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Like Father Like Son

While reading Citizen Wells blog, I found an excellent, truthful, America-saving essay and petition for We The People Americans who are FED UP with the ObaMARXIST's America-destroying agenda and want to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I have copied the essay here and urge each patriot who stands for freedom, liberty, our Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the rule of law, and the great AMERICAN nation that our Founding Fathers envisioned and created for us, to sign the petition at the provided link.

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God save the United States of America!

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“Like Father Like Son”

By: Veterans For A Strong America.

Veterans 4 A Strong America

V4A Freedom Paper 2

The Measure of the Citizen is

The Measure of The Nation

“Dear Mr. Obama,

It is a fact, indisputable to honest minds, that there is virtually no aspect of your origins, personal or ideological, that are not somehow wrapped in fraud. The multiplicity of your actions which seem to defy all reason and all comprehension, however, are easily deciphered and understood in light of your real ideological father—Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals.” Alinsky is your true origin in ideology and political methodology. Alinsky is your father and it is this father, Saul Alinsky, whose dreams you seek to fulfill every day of your life.

And how better can we understand and interpret Alinsky, than by noting that Alinsky literally dedicated his own book to Lucifer, also known as Satan.

Let us hear Alinsky’s own words of dedication and I quote: “(to) the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom—Lucifer.” Mr. Obama, if Lucifer was Alinsky’s ideological father, then you are Lucifer’s ideological grandson.

Leave it to Lucifer to seek to fundamentally transform Heaven, a place of absolute perfection; leave it to Alinsky to refer to Heaven as “The Establishment.” It is Alinsky who preached to generations of admiring radical protégés and I quote: “There can be no such thing as a successful traitor, for if one succeeds he becomes a founding father.” This quotation of Alinsky’s is not something taken out of context; it is the focal-point of his work and the end point to which his reasoning process leads.

Mr. Obama, you spent years teaching workshops on ‘the Alinsky method’; you raised money to fund the Alinsky Academy, while working with the unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayres.

Alinsky’s own biological son has publicly reveled in your success, saying and I quote: “Obama learned his lesson well. I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday.”

Mr. Obama, from this time forward, we will view you through the Alinsky Looking Glass and interpret your actions with a spirit of utter distrust—irreparable distrust which you have more than earned, by your actions while holding the office of President.

Alinsky is all about being The Trojan Horse and are you not, Mr. Obama, the greatest Trojan Horse in all of American history? Alinsky himself believed that ‘true revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within.’ Alinsky also espoused another related maxim: “Wherever possible, go outside of the experience of the enemy.”

As you well know, this means: adopt a strategy that is something the enemy has never seen before and, therefore, cannot properly interpret, until it’s too late for the enemy to be able to mount an effective resistance and save himself. A perfect example of this principle in action is the new mission you have given the head of NASA.

You want NASA to make outreach to Muslim countries NASA’s #1 priority. This idea is so far out in left field that it defies comprehension—but, then again, you knew your NASA mission would have this effect on us, didn’t you?

We can’t see your dark purposes, because your actions go so far outside the experience of The American People. If we view this travesty through the Alinsky Looking Glass, however, here is what we see: Mr. Obama talking, in glowingly eloquent terms, about space programs no longer being “competitive” but

But this is just another, Alynsky-inspired sleight of hand and a classic bit of theatrical misdirection, isn’t it? When we look below the surface, however, what do we see?

We see the strongest protests against your policy from none other than the former head of NASA. You and the current head of NASA are talking about the importance of ‘helping countries establish space programs’ and you pointed to Indonesia, where you spent your formative years, as a possible partner.

How can this partnering with Muslim countries be done, without sharing NASA technology with these nations?

Mr. Obama, by these actions, you know all-too-well that you are putting technology into the hands of the very people who would use it in the creation of ballistic missiles that could reach any city in the United States.

Can any reasonable person deny that there would be a direct pipeline for this technology from any moderate Muslim nation “partnering with NASA” to a terrorist entity or a nation like Iran?

You can calmly deny your treasonous motives all you want—that’s the deceit & guile of your Alinsky methodology: denial after denial uttered in your calm, well-modulated voice. The only people in the room who are ever in the wrong are, of course, those who are expressing their anger openly—especially if it is anger directed toward you.

Once this NASA technology is in the hands of terrorists, the situation is irreversible—and that is exactly what you want!

Because you pursue a course of action that risks NASA technology finding its way into the hands of terrorists, you are therefore a confirmed traitor of the highest order and we demand that our Senators and Congressmen immediately put a stop to this unfolding travesty and call for your immediate impeachment.

Mr. Obama, you are most prolific. We see Alinsky’s signature methodology permeating Elena Kagan’s unyielding refusal to admit to contradictions in her words and actions.

Kagan embodies the artful dodger of Alinsky methodology. We rightly admire Senator Sessions’ dignified & forthright approach in the confirmation hearings. However, he is perhaps too much of a Southern gentleman to get as mean & aggressive as he needs to get, in order to defend America effectively against the likes of Elena Kagan.

Everything within us abhors the Republican leaderships’ simpering acquiescence to the momentum of this fraudulent confirmation process; theirs is an unforgivable lack of courage witnessed by their unwillingness to take bold action and to resist at all costs the ascension to our Supreme Court by a fraud such as Kagan—nor do they even show the fortitude required to mount a filibuster against this enemy of our Freedoms.

It is Kagan who argued to the Supreme Court that political speech can and should be regulated by the federal government, up to and including censorship of books.

It is Kagan who, as Dean of Harvard Law School, established Shariah law’s most powerful and prestigious beachhead in American academia to date: the Harvard “Islamic Finance Project’—directly financed by Saudi prince Alaweed Bin Talal, a member of The Muslim Brotherhood—the oldest Islamic terrorist organization in the world. The purpose of this project is to train American lawyers to practice Shariah-Compliant Law in The United States of America.

Have We-the-People heard even one question directed at this woman regarding her dedicated & concerted efforts to lend institutional respectability to repressive & unconstitutional Shariah law? We have not.

Remember: It is Kagan whose impassioned argument, before the Supreme Court, urged that American corporations should be permitted, under the guise of the 1st Amendment, to provide material aid to terrorist organizations and do so with utter impunity.

Finally, if confirmed, it will be Kagan who casts her vote on cases brought to the Supreme Court that will determine if Conservative Talk Radio survives The Fairness Doctrine or not; it will be Kagan who will hear cases as to whether Shariah law should be allowed in the United States as a “legal-system-within-a-legal-system”; it will be Kagan who will draw deeply from the well of radical Alinsky politics, her penchant for intellectual dishonesty and her ignorance of—and disdain for—“The Doctrine of Original Intent”—that the Constitution means precisely what the Founders intended it to mean. Given all the foregoing, is it not time to set a precedent in the Elena Kagan vetting process?

No Supreme Court nominee has ever before sunk so low as to be brought up on charges of perjury, during a Confirmation process. Furthermore, every single one of Elena Kagan’s statements are made under oath. Where an oath is administered, perjury charges may be brought.

In light of Kagan’s apparent utter disregard for the Truth and the abundant documentary evidence that proves this, what could be more appropriate than that a courageous Senator bring charges of perjury against her?

Therefore, we citizens of America demand that our leaders bring Elena Kagan up on charges of perjury, without further delay! Has Senator Sessions not said, repeatedly, that Kagan’s testimony under oath absolutely contradicts the facts that are key to examining her for confirmation? Has Kagan not lied—and does she not continue to lie—under oath, by denying material facts that would disqualify her from serving on the Supreme Court, if she had answered truthfully & directly the point of each question?

No amount of “qualifiers” added to an answer make that answer truthful, when the net-net is that Kagan’s answer is “yes” when the facts say “no” and “no” when the facts say “yes.” A half truth is a whole lie. Kagan speaks anything but “The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth”—which is just as Saul Alinsky would have it.

Mr. Obama, we don’t know why you hate America but, then again, we don’t know why Lucifer hated Heaven either. We stand irreconcilably opposed to you and your plans to destroy America.

The actions you are now taking will inevitably bring this about, if you are not stopped. We will act boldly, as law-abiding citizens, to do whatever it takes to save this Free Republic, to stop and decisively defeat you & your accomplices and, thereby, restore our country’s security and Freedom.”

From: Veterans 4 A Strong America

“Like Father Like Son”

By: Veterans For A Strong America.

Veterans 4 A Strong America

By: Veterans for a Strong America. The Freedom Papers™, Issue #3: “Like Father Like Son.”

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Please go to the above link and sign this “Freedom Paper #3″ and Send It To Congress Through Fax, Email & Registered Mail!!

All Americans Are Asked To Sign This “Freedom Paper # 3″ And Send This To Congress Members Immediately to DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE REMOVAL & IMPEACHMENT Of the Daily Serial Criminal Barack Obama for Committing Daily High Crimes & Treasons In The USA Against ALL Americans, And TO DEMAND CONGRESS MUST VOTE NO & 100% REJECT THE NOMINATION OF THE 100% UNQUALIFIED PRO-COMMUNIST/MARXIST, PRO-NAZI SUPPORTER, PRO-SHARIA LAW, PRO-INTERNATIONAL LAW & PRO-U.N. LAW, ANTI-USA CONSTITUTION – ANTI-RULE OF LAW IN THE USA, ANTI-USA
SOVEREIGNTY, ANTI-AMERICAN, 100% Extremely Horrifically Unqualified Nominee Elena Kagan; & TO DEMAND CONGRESS Start Perjury Charges On Elena Kagan For Lying Under Oath During The Congressional Confirmation Interviews & Hearings.

From: Veterans 4 A Strong America

“Like Father Like Son”

By: Veterans For A Strong America.

We can STOP The Radical Communist/
Marxist Anti-American, Pro-Sharia Law, Pro-International & U.N. Law, Anti-USA Sovereignty, Anti-USA Constitution, Pro-Abortions, Pro-Euthanasia, Pro-Homosexuality, Pro-Same-Sex Marriage,
Extremely Dangerous To ALL Americans & 100% Immoral & 100% Corrupt Elena Kagan’s Confirmation!!


By: Veterans For A Strong America.

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