Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Power of the People and Their VOTES!

I wanted to use "the Scott heard round the world" quip as my title this morning, but that's already been used by some other bloggers. What happened in Massachusetts yesterday is absolutely stunning! It shows that no matter WHAT the progressive Marxists in Washington D.C. want to do to us, it's the Power of the PEOPLE, and their VOTES, that will thwart their idiotic and dangerous efforts to ruin this country.

I participated in a poll over at the Fox News Channel website. Take a look at the tally of votes as of 1/20/10 at 7:38 a.m. PT:

Thank you for voting!

A/ A+: Excellent: He’s had a lot to handle -- great work habits, great leadership put him at the top of the class. 1% (186 votes)

B+/ Very Good: Has taken on some difficult coursework, but seems determined to succeed. 1% (264 votes)

B/Good: Nice effort, though he sometimes doesn’t listen to classmates and often fails to work with them on major projects. 1% (184 votes)

C- / C+/Need for Improvement: Clearly has the intellect to succeed, but easily distracted, doesn’t work well with classmates on major projects. 5% (1,467 votes)

D/ In Danger of Failing: If he doesn’t stop fooling around and start listening, he’ll be expelled. 92% (28,131 votes)

I/Incomplete: Not enough information to give a fair assessment of his work. 1% (372 votes)

Total Votes: 30,604

The pollster was too kind. He/she didn't offer the opportunity to check "F"! How many of the 28,131 voters (92%!!!) would have checked off a FAILING GRADE for Obama? I would think that it would be most. People are ANGRY AND FED UP with ObamaFRAUD, PeLIARsi, ReiDUNCE, and the rest of the Marxist loons in Congress and the Senate.

Wait until November 4, 2010!! If liberal/independent Massachusetts voters felt this strong about the awful policies that Obama and Congress are trying to shove down our throats here in America, just imagine what the rest of the state constituents must be thinking!! Look out! A SEA CHANGE in Congress is a'comin!

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Scott Brown Speech at Campaign Headquarters
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Scott Brown seems to be an easy and prolific speaker. Tonight at his election celebration, he told us all we can do this, over and over, throughout the U.S. - meaning unseat a Democrat, seat a Republican.

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Massachusetts earthquake puts everything in play
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Coakley's campaign defines what the Democratic Party has become today: arrogant, boorish, incomprehensibly ignorant and downright thuggish.


Scott Brown's stunning electoral victory in Massachusetts yesterday confirms to the world what we have known all along: patriotism and common sense are alive and well. Real Americans remain a majority in this country, and the massively-funded, corrupt Democrat machine, engorged with our tax dollars, radical billionaire money and lock-step union support, cannot buy elections, even in hardcore Democrat states, once the sleeping giant has awoken.

And make no mistake about it: we are wide awake!

Hat Tips to all links above.


1/21/10 Update:

I have just learned that Scott Brown is pro-abortion.

Please read my new post: I Was Wrong About Brown

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MurrayA said...

Good morning from OZ. I sasw the glad news yesterday on FOX and the 'net. I rejoice with you that we can start to see a rollback of the nefarious political left in the USA, and hopefully here too with our own Kevin Rudd.
Here's a site not on your list, but it's good for a chortle. Go to
then go down to "Brownfall" where there's a video clip of Hitler in his bunker, but with rather different subtitles.