Monday, May 10, 2010

An Eternity of Worship in Heaven

The apostle John looked through a doorway into heaven and saw that worship was a central activity. The Christian's life should be a dress rehearsal on earth for an eternity of worship in heaven.

Link to YouTube video: Chris Tomlin's "I Will Rise".

I love Chris Tomlin's song, "I Will Rise" so much! Especially because the lyrics contain so much intense meaning about Jesus. The message is, "worthy is the Lamb" - which is directed towards the worship of Jesus Christ in heaven - "The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." The crescendo that rises in the middle of the song is representative of the worship songs described in the book of Revelation. There is an obvious crescendo that grows throughout the book. When church choirs do that - begin soft and simple and end loud and complex - it's biblical!

Dr. David Jeremiah in "Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven":

There is another aspect of crescendo we should consider: It's as if the crescendo of worship for God escalates in accord with the timeline of God's purposes in the world. In other words, the farther along God's timeline of history we go, the greater becomes the praise and worship for Him. There has never been in the history of Christianity an emphasis on praise and worship like there is today. Christian radio stations can't play enough praise and worship music. Churches are incorporating more of it into their services.

[T]his crescendo of praise and worship we are experiencing is in accord with His timeline because we are getting ever closer to the "grand finale" of His purposes on earth, ultimately culminating with the praise of God in heaven.

Resource: Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven by Dr. David Jeremiah, Turning Point for God, 2009 pp. 76 and 77.


Susan Smith said...

This post touched my heart Christine. “Worthy is the Lamb” are the last 4 words I heard my beloved mentor say before her death in 2007. God used her to deliver me from an abominable lifestyle of sin including drunkenness and immoral sexual behavior.

Much love to the West coast from the East. (ss)

Teresa said...

Excellent song! I love Chris Tomlin's music.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Susan!

Glad to see you back here commenting!

I can't think of more powerful words for your beloved mentor to have shared with you right before she went to be with the Lord than "Worthy is the Lamb!" What an awesome woman she was on this earth.

Now, she is enjoying paradise with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I can just hear Jesus greeting her with "well done good and faithful servant."

The beautiful result of her faithfulness in mentoring you is that now God is using you, through your deep faith in Christ, to reach others with the Gospel of salvation! God's plan is perfect, even though we are not.

Susan, I think that you would be blessed by reading Dr. David Jeremiah's book/study guide called "Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven." It is based on Bible verses, not speculation, about what has been revealed to us about heaven. You can order it here, at Dr. Jeremiah's website.

Much love from the West coast!


Christinewjc said...

Hi Teresa,

Yes! I love Chris Tomlin's songs! I think that he is one of the best contemporary Christian song writers and performers today. Would love to see him in concert. I am hoping that he will perform in my area one day soon.

Christinewjc said...


Listen to Chris Tomlin talk about "I Will Rise" here.