Friday, May 14, 2010

Wheel Of Crazies Surround Obama

Go back in your mind to 2008 - before the election was held in November of that year. If THIS CHART had been displayed via a media which did honest reporting and vetting of ObaMARXIST, do you think that the American people would have been so badly duped into voting for the criminal???

But that wheel of miscreants actually pales in comparison now to what Glenn Beck has been exposing on his radio and T.V. show regarding Crime Inc. And Barack Hussein Obama is smack dab in the middle of all the criminal activity!

In case you missed it (because I added it late last night), you will see that Jesse Ventura* (former governor turned investigative reporter for Conspiracy Theory on Tru TV) exposes the scam of global warming and ultimately reveals just who one of the masterminds of it all really is - Maurice Strong.

Free Planet: Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Global Warming - Maurice Strong

[Note: For some reason the video did not post well in my previous post about Maurice Strong, therefore, I have included the link to Free Planet so that you can view the complete screen version of the videos. There is a series of six videos contained in the bottom sidebar.]

Hat Tips:

The People Around Obama [Found via Defend Our Freedoms]

Free Planet

New Zeal

*Note: There are many things that I disagree with about Jesse Ventura, but his investigation on the global warming scam - which ultimately leads to one of the top evil wizards - Maurice Strong - is spot on!

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