Thursday, May 06, 2010

Obama's Hands Are All Over The BP Disaster

Was considering writing a blog post about the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf this morning, but Neil over at Eternity Matters has already written an excellent one.


See: The Gulf Oil Spill is Barack Obama’s Katrina and Halliburton All Rolled Into One

The facts show that Obama’s hands are all over the BP disaster, but in the opposite way: They took BP money and relaxed oversight.


* Obama took more money from BP than anyone.

* The Obama Administration exempted British Petroleum from an environmental drilling study.

* While the oil was spreading, the Interior Department Chief of Staff was white-water rafting on the Grand Canyon as part of a “work-focused” trip.

* Obama has not shown any leadership skills during this crisis.

Will the media treat it the same way they would have treated President Bush? It should be Obama’s Katrina / Halliburton, but his followers and the media are already giving him a pass.

My comment there:

Great post, Neil! Concise and to the point. It's so sad to see how incompetent and dangerous Resident Obama and his inept administration of rabid and crazy leftists really are!

My one nagging question is, when has Obama EVER shown any leadership skills during ANY crisis?

I just can't believe how the fringe media (a.k.a. Media of Mass Deception) continues to give this loserman a pass on EVERYTHING he does wrong!

[Commenter Timothy wrote:

Timothy, on May 6, 2010 at 9:14 am Said:
And now from the voice of Mr. Conspiracy! “You’ve got it all wrong, it’s the lobsters, they are mad at us because of that restaurant chain!”

Ha ha - Timothy! Good one! Despite the chaos going on because of this idiotic, clueless, inept and corrupt gangster government, we still need a good laugh every now and then.

Hey - does anyone remember that old commercial which was done by a competitor (can't recall name) against the Red Lobster restaurant chain? I think it ran only a few times because Red Lobster sued them. At the end of the commercial, the lighted sign for "Red Lobster" blacked out the "b" and the "t" so it read "Red Loser" - which was appropriate (IMO) at the time because their food was way over priced back then.

Since ObaMARXIST is exposing himself as commie red - the title would also fit him perfectly!

ObaMARXIST - The Red Loser

Hat Tip:

Eternity Matters


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President Obama has tried to sugarcoat his administration’s inadequate and tardy response to the worst oil spill in our nation’s history. His claim that the administration has been “all-hands-on-deck ... from day one” is laughable.

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John said...

Tell you what, when dead people are left to rot in the sun because of the incompetence of the federal government, when corpses are floating in the streets, when the President passively ignores the pleas of the governors of Gulf Coast states, when entire neighborhoods have been physically destroyed, when the federal government strands tens of thousands of people without food or water, when the federal government starts to blame the local governments, when the President praises the work of a failed, incompetent bureaucrat while a major city rots, then you can say that this is Barack Obama's "Katrina."