Monday, July 19, 2010

Superficial Baubles or Truth?

A question that often comes up from non-Christians, is that certain polls (like those from Barna and Gallup) often reveal that there is little difference between the morals and lifestyles of Christians and non-Christians. That is a very sad and sobering thing to admit!

The reasons for this can be many. Backsliding, the lack of prayer, not studying the Bible, losing your first love for Christ - the list could go on and on. The negative affects of "the world" can get to anyone - including Christians - and can cause some to fall away from the faith. However, I found it quite intriguing that Dr. David Jeremiah makes a good argument in his study guide book, Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven that the absence of a focus on heaven in the minds and studies of Christian believers can, in large part, be to blame as well.

Dr. Jeremiah writes:

When we lose sight of the fact that God has a wonderful destination prepared for those who are His, we start trying to create heaven on earth. We start investing our time and talent and treasure in creating a place that we know in our heart is what we were created for (Ecclesiastes 3;11). We know there is supposed to be a heaven; and when we stop seeking the biblical heaven, we try to create an earthly one.

I think that this is where the progressive, "social justice" crowd goes awry. For example, on his T.V. show today Glenn Beck exposed that the organization called "Faithful America" is funded by the liberal leftist (and quite evil) billionaire, George Soros. What true Christian would ever want anything to do with any organization led, owned and funded by that anti-God fraud and criminal?

It was interesting to see the list of topics discussed on the website. If I recall correctly, health care was mentioned 26 times! The list of items of discussion also included how many times Glenn Beck was mentioned. At the bottom of the list Glenn wrote the name of Jesus. How often was Jesus mentioned at the site? Zero! That's right - NOT ONCE! Some faith-based group...huh?
Like I said many times before. It is highly important to know in what - or whom - a person or group bestows their faith upon!

Speaking of health care, go here and find out exactly who was lying about the health care bill - Obama or Beck. (Hint: It was Obama!)


Who's Telling the Truth About Health Care?

Glenn Beck Show- July 19, 2010

The lies coming out of Washington are unbelievable. The President first said the health care bill was not a tax the administration is saying it is a tax. The President also called out anyone who was saying this health care bill would federally fund abortions..but look at what is happening now in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Obama also promised that you could keep your own doctor..but now- uh oh. Glenn told you that these were coming and he was called crazy and a liar. But look at the record and ask yourself: Who's telling the truth?

There is much more to see on that show. If it doesn't make you uncomfortable that this gangster government is on the way to an ObaMAO type dictatorship, then you aren't paying attention!

Back to Dr. Jeremiah's book.

People who are involved with organizations like "Faithful America" (or are leaders of such leftist progressive groups) are obviously more interested in creating a utopia here on earth rather than teaching true Christian faith. These utopia-on-earth advocates inevitably fail to live up to expectations and end up putting people on the road to serfdom. (I'm currently reading that book, too!). Such individuals get involved in the collective salvation false "gospel" and are either ignorant of where the socialist beliefs they are being indoctrinated with ultimately leads (hint: Marxism, Communism, and/or Nazism - all led by dictators), or, they approve of such "isms."

Dr. Jeremiah warns us that the problem with such human strategies is that "we [they] could never approximate on earth what God has created for us in heaven."

That's it people! Leading individuals away from individual saving faith (which occurs only via the true Gospel of Jesus Christ) inevitably takes them right into a heretical false gospel (like collective salvation), and the political mindset "isms" (as described above) are the propaganda vehicle(s) by which they are brainwashed to follow that wrong direction.

Dr. Jeremiah had a great line about this.

"If we do not feed the hunger for heaven with biblical truth, we will feed it the superficial baubles and bangles of this world."

That describes Obamism in a nutshell. The hopey, changey mantra that was fed to people during the campaign of 2008 is now being found out to have been lies! The unsuspecting got caught up with some "superficial baubles and bangles of this world" by an inexperienced, teleprompter reading con man!

Unfortunately, many Christians fell for the hype and were caught up in that a trap. The good news is that many have now wised up and see the true evil, corrupt, immoral, and lie-infested Obamination that has been used to tear us, and our nation, apart. The puppeteers were good at finding ways to pit us against each other in order to cause havoc, chaos, and discontent. But such a game can't last forever. Their schemes have been found out! And you can do your part! The more people that you can wake up from the Obama Kool-Aid stupor - the better!

There is a saying among Christians that "if you are too heavenly minded - then you are not any earthly good. " I contend that "if you are too earthly minded - then you are not heavenly good!"

As believers, our assignment here on this earth is to point people in the direction towards Christ! This is the Great Commission commandment that Jesus gave us before he ascended back to the Father in heaven. He is there preparing a place for us so that where he is, there we will be also.

Heaven is an eternal place. So is hell. Answering Jesus question, "who do you say that I am" will determine where you will end up.

This earthly life is but temporary, and just a flicker of time when compared to all of eternity.

I highly recommend Dr. Jeremiah's book and study guide, Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven!

Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven will answer and clarify the most important questions Christians have about their future eternal home. Pastor David Jeremiah provides answers to questions about the nature of heaven, the kinds of bodies heaven’s occupants will have, why heaven will never be boring, why infants and small children will go to heaven, and the dwelling place God is preparing for Christians in heaven. Answers to those questions and more – 11 critical issues in all – are revealed.

I have been studying the Bible for over 20 years, and this study guide includes lots of Scripture that has opened my eyes to revealing what heaven is all about! I sincerely hope that you will consider buying the guide and reading what is in store for you in heaven as a believer in Jesus Christ!

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GMpilot said...

Is this a trick question? “Superficial baubles' is the answer.

It's not a question, Christine, it's a statement of fact: there IS little difference between the morals and lifestyles of Christians and non-Christians. Christianity Today published a rather extensive article on that fact, fully five years ago. As you say, the reasons for this can be many, but I think there's only one: the message is defective. Almost any position one wishes to take, support for it can be found in (or interpreted from) the Bible. Two hundred years ago it was used to support human slavery. Today it is invoked to speak against human slavery. Once, God was so upset with the human race that he exterminated all but eight people; today that same God loves us he's only going to destroy most of us, next time.

Those who shout the loudest about their 'faith' and their 'God' and their 'family values' are usually the ones who violate them the most. Those who live those values every day don't need to advertise how 'righteous' they are...especially since the Big Book o' God tells them that they're not, anyway.
Of course, the easy way out is to claim that those perpetrators “weren't really True Christians©”. Well, if all the Christians who have called other Christians "not really a Christian" were to vanish, there'd be no Christians left. Everyone is someone else's heretic.

Just what's with these weasely words of Dr. Jeremiah, ”We know there is supposed to be a heaven;...” He doesn't know? Or is this what Christians mean by the “blessed hope”?
I've had many a Christian tell me that I'm risking my eternity by not believing. But they want me to bet my eternal salvation on a mere No. I can get better odds in a Las Vegas casino.

Christinewjc said...

GMpilot wrote: "I've had many a Christian tell me that I'm risking my eternity by not believing. But they want me to bet my eternal salvation on a mere No. I can get better odds in a Las Vegas casino."

Well go right ahead and continue to gamble.

Christinewjc said...

Dr. Jeremiah's words aren't "weasely" GMpilot. You neglected to include the rest of the quote which explains his choice of the word "supposed":

We know there is supposed to be a heaven; and when we stop seeking the biblical heaven, we try to create an earthly one.

Which makes my point about the "Faithful America" group.

Anonymous said...

"if you are too heavenly minded - then you are not any earthly good. " I contend that "if you are too earthly minded - then you are not heavenly good!" What a great point!
I want to say, I think a problem that many Christians have is they are what I refer to as "ground level" Christians. They attend church regularly, perhaps attend Sunday school and maybe even participate in a mid-week service. As good as these things are to do, they cannot take you to a much 'higher level' in your spiritual life. And sad to say they stay that way their entire lives.
Let's see if I can explain ... Okay, I walk out to the front of my home every day and can see from one end of the block to the other; the entire neighborhood, standing on the ground. Well, a while back I got on the roof to trim the branches of a large pecan tree hanging over the roof. I looked at my neighborhood from the roof and I began to realize my 'enhanced' view or perspective provided me with more understanding of how my neighborhood was structured; I had a higher view than I did before. I thought that idea applies to our spiritual life as well. I've been thinking about Proverbs, Ch. 2: 1 through 5. I realize that only by 'receiving', 'hiding commandments', 'inclining our ears', 'applying our hearts', 'crying after knowledge, 'lifting our voices for understanding', 'seeking as for silver', and 'searching' ... In other words working at attaining a higher place in our spiritual life will we begin to see the things of God from an "enhanced" perspective. It's ONLY after we've done the things of the first 4 verses that THEN we will "understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God".
Does that make sense?
Anyway, sorry to ramble on. Just had to get that out.

Christinewjc said...

Stevex09 - Very well stated and a great analogy! Don't ever feel that you are "rambling on." What you share is very valuable and helps those who read here to see what is required to "understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God."

It is ironic that the term "fear" can mean "being afraid of something or someone," but it can also mean "reverence for Someone" - namely God!

Those who don't know Jesus Christ will fear death and (unfortunately) choose to spend eternity separated from Him. Those who know Jesus Christ will not fear death and will show love for, and reverence to Him for all eternity in heaven.

Jesus asks us all, "who do you say that I am?" How each individual person answers that question in this brief life determines his/her eternal destiny.

Your point about seeing God from an "enhanced" perspective is very well put! I pray that people reading here will take your advice seriously!

GMpilot said...

CJW: “Well go right ahead and continue to gamble.”

I will, and you can go on being, despite your pious mouthings, no better than your non-Christian neighbors.
Which makes my point about your opening remark.

Anonymous said...

I had to read GMpilot's rant a couple times, as I hadn't read such folly in a while. Just kinda shakin' my head especially at his profound bit of nonsense "the message is defective".


I call to mind the scripture: 'Go from the presence of a foolish man when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge'.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Stevex09,

That's a great Scripture to keep in mind while dealing with GMpilot. He fancies himself as "my favorite nemesis." What an oxymoron!

Now, just wait. He will come back here and claim that I just called him a "moron." Well...if the shoe fits? Ha!

Anyway, if you want to learn more about this "favorite" nemesis ;-), and you have the patience to read through a very looong forum post, see Talk Wisdom forum: God's Latest Felony?

I just tried to present a link here, but I got the Internet Explorer message that the webpage cannot be opened. I don't know what happened! I will need to investigate and hopefully, the forum will be back online soon. Could it have been a hacker?

Thanks again for your insightful comment!

Christinewjc said...

Ah! Just found out that the domain has expired! Wrote a note to my husband to see if we can get it back.

Anonymous said...

And he'll probably accuse me of calling him a "fool".
"my favorite nemesis" ...
Ha haaa!I have a few of those myself! I have a little fun with them as most of the things they say are pretty ridiculous.

GMpilot said...

Since your memory seems as short as your hairstyle, madam, I'll remind you:


and here:

and here:

Oh, I forgot: these were supposed to be sarcastic. Well, I accept it anyway. No need to thank me about the quotes; just doin' my job.

Hello, stevex09. I'm always eager to meet another of Christine's appointed champions, but no, I won't call you a fool, unless/until you demonstrate otherwise.