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A Great Constitutional Question! [Add-on]

The Post & Email author asks: When is the Constitution like a Crocodile?


There must be some very powerful and rich forces behind all of the Obama ineligibility lawsuits being dismissed! I think that it is a combination of monetary favors, plus the threat of death being given to the judges! Otherwise, they all must be liberal progressive Marxo-Fascist traitors - just like Obama and his criminal cohorts!

Do readers here think that I am being too harsh?


Read the Lame Cherry blog each day and you will have your eyes opened!

There are so many reasons and crimes revealed about Obama that his removal is imperative for the survival of our great nation!

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Last, but certainly not least, is the following marvelous analysis of just why Obama is who he is and does what he does. How scary. We are in the hands of a sociopath who has a very damaged 10-year-old's mentality who is raging in his own fantasy world to destroy America.


Every single thing Obama has touched has turned into decay. Obama does not have the Midas touch like Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush in turning things into gold, but Obama has the Obama touch which turns everything into rust, mold and tar balls.

This is what is behind Obama's fleeing now reality of his fantasy to the escape of reality in his delusions. Barack Hussein Obama literally is creating cherry pie fiction in everything in his mind.

[T]hat is what is now injecting into every Obama speech. He is making things up, he is turning reality into a fiction. He is moulding every situation where if there is just more of Obama, if Obama does a thousand times bigger than George W. Bush all will be fine and if Obama just says it is so..........then it will be so.

This needs repeating in the definition of insanity is expecting a different outcome by doing the same thing over and over. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is expecting a different outcome if he just does it faster, more Marxist and does it bigger, as that will somehow make the mountain of failures he his regime has brought about to a success.

Obama has not had success at anything in his life. Every station he attained in life was provided for him by either his Grandmother, Marxist or Muslim connections or Affirmative Action. He has not done anything but take credit for others work, vote present and had the White House handed to him.
That Nobel Prize was the epitaph to his beginning in the reality of the utter nothingness Barack Hussein Obama is, has been and always will be.

This is the reality Obama was hiding from as a 10 year old boy in fantasy, and this is the reality Obama is escaping from now in delusion.

[I]f this delusion of Obama continues on trend, Barack Hussein Obama will take the step he has obsessed with in initiating and retaliating nuclear strikes to validate the failed 10 year old sociopath hiding inside this monstrous psychopathy.

I pray that the author is wrong about that last sentence! Perhaps, because Obama is touting a "nuke-free" world, he couldn't possibly go against his word...could he?

Well...not much comfort to rely on since this man has lied about practically every thing he has claimed over the past few years.

Read it all here: The Obama Touch

Hat Tips to Post & Email and Lame Cherry blogs.


New blog I found!

The Captains Quarters: Why Obama Can't Plug That Damn Hole


Obama cannot plug that hole, because if he does, then all his support to overhaul our energy policy will have no enemy. He needs the villain of big oil. How can he justify raising taxes and expanding government control if the oil isn’t leaking?

He can’t claim urgency like he did with healthcare without the open wound in the gulf. Please "Hope" the American people won’t be duped again.

The biggest reason Obama is completely incapable of stopping the largest environmental disaster in American history is because then he would have to abandon all his ideologies.

He would have to embrace individual minds who actual know how to fix and create things. He would have to lean on people who are not government workers. He would have to find experts who don’t get elected and aren’t part of advisory panels. He would have to rely on the creators, not the second-handers. And since he feels all those types of people are the enemy, he has no idea how to extend his arm from this oily mess and get a life-line from the individuals he hates the most.

If you’ve never run anything before, then maybe president of the greatest country on earth isn’t where you get your feet wet. And Mr. Obama, watch where you step, the oil isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.



Thanks to The Right Side of Life I have been reminded of the website called The Obama Timeline which has been updated to include July, 2010. Some of the snippets of information have been covered here at Talk Wisdom (in this and former posts).


With the ruling in Kerchner v. Obama, courts in the United States continue their record of refusing to address the issue of whether Obama is a natural born citizen eligible to serve as president. In every decision the courts have avoided the issue. For the court to argue that the grievance of the people should be “handled by the legislative branch” is ludicrous on its face: Obama’s political party controls both the House and the Senate. Most Congressmen and Senators likely know full well that Obama has never provided proof that he is a natural born citizen—and those who read the U.S. Constitution and understand its history also know full well that a natural born citizen was understood by the Founding Fathers to mean born on U.S. soil to two U.S.-citizen parents. Members of Congress certainly will not now address the issue simply because a court offers them as a convenient excuse for its failure to rule on a constitutional issue that warrants a decision. And for the court to argue that the “remedy may be found through their vote” is to force the American people to accept a fraudulent president until the November 2012 election and the January 2013 inauguration of the next president. (As William Gladstone wrote, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”) Before the 2008 election, judges ruled that Obama eligibility lawsuits were premature because he had not yet been elected. After he was elected, judges ruled that Obama eligibility lawsuits were premature because he had not yet been inaugurated. After Obama was sworn into office, judges ruled that the plaintiffs have no standing and that they should either take the issue up with Congress or wait until the next election to vote him out of office. (Had that scenario been written by George Orwell 75 years ago his book would have remained unsold as “unbelievable.”)

Some might argue that no eligibility lawsuit will ever gain traction because “the fix is in” and “the powers that be” are influencing, pressuring, or even threatening judges. Others might argue that no judge is willing to issue a ruling on the merits of an eligibility lawsuit out of the fear of unleashing race riots across the country. But if court decisions are based on fear, the people have lost their rights and the United States is now no different than a nation ruled by a dictator. Those judges who fear enraging Obama’s supporters should realize that if nothing is done to address the issue and he is allowed to remain in office, they may actually be setting in motion even more disastrous events.

Commander Charles Kerchner responds to the court’s ruling: “The court has presented us for the weekend celebrating the birth of our nation, and the liberty and freedom it once stood for as a shining beacon to the world, with a despicable example of what our government has turned into. Our branches of government no longer wish to hear from the People. We are to sit here and take it and just keep quiet. We will not. The founders and all the men since who have sacrificed with their blood and even their very lives to gain and preserve our liberty and freedom will not have sacrificed in vain. We have lost a battle but not the war. We will stand to fight this battle to support and defend the Constitution. I took an oath to do so. And that oath was not just words to me. The battles will continue. And in the end the truth and the Constitution will win and the thugs and tyrants now controlling our government will face the justice of We the People who are the true sovereigns of this nation and government. These usurpers and thugs and their enablers will learn a lesson in the coming months and will be shown before the bar of justice of the People and in history for what they really are … power hungry tyrants, thugs, and deceivers. This war will be won by We the People. So help me God.” [12615]

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Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
You ask: "Do readers here think that I am being too harsh?" Yes, I do! :)

There was a quote in the passage you give: "...George W. Bush in turning things into gold." What exactly did George W. Bush do that turned into gold??? I know you didn't write that, but I find it a very odd statement. But I am beginning to believe that George W. Bush wrecked the economy just in time for President Obama to take over, just so we can get a Republican in the White House next time around...