Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Moonbat Parades

I haven't visited Zombietime , which is THE best photo journalist site on the Internet, in quite a while. So I figured that with the Islamo-Fascist ObaMARXist and his cronies in power, what would the far-left loons have to march and complain about? Apparently - they continue to have a lot to protest!

Take a look at San Francisco "Anti-War" Rally: The New Communist/Truth/Jihad Alliance March 20, 2010

Whew! When crazies unite in a protest it's quite the sight to see! Warning! There are some very nasty anti-American (no surprise, of course) anti-Israel, rabidly anti-Semitic, pro-Islamic radicalism, pro-9/11 Truthers, pro-Communism, and pro-hatred of all kinds of people and groups-isms at the links. You will see that they have a habit of putting crude, and highly offensive curse words and messages on their posters. There were even some anti-Obama posters! Some were from the Lyndon LaRouche followers (who are the ones who put Hitler mustaches on Obama posters - even when they infiltrated TEA Party events), and some were from the anti-war crowd.

But when I clicked over to another blog called Ringo's Pictures there were additional, more highly unusual signs and posters that contained some very weird and even more crude and highly offensive language!

One, in particular, had me guessing (at first) just what was being depicted on the poster. After figuring it out, I realized that I just can't even bring myself to post it here! I have to admit, when it dawned on me what each of the photos on the poster were meant to depict, I couldn't help laughing at my own initial naivete'! The person who made that sign is, apparently, angry at everyone who has anything to say in the political arena here in America. If you are curious, go to the Ringo's Pictures link (above) and scroll down to the 57th photo (I know! There are so many!!) and you will see why I could not re-post it here!

The very sad part is that those who hate Israel and America are rabidly evil. Their hatred is deep in their souls. They do not want to repent of their sins. So, they rail against the Jewish nation of Israel - the apple of God's eye, and the Judeo-Christian nation of the United States of America. Ultimately, their hatred is the result of a spiritual problem.

What's more is that their hatred is really just an extension of the rejection they have towards the God of the Bible, the prophecy fulfillment of the re-born nation of Israel (and it's capital of Jerusalem), and their own personal, individual rejection of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, His Son.

You will see many who (unfortunately) side with the enemies of America. You will also notice that many of them cannot even spell! One sign reads: "Isreal Kills." (11 photos down from "they are screwing us" photo.)

Over at the Zombietime site, there is a sign (5 photos down) that reads, "Fund scools not war." Perhaps that protester has a point! But throwing more money at failing schools is not the answer.

The First Amendment of our beloved United States Constitution allows free speech - even when such speech is filled with hatred and/or highly offensive and crude messages.

One reason why I wanted to share these photos of moonbat lunatics and their signs is to show that the media chooses to ignore the leftist craziness that goes on here in America; yet condemns, mocks, and ridicules the millions of ordinary SANE Americans of the TEA Party events who are legitimately protesting the corruption, lies, forced gov't health care, out-of-control spending, and heavy-burden taxing that this gangster government is inflicting upon WE THE PEOPLE.

The far-left radicals are lost people. They need the Lord!

Mat 18:11
For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.

Luk 9:25
For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost?

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