Friday, January 29, 2010

Logic & Math = Obama Admin. Failure

Glenn Beck often has the unique ability to see through the farce of Obama, his Administration cult and minions. He had the best analysis and exposure of what is really going on with the Obamafraud Administration that I have ever seen on his T.V. show today. In case you missed it, Daily Thought Pad has "Beck's Response to O's State of the Union and Bernanke's Reappointment" Videos .


Video 1 of 6 – Which Obama Showed up for the State of the Union? The one who thinks the American People are stupid, believes the spin cures all and the one intends to move forward with his agenda regardless of the wants and needs of the people.
And, is partisan bickering really one of our biggest problems?

Video 2 of 6 – Logic and Math will ultimately kill the Obama Administration.
Obama’s speech let us know that neither he, the Progressives, Pelosi or Reid heard the second shot heard by everyone else around the world from Massachusetts.

Much more here.

Loved the "Little Johnny" laugh posted at the end, too!

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