Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins Massachusetts Senate Race

Citizen Wells reports: Scott Brown wins MA senate seat, January 19, 2010, Republican Brown defeats Democrat Martha Coakley, Defeat for Obama, Health care bill

ObamaSCARE HELLcare is dead! Cap and Trade is dead! Yippeee!!!


If you have been watching Hannity tonight, Frank Luntz had a focus group of voters who expressed several things:

1. They want to send a message to Obama and Congress - LISTEN TO WE THE PEOPLE!

2. They don't want Obamacare shoved down their throats.

3. They don't like the direction that Obama and his cohorts are taking our nation.

4. They think that there should be a balance in Washington D.C. - not one party rule.

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1/21/10 Update:

I have just learned that Scott Brown is pro-abortion. Please read my new post:

I Was Wrong About Brown


Teresa said...

I was watching Hannity tonight, also. The people are really sending a message loud and clear to Washington- STOP OBAMASCARE!!!

YEAH!!! Brown Wins!!!

Christinewjc said...


Our prayers have been answered by this one, special election in Massachusetts! Who would have EVER THOUGHT that a Republican candidate would win "the liberal lion of the Senate" Edward Kennedy's seat? It has been something like 52 years of Democrats holding that seat!

I love the way SENATOR Scott Brown put it - IT'S THE PEOPLE'S SEAT!

We need more candidate like him come November, 2010! Vote all the bums out who are so arrogant as to not listen to We The People!

Kevin said...

Hi Christine, I wouldn't be so certain that Health care for everyone is dead. Of course, now it is the time for the Republicans to be total obstructionists, just like the Democrats were when they were sitting on the opposite side of the fence. The good thing about this Republican victory is that it will force both sides to actually sit down and possibly work together. It will also be time for the Republicans to put forth some actual legislation instead of being anti-Obama at all costs. Now the ball is in their court, and they better use it. The other good thing that will come out of this is that now they won't be able to complain that Obama is ruining everything...

Christinewjc said...


The current bills are most likely dead unless the Dems resort to their usual terrible tactics.

Please cut the spin, Kevin. It is not becoming. The Republicans already HAVE ideas for health care solutions. The Dems have kept them out of the debate the entire time!

The "ball" isn't in the Repubs court. If Pelosi and Reid choose to use the "nuclear" option, then they will ruin their own Dem party for decades to come.

Gary Baker said...


I'm sure that it's difficult to find on the news stations that you probably listen to, but the Republicans have put forth some proposals that would lower health care costs. None of them have made it beyond a down vote in committee. That is still not likely to change since the Dems hold a firm majority in both houses. And because of that, I will be able to claim, and truthfully, that the fault of crappy legislation coming out of congress is the fault of the Dems. Tossing a few cookies to a few RINOs to get a vote or two doesn't qualify as bipartisanship.

I also think that you are personalizing the election too much. I can't speak of people in other areas, but the people I know and work with are not "anti-Obama" at all costs. They are anti-high tax, anti-high regulation, anti-large government. The reason that they are against these things is that they lead to large deficits and declines in the economy and freedom, the same way that it has worked in NY, California, NJ, and Michigan. Believe it or not, most conservatives don't believe that Obama is the devil, unlike the hordes of Libs on Rush, Palin, Bush, etc. They simply think he is a President determined to push a lot of ideas that make things worse.

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
No spin here--so nothing to cut! I was just saying that now they can't blame Obama for all the problems of this country. They can now block what the Democrats want to do. Let's see what they do with it!

Hi Gary, Well, as I said, most of my Republican news comes from here--and mostly what I hear is Obama is the devil (or something very close!).
I'm anti-huge-tax increase as well--but so far I don't see any increase in federal taxes. If they are being taken out of my paycheck, I haven't noticed them. I do know that California has instituted higher taxes. But I am not oppose to raising taxes a bit to help people get healthcare. I don't think the Democratic health proposals are bad. I think it was bad that they don't have a public option, but that is my opinion. I don't want them raised to build a bigger military. I don't know what it means to be 'anti-big government.' If you mean that the government should stay out of the business of telling private citizens what they can and can't do, then I am all for it--including the issue of marriage. The biggest change in the government in the last decade that I can remember is the creation of Homeland Security. $55 billion dollars is a lot--and I am not sure exactly what we are getting for this amount of money. So the Republicans can talk all they want to about keeping government small, but when they get the chance to enact it, they don't do it.

Teresa said...

You are right. The Republicans did screw up with some big government programs and out of control spending. But, I do believe that some of the big government programs they enlisted were due to wanting to prevent another 9/11 type of attack from occuring on U.S. soil again. But, I do think some of them have learned their lesson and have returned to small government principles and other conservative principles. The Republicans have shown that they are willing to listen to the people with regards to health care. The Democrats have shown that they are power hungry and are not listening to their consituents, even being willing to defy their constituents at all costs. I think part of the problem is one party rule. But, now that Brown has been elected there is going to be more of a check on the Democrats. This health care bill has so many problems with it, it needs to be scrapped and started over. There are so many items in the bill that violates our Constitution and violate our privacy rights. This health bill is despicable, and it should be flushed down the toilet because it is full of crap.

Gary Baker said...

Hi Kevin,

"I'm anti-huge-tax increase as well--but so far I don't see any increase in federal taxes."

I got word from my accounting department at work that new withholding tables were just received and will be instituted in Friday's pay check. I'm not really sure what to expect. When health care "reform" was a slam dunk, I was fully expecting to have a hefty raise. What made it even more galling was that the tax raises were supposed to go into effect three years before any benefits were paid out to give the illusion that the cost was lower than it was. Now, we'll see.

"If you mean that the government should stay out of the business of telling private citizens what they can and can't do, then I am all for it--including the issue of marriage."

The government isn't telling you what you can do at all in the area of marriage. The type of marriage you are talking about, however, is a function that the government performs provided that certain requirements are met. So marriage is not a case of the government telling you what you cannot do. It's a case of the government setting the requirements for what it will do in accordance with the will of the people.

I surely must agree with you that the Republicans have blown it in the past decade as to shrinking government. Somehow someone managed to convince them that becoming Democrat-lite was the way to go, and they've been losing ground ever since. I'm hoping that this election in Massachusetts will reverse that some.

"I don't think the Democratic health proposals are bad."

I think that every time the government forces money from individuals, they have a responsibility to justify it on Constitutional grounds. Health care is not a Constitutional function. Period. To that end, they have no business forcing people to get insurance or pay a penalty (tax) if they don't.

I respect your desire to not overbuild the military. That will always be a debate, and it probably should. The one thing that is not debatable is whether or not defense is a Constitutional function of government. It is, and that's what sets it apart from health care.

If the Democrats really wanted to lower the cost of health care (and all of the analysts that I've read said the plan they are pushing won't do that) they would do things like cap pain and suffering awards for malpractice. They didn't do that because of the trial lawyers. They could also allow people to buy across state lines and get "ala carte" coverage that makes sense for them rather than mandating a lot of expensive extras. Neither of these requires extensive government intrusion and they really would help. And if you are worried about restricting the right of people to sue for malpractice, consider this: Once government healthcare comes in, malpractice suits essentially go away. Sovereign immunity. I had a friend in the Navy who took his wife in for an operation and she was partially paralyzed. He finally found a lawyer that would even try. It took him years just to get the case thrown out.