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Manhattan Declaration & Sovereignty Now

Any Glenn Beck T.V. show fans out there? If you are serious about your Christian faith, you might want to pay attention to what he is reporting.

I know what some Christians reading here might be thinking..." you know that Glenn's a Mormon?"

Yes. I know.

Next, they might say, "well, then... how can you side with him or trust him?"

I might answer, "The same way that I trust...let's say...Charles Krauthammer. He is Jewish and doesn't even believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, yet I trust what he is saying about important political issues of our time."

When "The Manhattan Declaration" came into being, two prominent Christian pastors/authors (both of whom I admire) came out at odds with each other regarding the decision of whether or not to sign the declaration. John MacArthur was against signing it because he objected to the fact that those of differing faiths were also willing to sign it. He felt that it was a compromise against biblical truth.

However, Albert Mohler did sign it, and he has given a statement exactly why he decided to do so.

Even some of my Christian blogging friends have chosen not to sign it, while others have decided to sign the document. The question remains, is it a compromise for a Christ-following, born-again, Bible believing individual to sign The Manhattan Declaration?

Who should be the judge?

Answer: God is the ultimate judge of all that we do (and don't do) to advance the Kingdom while we are here on this earth.

For me, signing the declaration is a good thing and IMHO, I think that Jesus would approve. You, on the other hand, may disagree with me about that. So be it. It will just have to remain as one of those "agree to disagree" situations among fellow Christian believers.

When I watched Glenn Beck's show on Wednesday [watch full show here], I had tears in my eyes. It was such a wonderful presentation that revealed what we are truly up against as genuine believers in Jesus Christ vs. what the Obama Administration is attempting to "sell us" on.

The "Social Justice" movement that is now openly attaching itself to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency - which in the world of the ObaMARXIST Islamo-Fascist gangster government we now have here in America), can more realistically be described as the environmental, global warming scam, and cap and trade scheme. It is nothing more than what Arlen at Investigating Obama so aptly entitles it: Obama's Assault on the Church via the EPA.


In the kind of move forseen last year by Brannon Howse, the Obama administration is attempting to gain a foothold of ministerial (pardon the pun) influence over American churches, this by means of the pagan god, Gaia and the religion of environmentalism. It is to be accomplished through the EPA, a tender thought from souls of the likes of Marxist tacticians, Joel Rogers, Van Jones, and that old fellow sojourner, Jim Wallis. Do we need to care for the earth? Yes, that is among Adam's charges. Do we need the Church to be directed by government, to fulfill the deceitful schemes of thieving profiteers seeking global, Marxofascist governance? I know you can answer that question, too.

Be sure to read the rest here and view the video.

Over on Facebook, Arlen asked:

Arlen Williams:

Now, Christians in all congregations must be informed of this new strategic attack and church leaders must be called out, on it. They must be asked, "Do you support our freedom of religion and the constitutional, equal justice which is the authorized political principle of this land, or do you favor knuckling under to the counterfeit 'social justice' of statist, neo-Marxist rebellion."

That, in a nutshell, describes why people of differing Christian churches are all signing the same declaration. We can all band together to oppose, as Arlen so brilliantly stated,
"the counterfeit 'social justice' of statist, neo-Marxist rebellion."

The comments on the Facebook page are so good that I must include them here for the benefit of all to read:

Darren W Huff:

This "fight" has been going on for centuries. God has set aside a People to be a light to the world; and it has been the pagans who have continually tried to extinguish it. Google "The Georgia Guide stones" if you want to see the rest of their agenda.

Yesterday at 4:36am


Arlen Williams:

Thank you, Darren. In process.

Yesterday at 1:54pm


Stephen Pidgeon:

This is so interesting. Satan himself couldn't devise a better plan to hit pastors right in the hypocrisy. For those pastors whose life revolves around "the building campaign" - the mark of the beast is just one move away.

The move to follow the funding is the equal-God commandment, requiring pastors to assert that Jehovah is the same god as allah. It's coming to a sold-out church near you.

Yesterday at 5:51pm


Arlen Williams:

A whole lotta resetting, renewal, and restoration have gotta go on.

Yesterday at 6:23pm


Here's a link to The Georgia Guide stones. I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not you want to "enter" the site if you so desire to learn more. I only needed to read the "ten messages" listed on the front page to know that it's clearly a pagan type of group!

Just the first message on the list of ten reveals their attempt to "play god":

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

So, with the coming election in November, 2010, and then the election in November, 2012, what are some guidelines that can lead Christians to make the right decisions about candidates for office? Arlen has created a list of "Sovereignty Now" questions that each of us should be asking the politicians who are requesting OUR VOTES:

SOVEREIGNTY NOW - Three Critical Questions for ALL Politicians & Candidates

All, tests which the Obamunists fail -- and so do many Republicans.

Please share this with leaders of the electoral action organization and Tea Party entity of your choice.

Please ask politicians and candidates, yourself.

In addition to asking a candidate whether he or she is pro-life, for restoring constitutional government, for cutting budgets and taxes, for protecting our borders, how he interprets the 1st and 2nd Amendments, etc., these questions must be asked our political candidates:

1. Are you a member of any organization supporting the ends of globalism, transnationalism, communitarianism, or U.N. Agenda 21 defined "sustainable development," or have you received money, or services, or other favors from any of these?

2. Do you pledge to uphold America's individual popular sovereignty, parental sovereignty, the sovereignty of the states, and our national sovereignty, against every internal and external threat, according to our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence?

3. Do you pledge to support and not undermine the sovereignty of other free and benign nations, for example, an unified Israel, in its present borders, with its capital Jerusalem?

Ask them all, now. Then, hold them accountable. - AW

I encourage all who read this to pass it on to others!

Hat Tip:

Investigating Obama


Watch Glenn

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Susan Smith said...

Hi Christine,

I was pleased to read the following comment by Darren W Huff in your post today:

“This "fight" has been going on for centuries. God has set aside a People to be a light to the world; and it has been the pagans who have continually tried to extinguish it.”

It brought to mind a comment I made in my Systemic Theology class in the spring of 2008: “One thing evangelicals do not seem to understand is that the Jewish people are in covenant with God. They are NOT pagans.” I offered this comment after another student referred to the “church” as taking the place of Israel.

The Lord blessed me after class when my professor, Dr. Igou Hodges, at Columbia International University said he appreciated what I said.

My life does not need the Georgia Guide stones. My deliverer from more than 20 years of sexual immorality and more than 30 years of drunkenness is Jesus the Messiah. He is a solid ROCK for anyone who chooses to believe.

He is my savior from personal sin as well as from sin committed against me by others. He is my redeemer, and he is my LIFE. Praise His Name.

My calling is to go through any door God gives me in order to reveal his glory. I am thankful for you Christine. Keep telling the world about the only Word who matters, the Word of God.

Love to all your readers on earth including those from the East coast to the West coast in the USA! (ss)