Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sarah Palin: Media Bias Bombshell!

I always love how Sarah Palin utilizes Face Book and is not afraid to speak the truth (unlike many of the RINOS in Congress!) and expose the corrupt Media of Mass Deception with now PROVEN FACTS about their terrible bias!

Read entire story at Daily Caller: Documents Show Media Plotting to Kill Stories About Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

One of the best comments there:

Looking back, over two years later and we discover that what ‘the right’ was objecting to was not the prospect of a black ‘uniter’ president, but the threat of a far left radical with known wackjob racists and worse as his associations. Unlike the tools in the media that he played into believing he would be a ‘uniter’ with a ’serious agenda’, the right connected the dots between Obama’s a) lack of experience, b) his socialist friends, c) his racist friends, d) his far left voting record, e) his corrupt Chicago pals, and determined that these things mattered and would predict his behavior as President.

Now we have a radical, weak, dithering, ideological, incompetent professor wannnabe getting criticized from ALL sides – and ONLY the right and some of Hillary’s supporters were able to foresee the obvious.

Somewhere on Youtube there is a video in which Hillary calls Obama an ‘empty suit’, too true. If our media were serious about protecting this country, instead of ideological minions, they would have vetted this idiot and we would have either had Hillary or McCain as president… either is better than the Obummer, and any reasonable person should agree.

If the lefty media drones were so hot on having a black president, Obama has so tarnished that historic aspect of his election as to have probably set back race relations and the prospect of another minority president for decades.

Media, you’ve not only failed in your stated goals, but you’ve been exposed. Let the bright light of truth shine down on your betrayal until every last one of those involved in this are unemployed like too many Americans they let down in their dereliction of duty.

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Read more: Daily Caller.com

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