Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Care About Free Speech in America? Read This!

Trevor over at New Zeal blog has the videos of Glenn Beck's show yesterday. Glenn discussed free speech, a right that is (supposed) to be guaranteed by our United States Constitution (but which the ObaMARXIST regime is actively trying to undermine these days) and Glenn did an excellent job exposing their unconstitutional, evil plan!

For someone who does not label himself as a journalist, Mr. Beck undoubtedly does the extremely important job that our current Lamestream Media of Mass Deception refuses to do! He informs Americans about what is really happening behind the scenes and why this gangster government (a.k.a. CRIME, INC.) is so corrupt, dangerous, evil, anti-American, and out of control! He does this despite the fact that he is continually receiving threats (even death threats!) from these radical communists who are intent on destroying our Constitutional Republic under the seemingly innocuous guise of "progressive democracy." The Fascist tendencies of the puppet criminals in office today and their wizard of oz manipulators are very clearly exposed, for all to see now!

But don't just take my word for it. See Daily Thought Pad: Important Read - Fears of a Clown Reviewed, which includes the usual mockery of a Time magazine writer a year ago. However, when you view the videos of Beck proving that his predictions were correct, it's certainly not a laughing matter anymore. [Note: Linda A. - if you even bother to read my blog anymore, I sincerely hope that you will sit up and pay attention to what Beck is exposing. He's not a "fear monger" as you once stated in a brief written conversation we had a while back on Facebook. He's exposing the truth about the current Marxo-Fascist attempts to take over America and turn it from what the Founding Fathers created - a Constitutional REPUBLIC, into a European style, Marxo-Fascist socialist utopia THAT HAS NEVER WORKED in the history of the world. Do you want to keep your head in the sand and allow the U.S. to become the next Greece?]

Please spread this information far and wide, dear readers! WE THE PEOPLE can, AND WILL turn this ship around - our beloved United States of America - towards the right direction!

As I watched the video clip where Rachel Maddow (of all people!) commended Glenn on his free speech views, a glimmer of hope (the real kind) stirred up in my soul that maybe - just maybe - some liberals are catching on to the fact that the danger and havoc that this Marxo-Fascist puppet Obama and his powerful, rich puppeteers are inflicting upon America is extremely damaging to our nation! But then, my mind came back to the reality of their clueless, undying support, (no matter how much criminality he is involved in) for this evil man that they supported (and continue to support) in the 2008 election.

The TRUE glimmer of hope for our nation (the real kind) is the news that an incumbent Democrat, who voted for TARP, the stimulus, and the Hellcare bill was ousted in a primary election in West Virginia [see Wake Up America: West Virginia Rep. Alan Mollohan Loses Bid For 15th Term In Democratic Primary].
His contender ran against him telling the public that he opposes Pelosi's radical agenda in Congress and that he is against the ObamaSCARE HELLcare bill! Apparently, the soon-to-be former congressman has been in Congress since 1989!

The American voters are SERIOUS this time around. The November 2010 elections will be a tsunami wave, clearing out the clueless senators and congressmen who refused to listen to WE THE PEOPLE when voting for these awful bills! The wonderful TEA Party Patriots protests across the nation over the last 2 years have not been in vain! MILLIONS of American voters have been awakened out of the Kool-Aid stupor created around ObaMARXIST - and they are not believing his lying rhetoric anymore!!

Clearing out Congress and getting Republican majorities in both the House and Senate will make ObaMARXIST a lame duck until 2012. Can't wait to see that day! It will also mean the opportunity to de-fund the awful Socialist HELLcare bill; which needs to ultimately be repealed (along with several terrible executive orders that Resident Obama signed into law)!

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Anonymous said...

So, what if the current administration is scarred to death, obama and his thugs create a manufactured crisis to implement martial law so elections would be void and the nuts stay in power?