Thursday, July 22, 2010

Confused About the Shirley Sherrod Debacle?

Are you confused over the Shirley Sherrod debacle? You would be if you only listen to the media of mass deception channels. I watched some of the lies coming out of commentators and guests over at MSNBC and CNN last night. How crazy it is for them to be blaming the Fox News Channel! They are covering up something else, in the process of bombarding their audiences with negative propaganda about the number one cable news organization in America! See, this is what happens to the masses when they deliberately get their news from the government controlled sources and ignore the free speech providers of truth, liberty and freedom - conservative talk radio, blogs and certain Facebook sources. Those who don't read blogs are missing out on TONS of information that the media of mass deception doesn't want you to know!

I must admit. I was confused at first about the peculiar behavior that emanated out of the White House! When the edited video came out and we were told by Shirley Sherrod herself that "the White House" called and demanded her resignation, I knew that something big was involved. From what I have heard via several sources, she was called three times and on the third call she was told to pull over the car and state her resignation right there at that moment! Isn't that weird? What was the rush?

It looks like there was a set up. But from where (or whom) did it originate? Apparently, the NAACP had the full video in it's possession. However, only a doctored cut of it was sent to Andrew Breitbart at the Big Government blog. I recall hearing (via Sean Hannity) that Andrew was trying to get ahold of a copy of the entire original video. No wonder he couldn't get it! It was in the possession of the NAACP! They weren't about to send the truth to him.

Then there was the peculiar announcement by Shirley Sherrod (I think it was on CNN) that she was told by "someone at the White House that she would be on Glenn Beck's T.V. show that evening." Well, she wasn't. Not on THAT particular evening (July 19th - if I recall correctly). It was only covered on The O'Reilly Factor (briefly - in a 30 second clip) and then on Hannity and Greta's shows. Glenn Beck did cover it the following day, but he must have surprised the White House when he stood up for Sherrod as a victim of the administration's recklessness. Even the New York Times wrote about that fact today!! And they wrote, "this time he (Beck) was right!"

Glenn has not reported on the entire story yet. But Gateway Pundit has some information that is bound to come out and it adds a HUGE new twist to the story!

Gateway Pundit: Rep. King: “Shirley Sherrod’s Initial Hiring Should Be Investigated” (Video)

Gateway Pundit reports:

How does some far left anti-white radical linked to terrorist Bill Ayers get a high level job in the Department of Agriculture?Representative Steve King (R-IA) wants an investigation.Via Breitbart TV and the Ben Shapiro Show.

From the video: Rep. Steve King tells radio talk show host Ben Shapiro that there are very curious circumstances behind Shirley Sherrod’s initial hiring at the USDA and calls for investigations into the matter.

This is an amazing interview. Rep. King claims that 75-99% of reparations paid in the Pickford Farms Case.
At first they believed that 1,000 – 2,000 black farmers were discriminated against. More than 20,000 claims were paid out when even the President of the black farmers association admitted there were only 18,000 black farmers in America.

One of the recipients of the largest payout in the Pickford case was none other than Shirley Sherrod.
Rep. King says there ought to be an investigation on this if the GOP wins back the gavel in November.

I have a feeling that the truth about this story will eventually be quite explosive!

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Update at 11;23 a.m. PT:

More on this story:

Daily Telegraph: History Altered


Tim Blair
Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 12:20pm

A contentious video leads to the firing of an Obama official. Fox News is blamed:

On Wednesday’s Today show, Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Savannah Guthrie left the impression that Fox News’s criticism of Shirley Sherrod was the reason she lost her job at the Agriculture Department, with Lauer, in his interview with Sherrod, charging: “I don’t know who to blame here, Miss Sherrod. I mean the, the, the activist who put forward this garbage in the first place has an agenda. We shouldn’t be surprised by that. The cable news network that, that played this garbage on and on and talked about it, has an agenda. We shouldn’t be surprised by that.”
Curry [claimed] that: “After the video was used to vilify her on Fox television, she lost her job,” and Guthrie advanc[ed] the NAACP’s notion, in her piece, that they had been “snookered" by Fox News.

But there’s just one small problem:

Fox News never mentioned the story until after Sherrod had quit.
Most people, unless consumed with paranoia, understand that it’s difficult to influence events after they’ve taken place.


Daily Thought Pad
Lies, Diversions, Faux News and Teachable Moments

Marion over at Daily Thought Pad has laid out much of the information better than I did here. I also like her questions near the end of the post:

My questions to you are:

1. Does any of this really make sense?

2. Are we again being diverted from the important stuff?

3. Where is the news on the gulf??? As there is on-going chatter of leaks, road blocks, troop movements and UN Vans on our soil.

4. Where is the information, let alone the true information of that is in that financial reform bill that the President signed to day.

5. Where is coverage of the leaks of the main/lame stream media conspiracy to elect Obama and hide any damaging stories, etc?

6. Where is the coverage of Obama’s illegal and possibly impeachable activities in Kenya?

7. Where is the coverage of Obama signing Codex Alimentarius into Law by Executive Order. (This is huge and not in a good way!!)

8. Where is any media coverage or debate on the confirmation of the most radical judge ever nominated for the Supreme Court… who could serve and haunt us all for 40-years: Elena Kegan.

Remember. With this corrupt and evil administration, we must always be on guard and watch what the other hand is doing.


The Powers That Be
Question for Those Blaming Fox News and Breitbart for Sherrod’s Firing - All morning many talking heads, pundits and whatnot have been pointing the finger of blame at Fox News and Breitbart for the firing of Shirley “once was lo...

Doug brings up another question to ponder:

The question not enough people are asking is that, if the claim that Fox News and Breitbart got Sherrod fired are true, what the hell is the Federal Government doing basing their firings on stories from Fox News and a conservative website?


But she was fired BEFORE Fox reported it! Hmmm....VERY FISHY!


Anonymous said...

Being sore vexed with the corruption in the highest places of our government doesn't begin to describe how I feel right now.
I hesitate to "voice" my thoughts sometimes concerning Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush, Mark Levin, etc. as I've taken some fierce heat from some of my fellow conservatives for it.
I think those guys do a fantastic job. (here's the "but") But, they are limited to what they do now. Attack Obama's policies. That's it. That's all fine and I know we need to be made aware of the devastation he's doing to the nation.
But you know the ONLY way to bring him down and stop him, is for people in the position of the Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh to dig into your questions #5 & #6. As you pointed out ... "where is the coverage" of the conspiracy behind Obama's election victory ... the answers to those questions won't happen.
No one in the conservative media (Fox) is allowed to touch the birth, etc. issue. It's not even mentioned.
Exposing the complictiy of the Congress, Supreme Court, highest military brass, FBI, Secret Service, and media in perpetrating perhaps the greatest fraud on the American people is the only way to stop him.
But that isn't going to happen, and that's the most shameful part. I sincerely believe the conservative media is scared to death to tackle it, that's why it's avoided.
I think about the sacrifice Lt. Col. Laskin is making risking his career for this very thing, but there's not one person with the medium to do this that will.
Anyway, that's my basic thoughts on the matter.
Again, sorry to ramble on...

Christinewjc said...

Stevex09 - you can vent here anytime! I feel the same frustration about the same issues that you have described. I have been on the birther bandwagon since I first heard about it two years ago. I wear that "tin foil hat" proudly! Either Obama is lying about who his true father is (some have suspected Malcolm X or Frank Marshall Davis); or, he isn't a natural born citizen if Obama Sr. (who was never an American citizen) is his true, biological father.

It is very scary to know that the corruption of this gangster government runs so deep! I have a theory about why some conservatives won't discuss the birther issue. And in a way, I can certainly understand why. They must receive death threats hurled at their families on a daily basis. I know that Glenn Beck does! If he kept on the birther issue (like Lou Dobbs did at CNN - and was "let go") - he would most likely be fired by Fox. This way, he gets to share everything else and alert the public to the dangers of this puppet man and his puppet masters.

Glenn Beck said one day, "these people will do themselves in." I know that it is difficult to wait for that to happen - but I truly believe that it will happen!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding Christine. I sincerely hope they "do themselves in" ... and before they "do in" the United States.
I do respect Glenn Beck and the others and I know you're right they wouldn't have a job if they did what Mr. Dobbs did.
I had to laugh a while back. A conservative writer, writing for the Canada Free Press and The Post & Email referred to people that attack "birthers" as "after-birthers". :)
Way too funny!