscover all of the beautiful, majestic, and divine elements in the Christmas story. We will see by examining, question by question, that this one moment in time was the pivotal moment of all time and that it was assembled in such a way that we can only say it was the work of God.

LightSource presents Turning Point Broadcast: "Why Was There No Room?"

The sermon starts at about 22:07 into the video.

God’s plan for our salvation did not fit the preconceived ideas of those who awaited the Messiah, but it was perfect and complete.

You will be greatly blessed when you watch this video sermon!!!

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