Friday, July 23, 2010

No Mosque At Ground Zero!!! [Update 2]

Please visit Daily Thought Pad: Mosque At Ground Zero - What You Need to Know. Ground Zero mosque imam tied to un-indicted co-conspirator in Holy Land Foundation terror-funding trial.

But before you head over there, watch this 1:02 video!

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Daily Thought Pad

Scott Whitten on Face Book for You Tube video link.


In my sidebar, I am listing blogs, websites, and articles about why there should NEVER be a Ground Zero mosque! I will be adding to the list daily. If you have a suggestion for the list, please provide the link in the comment section. Here is a copy of the list as of 7/25/10:

No Ground Zero Mosque!
Amazon: The Post-American Presidency Book Reviews
American Center for Law & Justice
Atlas Shrugs
Jay Sekulow's Trial Notebook
Stevex09: NY Muslims Trample American Flag
The Man Who Would Stop G.Z. Mosque
Vitor Palmer's Livejournal

In a new article posted today over at American Thinker, Pam Geller shares The Man Who Would Stop the Ground Zero mosque.

The following several paragraphs is just one of the great comments written there:

Posted by: theBuckWheat
Jul 25, 06:21 AM

The actions of leftist talking heads and pols in the matter of this proposed mosque reinforce my opinion that when the left advances a Constitutional principle, it is only because they find it useful to advance their agenda of self-loathing in the broader context. The left loathes themselves and this country. In the very narrow context, all peoples here have the right of freedom of religion.

The difference is: Islam is the only religion that seeks the overthrow of the Constitution. Its advocates here need the freedom of religion so they can attract supporters and build the appearance of success and power. From this base, they will attract more supporters and succeed in getting more concessions from those in our society who do not understand what subterfuge is going on before our very eyes.

If the mosque near Ground Zero were merely a place to worship, that would be one thing. But it is not. It is a symbol of success over us, over our way of life and a stake in the ground at the very place where an attack on us took place. It is a symbol of victory over us. They brazenly even give it a name, "Cordoba", that is an allusion to their conquest of Spain, a conquest that required the spilling of much blood to eventually repel.

This outrage must be stopped. We must also wake up anyone who thinks this is merely about religion. It is about Islam's war on the west.


Update Sunday, July 25, 2010:

More news you definately won't get from the media of mass deception:

Atlas Shrugs: Behind the Mask of the Morphing Mosque: Muslim Brotherhood and Post-911 Dawah.


Anonymous said...

Here is a video of what Muslims in NYC think of America.

So, do we allow them to build a mosque? I trow not.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks for providing that video Stevex09. It's disgusting that those haters of America are living here and enjoying the benefits of our current freedoms and liberty, yet they trample on the flag - the great symbol of our nation - and spew hatred about our country out in the streets of New York! What is even worse is seeing people standing along the street watching this defamation of our flag and they don't even have the b***s to stand up for our nation's symbol and speak out against these lunatic would-be terrorists??? What is wrong with these people??? What cowards!

I have added a new list to my sidebar - "No Ground Zero mosque!" and have added a link to your post there.

All we can do is post the truth about this issue and hope and pray that those who would tend to be "politically correct" and mealy mouthed about this will wake up and smell the jihad.

Anonymous said...

I thought the link would embed but it appears "blogger" works somewhat different than "wordpress", but I'm glad you were able to view the video.
You are right Christine; all we can do is put out the truth of the matter. Being "politically correct" is going to be one of the causes of America's demise if people don't wake up soon.
I hope you and your family have a good Sunday.

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
That video you give sounds so sinister, but in reality, it is what Christians did as well when they conquered different places. When the Roman Empire became Christian, they tore down Roman temples and built over them, or redecorated the inside and made them churches.
Having said that, I don't really want to comment on a mosque near Ground Zero since I don't know anything about it.

Gary Baker said...


"That video you give sounds so sinister, but in reality, it is what Christians did as well when they conquered different places."

Which might be some kind of equivalent statement a) if you supported with some kind of facts, and b) the US had in any way been "conquered."

Read the example that you gave. There was no "conquest." The emperor accepted Christianity and ordered the changes. Did the emperor force a religious change? Undoubtedly, but it was not a change imposed by an outside source, which leads to the second point:

Sniveling liberal types such as yourself seldom if ever acknowledge that Islam is even attempting a conquest, much less that it is already in a position to dictate terms.

So make up your mind: Are they acting aggressively or not? If not, then why should they have any input at all? And if they are, why are types such as you and the Oba-imam always saying that they aren't?