Monday, January 18, 2010

Tomorrow's Vote in Massachusetts Will Be...

The first installment of what Glenn Beck predicted several months ago about the Obama administration and Congress: "These people will undo themselves."

There are SO MANY great blog posts about tomorrow's special election senate seat vote in Massachusetts! I will just list several of them that are linked in my sidebar. You can pick and choose which ones to read.

But first, I wanted to mention a report that I heard this morning by Carl Cameron of Fox News. He stated that there is so much anger against Obama in Massachusetts that Scott Brown's chances of winning the election tomorrow are increasing by the day - maybe even by the hour!

In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 1/2 to 1, it is a stunning development to find Scott Brown ahead in the polls. Cameron mentioned that those on the far left are angry with Obama because he isn't keeping his campaign promises. Obama lost most Independents quite a while ago for the same reason, plus the eligibility questions. Republicans and Conservatives tried to warn people not to vote for Obama before the 2008 election. There are reasons just too numerous to list. If you are in doubt, go to The Obama File and read the latest reasons. They add up on a daily basis!

So, what will a Scott Brown win say about the rest of Obama's presidency?

"Obama will undo himself."

It will be his proverbial "Waterloo."

But it's not only anger being directed at Obama. Nope! The majority of people do NOT want government run health care and are furious that the Democrats on Capitol Hill would do absolutely ANYTHING to shove it down the throats of WE THE PEOPLE who are screaming at them...NO!!!!!!!!!!!

These people will undo themselves! And I, for one, am SO HAPPY THAT THEY ARE!!

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Daily Thought Pad
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Plus, even though the following link isn't directly about the election tomorrow, it paints the broader picture of why a Republican candidate will most likely be elected to the senate after 0ver 30 years of Democratic dominance in that state. And that reason is because... AMERICANS DON'T WANT OBAMASCARE HELLCARE!!! Nor, do they want to have anything to do with organizations that have sided with this bogus administration, clueless congress and terrible bill!

EarthFrisk Blog
Citizens Quitting Obama and AARP: Letter of the Year - THIS LADY NOT ONLY HAS A GRASP OF ‘THE SITUATION’ BUT AN INCREIBLE COMMAND OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE! Dear Mr. Rand, Recently you sent us a letter encourag...


The author over at The Obama File knows the reality of the situation. Democrats are great at voter fraud, intimidation, and stealing elections. Let's not forget about ACORN and the New Black Panthers role in the 2008 election. The Obama File sums it up like this:

The Second American Revolution Begins Tomorrow

On April 19, 1775, about 700 British Army regulars were confronted by a small band of armed, colonial farmers in Lexington, Massachusetts.

The first shots were fired just as the sun was rising over Lexington Green. This, "shot heard 'round the world," began the first American Revolution.

Tomorrow, on January 19th, 2010, the final day of the Usurper's first year, the Second American Revolution will commence in Massachusetts, where, once again, American Patriots, facing overwhelming odds, will strike a blow for American values and freedom.

This will be a difficult task. The Massachusetts Democrats are highly skilled at manipulating the election process, so a Brown victory must be overwhelming.

Like the Battle at Lexington Green, the good guys may lose, but the folks in the bluest of blue states have already shown that Obama and his fellow Marxists and Socialists are vulnerable and can be beaten. If we do lose this battle, we will eventually win this war against socialism.

Special election news items will be posted to the "Scott Brown" page throughout today and tomorrow.

Hat Tips to all links.


1/21/10 Update:

I have just learned that Scott Brown is pro-abortion.

Please read my new post: I Was Wrong About Brown


Chairm said...

Hi Christine,

Here's another angle on the Brown surge. It could have implications for protecting DOMA:

Race for MA Senate Seat: Conflict Over Marriage Issue..

I like the title of your blogsite. Setting high standards.


GMpilot said...

It might be wiser to wait until Brown actually wins before you start boasting that Obama's end is near...

Christinewjc said...

You're right GM. If ACORN, SEIU, and the "New Black Panthers" can get away with it, they will commit voter fraud to win, especially if they take this guy's advice.

Gary Baker said...

Here's hoping we can all celebrate the day when a Blue State turned Brown.