Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obama's Moonbattery Year

OH...MY...GOSH!! If you are looking for something to read that puts in words, photos, images, and cartoons all of the awful MOONBATTERY stuff that Obama & cohorts have inflicted upon our nation over the past year, The Obama File: Obama's First Year page is for you! I have only just starting reading The January Obama Moonbattery Page and some of the stuff is absolutely hilarious!

This will give readers here something fun to do as we wait for the results in the Massachusetts Senate Race special election that is happening today. GO SCOTT BROWN!!!

The liberals who are foolish enough to still support Obama, the wretched Dem Congress majority, and the terrible HELLSCARE bill may learn something after today's vote.

Then again, maybe not.

Did anyone else happen to catch Hannity's T.V. show last night? The liberal commentator, Bob Beckel, who is constantly on Hannity's "Great American Panel" spoke with very bitter words and looked like a defeated man. I wish Tanya Reiman would do a body language segment on him! Of course, in his usual insulting fashion, he called the millions of Americans who came out to protest at the TEA Parties across the nation last year "baggers, birthers, and blowhards."

Hannity called him on his verbal bashing of all of these people.

Why can't they question why Obama doesn't show his birth certificate?

Don't they have the free speech right to object to the terrible health care bill?

Aren't they correct to say that Obama is a liar for being captured seven times on tape during the campaign saying that he would have a transparent administration and allow C-Span to cover all of the debate sessions on health care?

Instead, he and the Dem Congress (remember - Republicans are not allowed to participate) are conducting secretiveness, behind closed door deals giving what I think are UNCONSTITUTIONAL "sweetheart" deals to senate buddies if they will vote for the health care bill. Doesn't that also sound illegal by most standards of established law here in the United States?

I can't wait to see how badly Martha Coakley will be defeated in her election bid tonight. It will prove to be indicative of the mood of the entire country - which I think is ready to roll almost the entire Democratic side of the House of Representatives right out of office come November, 2010!

P.S. Isn't that photo up top absolutely hilarious?? There are lots more! In the January thread, scroll down about half way to see what a Puggle dog is wearing. "Bark Obama?" LOL! And the January 17, 2009 entry called "Government Cheese" is well...you'll see! It's scaringly accurate, that's for sure! Scroll down a bit more and see what "all of these mug shots have in common."

Hat Tip:

The Obama File: Obama's First Year

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