Saturday, January 09, 2010

Among The Five Thousand

I was among the five thousand
There He was
I pressed in through the crowd to get closer
I listened as He spoke
I could sense I was drawing life
Not from the words He spoke
But from the words He spoke to me
Shalom, wholeness, complete
I could sense His compassion as these words washed over me
Then the question, ‘do you want to be healed, do you want to be whole’
A million images flashed through my mind
I could see I was at the boundary of fear and faith
I saw Lot’s wife looking back and heard Him say, ‘don’t look back’
So I drew a line, made a decision, I drove my sword into the ground as a stake
And I said, ‘from here forward Lord’
Now suddenly I was in the crowd again
He was praying over the fish and the bread
I heard Him say to me
“life I have spoken to you, your faith has made you whole”
So I sat down and waited
Among the five thousand

by Rocky Chambers

Hat Tip: Rocky Chambers via email

The perfect message of salvation that lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ written in beautiful prose!

Thank you Rocky!

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