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Mosque Near Ground Zero? Insane and Unconscionable!

The author of an article on is asking readers:
What do you think about a mosque being built near Ground Zero?
My answer?


Seriously!! After the UNSPEAKABLE PAIN AND HORROR OF 9/11/2001; THE 3,000 DEATHS and TERRIBLE DESTRUCTION that MUSLIM JIHADIST TERRORISTS inflicted upon our nation on September 11, 2001, did ANYONE EVER think that New York City would give permission for a Muslim mosque to be built anywhere near the terrorist destruction site??

Ground Zero Mosque: Olive Branch or 'Soft Jihad'?

The propaganda being spouted by Muslims who want this mosque built is that it will bring "healing" and "a way to move forward."

Healing for whom?

Move forward to what?

That's what I want to know!

Dozens of commenters at the Facebook page are protesting against building this mosque near Ground Zero!

This is the height of insult!!

But don't take my word for it, read the following excerpt from the article:

But Middle East expert Daniel Pipes is suspicious of the imam's claims.

"Faisal Abdul is someone with a very dubious record," Pipes charged. "He's an Islamist. He's someone who has sympathy with our enemies more than with us. In other words, he wants to apply Islamic law. Granted he's not doing it via terrorism, but he's using his own methods of education, propagation in order to achieve the same goals."

Pipes and Brown say it's a well known Islamic tradition to build on top of an area that you've conquered.

"This is what we call a soft jihad," Brown said. "This is something where they're not doing it in our face, they're doing it very quietly, very stealthy."

There is something called 'takia' in their culture which says you're allowed to lie if it furthers the Muslim religion," he explained. "He is engaging in 'takia.'"

Meanwhile, the imam insists the mosque is not being built on Ground Zero but rather, "outside the perimeter of Ground Zero."

"If he could be right on top he would be, but he can't so he's as close as he can be," Pipes responded.

"This is a triumphant gesture on their part," Brown added. "That I will be praying at Ground Zero for the souls of my best friends and I will hear 'Allah Akbar' echoing through the canyons into my ears - that is the same war cry that those terrorist yelled as they flew the planes into the tower and killed Americans!"

The mosque is scheduled to open on Sept. 11, 2011. Fox News also reports that a second mosque is planned to be built near Ground Zero as well.

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P.S. And don't believe the propaganda out there that says Islam is a "religion of peace" and that there is such a thing as "moderate Muslims." Take a look at Pam Geller's latest post over at Atlas Shrugs to see how untrustworthy a "moderate" Muslim really can be:

Prominent Moderate Muslim Who Worked with Law Enforcement Agencies Arrested for Exporting Computer Equipment to .....Libya

As the Prime Minister of the moderate Muslim country of Turkey emphatically stated, "There is no moderate Islam" ................there is only Islam.

Popular local Muslim figure arrested on federal charges By Yonat Shimron -

Staff writer RALEIGH -- A prominent member of the Muslim community who worked to better relations with law enforcement agencies was arrested Wednesday and charged with exporting computer equipment to Libya without a license. Mohammed “Moe” El-Gamal of Raleigh, the president of the Muslim American Public Affairs Council, appeared today before a federal judge who agreed to release him on $1 million bail before his trial. El-Gamal’s lawyer, Dan Boyce said his client would plead not guilty.

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I had just entered the WTC on my way to work on 9/11 when the first plane crashed into WTC 1. My company lost 300 lives that day - the 2nd largest loss after Cantor Fitzgerald. I am appalled that anyone in NYC would even consider allowing a mosque be built literally on the ashes of those precious Americans murdered by muslim terrorists. If these muslims have any decency, they will reconsider and build their mosque elsewhere. Otherwise NYC authorities must come to their senses and cancel this project. It is an affront to all those who died that day at that site. It is difficult enough for us survivors to visit Ground Zero without a 13-story islamic mosque looming overhead intensifying our pain. Nicky (an email from a 911 family member)

The protest at ground zero against the mega mosque is morphing into a global event. In addition to the 911 families, the tea parties in and around the New York area have joined SIOA in support of the protest of the monster mosque.

In addition to the tea parties, our international partners will be joining us. SIOE (Europe) and SIOE (Bulgaria) will be flying in for the rally, as well as SIOE representatives from each country in the EU.


Read this too, and you will understand even more clearly why this mosque MUST NOT BE BUILT!

Atlas Shrugs: The 911 Imam


The surviving victims of 9/11 and families of the deceased should not be alone in opposing Rauf’s proposed 13-story mosque, 600 feet from the World Trade Center site. Traditionally, Muslims have destroyed houses of worship built by virtually every other faith under the sun. Worldwide, Islam has plundered tens of thousands (if not more) of Christian churches, Jewish synagogues and holy archaeological sites, plus Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Sikh, and other temples and monasteries. Then, in the interest of jihad, Islam has claimed all these religious places of others as their own “mosques,” forever Muslim.

To allow a mosque at a place a Muslim gang destroyed on 9/11 would amount to formally blessing Islam’s 1,400-year-old tradition of exclusivity and suppression of all persons of all other faiths. It would be a 100% victory of Islam and sharia law over the U.S. Constitution and America’s time-honored democracy and pluralism.

UPDATE: The wunderkin at Hill Buzz have a great idea.

Personally, me thinks we ought to start a collection to build a shrine near ground zero dedicated to the millions who have died over "a millennium of jihad wars, land expropriations, enslavements, and humiliations of the conquered non-Muslim populations on three continents." working towards expunging the koran and hadiths of the violent portions that compel jihad.

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