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Radical Islam's Continuing Global Jihad

It was my original intention to continue with "The Truth War" posts today, but I feel that the Lord is leading me in another direction. It all started with a spam comment. I know that may sound a bit strange, but was it a coincidence that the spam comment was posted in a blog post from January, 2008 entitled, Radical Islamic Narco-Terrorism in the UK? Perhaps it was a coincidence. However, as I re-read that post and comments I found out some interesting things.

Back in January of 2008, a Muslim blogger by the name of Umm Yasmin occasionally posted comments here at Talk Wisdom. Here is a copy of a post she wrote back on January 18, 2008 about me and this blog's content:

Radical right struggles with Obama
by U*m*m Y*a*s*m*i*n @ 8:58 am.
Filed under Jihad Against the Munkar

Some radical right Christians* are really struggling with Obama. I have to confess as a Muslim myself I find it tempting to think of Obama as a Muslim who just happens to attend church ;) I think it’s precisely because if he ever was Muslim, what differentiates him from people like Wafa Sultan, Ibn Warraq etc. is that he doesn’t go around demonizing his former faith and its followers. So apostasy (and here Moojan’s ressentiment label does actually work) is a tag that just doesn’t fit Obama, even if he ever was a Muslim.

I originally made the comment that having a US President who has some appreciation of the religion of one sixth of humanity, spanning every continent and practically every culture and language-group, would make such a change from the current one who buys the lie of an inevitable Clash of Civilisations.

* Came across an excellent definition of radical right from Prof. Michael Minkenberg: “ideological core of populist ultra-nationalism which is derived from (but not equal to) an anti-universal, anti-democratic myth of the national community.”

So I think Irfan was right when he questioned Christinewjc’s commitment to democracy (see comments of her previous post on Obama).

Back at my blog link (above) I wrote:

So....a self-identified Muslim feminist (now THERE'S an oxymoron if I ever read one!!!) from Australia believes that she has me all figured out and labeled fairly based on a few blog posts and comments?


The only thing we have in common is that we both don't like anyone to swear on our blogs...

But look what happens TODAY when I try to go to the original link to her blog within the post:

You don't have permission to access /dervish/2008/01/18/radical-right-struggles-with-obama/ on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/2.2.14 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.14 OpenSSL/0.9.8l DAV/2 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 FrontPage/ Server at Port 80

Hmmmm...isn't that strange??

Why have I been banned access to a post that was written about me and my blog??

In a comment written to Lionheart of the UK (in the 2008 "Radical Islamic Narco-Terrorism in the UK" thread, I wrote:

Back to you and your comments, Paul.

A while back, our President, George W. Bush (who claims to be a Christian) made the statement that Christians and Muslims all worship the same God.


Not a chance!!!

I have written about this fact before.

Perhaps Bush said that in a politically correct way to try and ease the tension? Not going to work. Not in a million years.

The Bible has prophesied about this current war, which had its beginnings way back in history from the time of Isaac and Ishmael.

From what I have seen, heard and read, I tend to agree with your assessment, Paul.

Even Umm Yasmin of "Dervish" mentioned:

"I tend to avoid using the word 'moderate' because it implies lukewarm. I.e. I wouldn't want to be called a moderate intellect, or moderately good looking ;)"

So, to call a Muslim a "moderate" is not necessarily a good thing.

I think that you are absolutely correct when you wrote:

"Islam and the Moslem belief system is unconducive [sic] to a civilized society as the facts clearly state, yet we are being forced to accept these people in our midst, and it is not them giving up their freedoms and way of life it is us, we are having to give up our freedoms so as to fall in line and be acceptable to the Islamic way of life."

I agree that we are in the greatest battle against Jihad in history. The lives and way of life for our children and grandchildren are at stake. We must be diligent and continue to fight the good fight against those who are obsessed with our destruction.

Stay in touch Paul!

God bless you!


I decided to go back to the website for the documentary "Obsession: Radical Islam's War With the West." On the Media page I found an old video of Glenn Beck's T.V. show on CNN Headline News where he has a discussion with Wayne Kopping, the director and editor of the film "Obsession." Go watch that video! I plan to watch the other ones listed there as well.

The increase in attacks against us here at the homeland indicates that all the bluster of the liberals that if we "just talk with them, understand them, negotiate with them, and play nice-nice with the terrorists" simply is not a reasonable alternative and falls flat on it's face in reality!

This topic needed to be revisited by me today. People on the left naively thought that the War on Terror should be re-labeled as an "Overseas Contingency Operation." After the failed Christmas day attack, Obama stupidly called the Nigerian terrorist's act an "isolated incident." Either he is totally clueless, inept, and flawed as a leader of this nation or he is on the side of the terrorists for a purpose that is currently unknown to us. There can be no other explanation for his terrible errors!!

The following blog posts are all excellent in analyzing what America is up against in this global jihad.

Gateway Pundit: He Knew. Obama Warned About Terror Threat to Homeland Before His Golf & Snorkling Getaway …Update: Obama Finally Links Bomber to Al-Qaeda

The American Spectator: In a World of His Own

The Obama File: all stories

Citizen Wells: Obama had warnings all year

Desert Conservative: Terrorists promise more terror

Alan Keyes blog: Whose to blame for terrorisms moral victory?

Founding Bloggers: Was the Christmas jihad al qaeda's first use of petn?

Michele Malkin: The myth of the poor oppressed jihadist

The Right Perspective: UK Muslim Integration at Issue after Bombing

Jihad Watch: Al-Qaeda's second banana calls on Muslims to "disinfect" North Africa of Spanish and French

Anti-Obama Blog: Obama describes Nigerian as "isolated extremist" despite ties to Yemen

Political Pistachio: Obama's Military Failure

American Thinker: America Retreats, Mullahs Advance

Michele Malkin: It never ends - jihadi attack on Danish cartoonist Radical Islam and America's Future

Hat tips to all links.

And, to show how "politically correct" labeling is in France, read this:

Gateway Pundit: "Youths" torch 1137 cars in France this New Year's eve

Maggie's Notebook: Obama pre-Christmas Security Briefing: Authorities Lie to Us About Second Detained Person from NW Flight 253


Watch this video!

The Third Jihad (30 Minute free version).

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